Fall Home Improvement


What can you remodel in winter? Take a look

This Asian-inspired half-bath converts a tiny footprint into a warm retreat, with rich woods, gold accents and sleek detailing (submitted photo)

Many homeowners think they've "missed" remodeling season once the leaves fall. And, if you're opening holes in your home's exterior or building patios, that may be true.


What's blooming in September?

Extension video series gets you up close and botanical
Other than the everpresent rose of fall-blooming sedums, which come in shades from pink to rose to burgundy, maybe brick orange if you squint a little, are there any other shades and shapes of fall flowers?
Yes, say University of Minnesota extension educator Karl Foord and professor of horticulture Mary Meyer, Ph.D. How many do you want?
Spring and early summer bloomers get a lot of focus in Minnesota - they're proof we've all survived another winter, for one thing - and each tulip and hyacinth gets its own standing ovation.


Outdoor living spaces add value to a home year-round

A few amenities outdoors add value not only to life in your home but to its attraction to buyers. (submitted photo)

Summer may be ending, but it’s not too late to spruce up your outdoor space. In fact, there are several enhancements that can be made to extend your outdoor living time well in to the fall and even year round.


Revive the charm of mid-century modern design

Clean lines, no clutter and a streamlined silhouettte bring function into the realm of design. (submitted photo)

Mid-century modern inspiration draws from the 1940s through the 1960s, a 20-year span when design was minimal, sleek, elegant and functional.


Affordable home improvements that yield value

In addition to filling practical needs, home improvement projects often can increase the value of a home with minimal investment. Some projects add more value than others, however.
Knowing which ones will yield a nice return can be tricky. To help, the home improvement experts at Linear, a manufacturer of wireless residential systems and products, are advising homeowners on affordable modernization projects that add instant value to a home:


Seven small changes to get a house holiday-ready

Looking for a change -- but not that expensive a change -- before the holiday season starts and folks crowd into your home? Look at surfaces -- not appliance changeouts or huge remodeling projects -- and quick jolts of color and style. (submitted photo)

Ever envy those beautiful homes that seem to get redecorated with every new season? Thinking that the family and friend get-togethers at your home deserve an updated setting?
The latest and greatest looks are easy to incorporate if you keep your furnishings neutral and the decor uncluttered. From there, it’s just a matter of bringing in a few simple touches that create a big impact.
Start with one or two easy projects and you will quickly transform your house into a place you’re proud to call home.


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