Lake Elmo Park Commission advocates for bee health

Cities across the country are implementing standards to protect the rapidly declining bee population, and the Lake Elmo Park Commission hope to have Lake Elmo join the ranks. At their Dec. 15 meeting, they discussed current ground maintenance practices and open space areas in regard to bee health, and hope to present and pass a “bee-safe” ordinance through the City Council in early 2015. The ordinance outlines the reasons why bees are necessary to agriculture and are in danger, and aims to pose Lake Elmo as a leader in Bee-Safe practices. It also pledges that Lake Elmo will not use systemic insecticides and harmful pesticides and will aim to provide pollinator friendly habitat on City land. If passed, Lake Elmo will be one of the first Minnesota communities to become a “bee-safe” city. Shorewood was the first Minnesota city to pass the ordinance earlier this summer, followed by Minneapolis and Duluth.


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