Ten run for Landfall council

The 700-resident community of Landfall along the eastern shore of Tanners Lake has 10 candidates running for three spots on its city council this general election.

Council members Sarah “Sally” Eral, Lori Lengsfeld and 32-year-incumbent Ronald Sanoski Sr. occupy those seats.

All three council members are running for re-election, and are being challenged by former mayor Greg “Flash” Feldbrugge, Mathew Blaylock, Don Dunn, Lynette Elsola, Mary Mars, Carol Jean McMonigal and Donald Swiger.

City administrator Mike Ericson admits that having 10 candidates in such a small city may be a bit unusual, but said the community has always been engaged in city politics and believes many have a renewed interest now that the political landscape has quieted down a bit.

Colleen Arndt, who was Landfall's mobile park manager for a brief time, and city attorney Kevin Shoeberg were abruptly fired in August 2012 by the city council, which disagreed with the way the city was being managed. Arndt reportedly was furious and broke a large fish aquarium as she packed up her belongings in her city office.

Ericson said most in Landfall want to forget about those tumultuous incidents and move on. He believes local residents are optimistic about the community's future and have taken an interest in the city's affairs with hopes of steering it in the right direction.

“Landfall has a track record of residents wanting to be involved in local government,” he said. “Hopefully that's reflective of things going well in city government.”

He said council candidates spoke recently at a candidate forum hosted by the Minnesota League of Women Voters, which was well attended.

“We certainly don't have any apathetic residents here. They all want to be involved.”

The general election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 4, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visit http://pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us/ to find your polling place.

-- Joshua Nielsen



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