Flat Earth Brewing Company to be an East Side marvel

Flat Earth Brewing is ramping up with some new custom-made brewing tanks. The tanks are shown in the new, spiffed up brewing room that was once part of the Hamm’s brewery.

The grand entrance to the new Flat Earth Brewing Company’s taproom is well under way — workers put in huge windows, and a custom door is on its way in.

Flat Earth Brewing Company’s new facilities will eventually feature a beer garden amongst the ruins of an old building.

Flat Earth Brewing Company
Saint Paul, MN
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“It’s coming,” says John Warner, one of the owners of Flat Earth Brewing Co, full of pride.

He’s talking about the brewery’s new East Side digs, a handsome and elegant three-story brick building in the old Hamm’s complex, complete with picture windows looking out over Swede Hollow Park towards downtown St. Paul. The giant lofted ceilings made of arching brick and the robust craftsmanship of the building are truly a marvel.

It’s Flat Earth’s distinct pleasure to be opening up the long-shuttered facility. Visitors will enter through giant wooden doors made to look like castle doors into a huge, welcoming grand entrance hall that revives the spirit of the old East Side brewery, mixing it in with Flat Earth’s personality.

The brewery is sure to be an East Side hot spot.

And it didn’t come easy — Warner and Flat Earth staff worked tirelessly to clean up the long-vacant building. Now, the fruits of all that labor are starting to show.

They’ve just begun brewing at the new location and are planning to open their doors to the public with a soft opening around April 1, Warner says.

John Warner is quick to point out his St. Paul roots, and his love for the East Side. And he’s hoping he can spread that love with the brewery.

With the classic Hamm’s building spiffed up to it’s former glory, he seems confident it will draw people into the East side.

“For people who’ve said, ‘We’re not going over there,’ we want to invite them in,” Warner says, with a smile.

And along those lines, Warner says Flat Earth will be rolling out some new brews dedicated to the East Side, to express the company’s East Side pride.

“It will be our distinct pleasure,” Warner says.

Beers for all tastes

For those not familiar with Flat Earth’s line of carefully crafted beers, it’s a lot to wrap your head around — they’ve got four year-round beers, ranging from pale ales to porters, and that’s not to mention their ever-changing cast of seasonal ales.

For starters, you might give their signature Cygnus X-1 Porter a go. It’s a rich, dark and roasty beer with notes of chocolate and biscuit, with a touch of rye, based on an old English porter recipe.

Or for those inclined to hoppy beers, there’s the Angry Planet Pale Ale, a punchy and citrusy drink with a bit of a caramel sweetness to balance out the hops. They’ve also got a Belgian-style pale ale, an IPA, and a bolder version of Angry Planet called Livid Planet.

More in store

As if revitalizing the building, installing a taproom, doubling the company’s brewing capacity, and adding canning capabilities weren’t enough, Flat Earth has more in store.

Behind the new Flat Earth brewery lies a stunning landscape made up of building ruins — giant brick archways open up into a lush patch of green that sits above Swede Hollow Park. And it’s there that Flat Earth is hoping patrons will be drinking in the warmer months, in a giant beer garden.

It’s sure to be a destination for those checking out the East Side, visiting other exciting new businesses in the area, or attending a Saints game at the new ballpark just down the way. Flat Earth is looking to be another slice of heaven for the East Side.

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