Phalen Park Dentists, Arcade Dental Associates, and Dr. David Nelson: Ensuring generations of beautiful smiles

The experienced staff at Arcade Dental Associates assure quality care for their patients.

“We want people to feel welcome here,” Dr. Nechrebecki says. The sunny waiting room of Arcade Dental Associates welcomes patients to the friendly practice.

Comfortable exam rooms add to the relaxed atmosphere of Arcade Dental Associates.

Phalen Park Dentists
Arcade Dental Associates - Website
Dr. David Nelson - Website
1439 Arcase St.
St. Paul, MN 55106

With Phalen Park Dentists, Arcade Dental Associates PLLP and Dr. David Nelson, you don’t have to dread your next dental appointment.

The tall, open windows of the waiting room let in enough sunlight for a greenhouse. Pictures of the dentists’ smiling families decorate the exam room walls.

Most importantly, the caring staff, many of whom have been with the practice for over 20 years, greet patients by name.

“We want people to feel welcome here,” says Dr. Matthew Nechrebecki, who has been with Arcade Dental Associates for two and a half years and co-owns the practice with Dr. Chris Blixrud.

Since 1976, Arcade Dental Associates has dedicated itself to healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. 

Dr. Blixurd, who has been with the family care practice for 22 years, credits the practice’s success to its enduring relationship with its patients.

“We still see some of the same families as when we started,” he says, adding that he frequently sees two or three generations of patients come to the clinic for dental checkups. 

The dentists are committed to caring for teeth throughout patients’ lifetimes.  They practice care for all ages and stages of dental development. The family care practice also emphasizes preventative care and treatments.

“The ideal scenario is to catch a problem when it’s small, before it becomes a major problem,” Dr. Blixrud explains. And when major problems do emerge, the knowledgeable, experienced dentists at Arcade Dental Associates are equipped to handle them.

The office performs all phases of restorative care, with services including implants and prostheses, root canal treatment, extraction, crowns and bridges, dentures and more.

“People don’t have to be sent to a specialist to get that done,” Dr. Blixrud says, noting the only treatment patients are referred to another office for is orthodontics and some periodontics.

Technologically equipped

The practice’s high-tech equipment provides patients with the latest advances in dental care. For instance, the digital panoramic radiograph machine produces finely detailed X-rays of jaws, enabling the dentists to perform oral surgery in-house. It also makes taking routine X-rays of teeth easier for the patient.

Dr. Blixrud and Dr. Nechrebecki want to help patients make decisions that will be best for their health, and part of that includes offering dental services at a competitive price.

For those in need of tooth replacement, Arcade Dental Associates offers a tooth implant for the same price as a three-unit bridge replacement. Both methods of tooth replacement are effective, but the difference ultimately comes down to the needs of the individual patient.

“I want people to decide what they would prefer doing not because of cost but because of what they want to do,” Dr. Blixrud says.

Arcade Dental Associates is located in the Phalen Park Professional Building. Stop in today to see why Arcade Dental Associates has been successfully serving the community since 1976.

Arcade Dental Associates has also been awarded the 2013 Readers Choice Award for “Best Place for Dental Care.”

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