Kindness forecasted for Lake Elmo in 2018

submitted image • The Lake Elmo Rotary Club plans to hand out “pass it forward” cards to residents to promote its Kindness Campaign. The back of the card has a quick response code that can be scanned by cell phones to see what acts of kindness have happened in the area. The back of the card also lists examples of random acts of kindness, such as paying for the order behind you in the drive-through, visiting someone in a nursing home who doesn’t often get visitors and leaving a book you’ve finished where someone else can have it.

Lake Elmo Mayor Mike Pearson recently declared 2018 as “Random Acts of Kindness Year” in the city. 

A Kindness Campaign was initiated by the Lake Elmo Rotary Club, and at the Jan. 16 city council meeting when the declaration was made, Rotary President Tedi Carlson explained what the campaign promotes.

“It’s just doing simple things like opening the door for someone who’s got children in their arms and can’t do it themselves, or bringing the grocery cart back for someone who has difficulty doing that, or just giving someone a compliment and a nice smile,” Carlson said.

Pearson’s proclamation explains anyone can participate in the campaign and that it will impact the performer, recipient and onlookers, by bridging acceptance and therefore strengthening the community.

Carlson added that to promote the campaign, Rotary members plan to hand out “pass it forward” cards in the community. The cards can be scanned with smart phones to reveal what random acts of kindness have already happened in the area.

“I think it’s a worthwhile event, and I give you credit for bringing it forward,” Pearson said to Carlson and the rest of the Rotary Club members.

— Aundrea Kinney

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