Methed-out and busted in a tent

Police reports published July 22, 2015 in the Oakdale - Lake Elmo Review

Oakdale police responded to a report of someone sleeping in a tent on private property, located just south of the Comcast Service Center in the 7000 block of 43rd Street North, in the early morning hours Wednesday, June 20. The responding officer found a woman in the tent, but she was not sleeping. She told the officer she had recently smoked methamphetamine. Police seized two glass pipes in the tent that both tested positive for methamphetamine and a “bottle shaker” just behind the tent used to make the illicit drug. The items were photographed and taken to the Oakdale Police Department as evidence. The woman was arrested, and declined to speak to police during a Miranda interview.

A creep who hates dogs

An Oakdale woman walked into the police station Monday, June 15, to alert police to a man she said threatened to kill her dog the night before. She told officers she was afraid to call the police at the time.  According to the police summary report, the man threatened to kill her dog and hang it from a tree at 9:45 p.m. Sunday, June 14. The woman believes he was the same man who exposed himself near the apartment building about a year ago, and also caused a disturbance at a nearby dog park. An officer provided the woman a statement form and urged her call police immediately if he is seen again. 

Skipping court

A man driving a Buick with a cracked windshield was stopped by police as he pulled into the parking lot of the Super America gas station on Geneva Avenue Sunday, June 14, at 11:45 p.m. An officer pulled the man over for driving the vehicle after revocation. He reportedly admitted to police he was aware of his revoked status. According to the officer at the scene, the man has a “very extensive history of failing to appear in court.” The driver posted bail after being cited and arrested for driving after revocation. He is “expected” to make an upcoming appearance in court.


An assault was reported June 18 in the 6400 block of Lower 57th Street

Burglary was reported:

June 13 in the 1300 block of Gentry Avenue
June 16 in the 6500 block of Upper 22nd Street North

Property damage
Criminal damage to property was reported:

June 15 in the 500 block of Grospoint Lane
June 15 in the 600 block of Grospoint Lane
June 16 in the 4500 block of Helmo Place
June 19 in the 6600 block of 15th Street North

Driving while intoxicated was reported:

June 13 at 700 Geneva Avenue
June 18 at 3300 Geneva Avenue

Driving after revocation / suspension
Driving after revocation / suspension was reported:

June 14 at the intersection of 10th Street North and Hadley Avenue North
June 16 in the 6100 15th Street North
June 16 in the 1400 block of Geneva Avenue
June 21 in the 6200 block of Stillwater Boulevard

Drug possession
Drug possession was reported in the 800 block of Geneva Avenue

Identity theft
Identity thefts were reported:

June 13 in the 1200 block of Glenbrok Avenue
June 17 in the 4200 block of Goodwin Avenue North

Thefts were reported:

June 13 in the 1000 block of Hadley Avenue
June 14 at O’Reilly Auto
June 15 at Hilton Garden
June 17 at Super America (East)
June 17 in the 600 block of Goodwin Avenue
June 18 in the 300 block of Geneva Avenue North
June 18 at Fleet Farm
June 18 at Fleet Farm
June 18 at Marcus Cinema
June 18 in the 1600 block of Granada Avenue
June 18 in the 6200 block of 13th Street North
June 19 at Super America (Freedom)
June 20 in the 6000 block of 50th Street North
June 21 in the 2500 block of Helena Avenue
June 21 at Menards
June 22 in the 800 block of Geneva Avenue
June 22 in the 6700 block of 8th Street North
June 22 in the 900 block of Heron Avenue
June 22 at Pro Tech Restoration


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