PROGRESS 2014: St. Francis Animal and Bird Hospital

St. Francis’ knowledgeable veterinary technicians and assistants are dedicated to the care of dogs, cats and exotic pets. Front row, from left to right: Sabrina Reed, Lisa Waege, Kelly Cegla, Laura Tharaldson, Jessica Lewis and Lucy Hancock. Back row, from left to right: Amber Merkatoris, Jessica Quast, Marie Adamczyk, Maggie Libman, Sarah Welch and Molly Moy. Not pictured: Libby Cable, Alison Gedstad, Liz Gunter, Ruby Hsieh, Sarah Knowles, Amanda Wera, Tammy Wylie and Katarina Ziegler.

Left to right: Doctors Stefan Knep, Patricia Novak, Katie Cartledge, Jennifer Blair and Kevin Roeser go above and beyond to provide exceptional care for their patients.

Tobias Matthew

St. Francis Animal and Bird Hospital: Treating your pets like one of their own

St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital
1227 Larpenteur Ave W
Roseville, MN 55113

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They say that dog is man’s best friend, but the staff at St. Francis Animal and Bird Hospital know that cats, birds and rabbits are too. St. Francis can help you take care of all of your best friends, furry and feathered.

They specialize in the care of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets and rodents. 

The close-knit team of animal lovers understands the special relationship between people and their pets. That’s why they go above and beyond to provide compassionate and quality care for every pet.

“We think of ourselves as the small, neighborhood practice. We set out to be part of the family,” says Dr. Jennifer Blair, who owns the practice.

Being part of the family means developing individual relationships with each of their clients. The doctors at St. Francis afford a half an hour for each appointment so they can talk with clients about their pet’s health. They make follow-up calls to ensure pets are healing well, even calling on Sundays to check in with critical cases, and they give clients one-on-one time with veterinary technicians to learn about treatment and care.

The staff at St. Francis feel a responsibility to share their knowledge and expertise with the community. Their vision statement says: “We provide the tools that our clients need to make careful and informed medical decisions for our pets.”

One of the tools the clinic provides is its website. Staff know people go online to look up information on pet care, so they post educational sources on their website.

St. Francis began serving the Roseville community in 1992. From a family-run business that operated out of a garage, St. Francis has expanded into a five-doctor practice with 20 technicians and assistants. 

The practice’s most recent expansion occurred in October 2012 when it hired a new doctor. Dr. Katie Cartledge worked at a practice in south Minneapolis before joining the team at St. Francis. She says her move was inspired by her desire to learn more about St. Francis’ niche: avian medicine. She loves the variety of exotic birds owners bring to the practice, as well as the opportunity to share knowledge with so many other doctors. 

“It’s been a fabulous team to join,” Dr. Cartledge says. “We provide very good care here.”

Their services include dentistry, surgery, radiology, ultrasonography and more. A full in-house lab enables them to process tests and results quickly. And their full pharmacy makes picking up medicine easy and convenient.

“We provide your pet’s medication at an affordable price,” Dr. Blair says.

St. Francis is dedicated to supporting the community and the people and pets who are part of it, whether it’s providing pre-adoption care to pets from local shelters, teaching avian medicine at the University of Minnesota or participating in the Roseville parade. 

“We try very hard to be part of the neighborhood, part of the community and part of our clients’ families,” Dr. Blair says.

Meet Tobias Matthew

Tobias Matthew, better known as Toby, is the clinic cat at St. Francis. The clinic adopted him in November 2007 after performing a surgery on his urinary tract following several urinary tract obstructions.

Thanks to prescription food and regular checkups by the St. Francis team, Toby hasn’t had a single obstruction since 2007. St. Francis has always had a cat. Or, as some see it, a cat has always had St. Francis. “He runs the practice,” Dr. Jennifer Blair says.

Toby can be found playing with his favorite toy mouse or lounging in the sun in the lobby.


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