Chandler Place Introduces Food for Life and New Executive Chef

Executive Chef Patrick Conway cooks up a healthy lifestyle for Chandler Place residents with Food for Life, one of several programs to support their overall well-being
Executive Chef Patrick Conway cooks up a healthy lifestyle for Chandler Place residents with Food for Life, one of several programs to support their overall well-being

At Chandler Place, a premier senior living community in St. Anthony, nutrition plays a key role in the overall health of the residents. In 2013, The Goodman Group, the community’s management company, introduced its Food for Life initiative with the mission of promoting residents’ overall well-being.  The vision includes having residents experience the greatest health gains achievable through culinary means. Food for Life offers residents a wide variety of unprocessed, organic, and locally sourced foods, while maximizing nutritional value, flavor and presentation. The program also offers plant-based, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free items at every meal and does away with pre-processed foods.

Food for Life is about making residents feel empowered in their food choices, but also about introducing them to new, healthy alternatives to more traditional, classic favorites. Chandler Place prides itself on purchasing local, in-season organic food through The Goodman Group’s vendor network and local growers and farmers.

The program’s standards for health care dining are parallel to those in the culinary field and restaurant industry. The senior living community strives to incorporate all the elements of a great plate, including texture, balance, color, flavors, taste, aroma, and focal point. Though one’s dining needs may change in a health care setting, Chandler Place chefs take the culinary approach and work with color and presentation, using fresh herbs and spices to transform special restricted diets from bland to appetizing. Everyone “eats with their eyes,” so the goal is to make the food look and taste appealing.

“We are proud to now serve our residents restaurant style in our dining room, The Fountains, where they can choose from a variety of options off our new menu, depending upon their personal preferences,” said Jodi Saeko, executive director of Chandler Place. “Residents can enjoy a mix of flavorful choices in the company of others, enriching their quality of life with increased social interaction. The Fountains provides two complimentary meals for our residents daily, the third meal being optional.”

Executive Chef Patrick Conway has extensive experience working in assisted living communities and restaurants. He is a 20-year member of the American Culinary Federation, Minneapolis Chef’s Chapter, and received the Federation’s Chef of the Year award in 2007. From 2009 to 2012, Chef Conway was Vice President of the Chapter. He said, “Being able to provide food that enables our residents to benefit from healthier lifestyles brings a tremendous amount of satisfaction to my work. I am able to employ many of the skills and techniques I’ve acquired over my career to provide meals that are both delicious and nutritious.”

Chandler Place is a senior living community located in St. Anthony, Minn., at 3701 Chandler Drive Street, and offers assisted living, memory care and respite stays. In 2013, Chandler Place was a recipient of the Silver – Achievement in Quality award for its outstanding performance in the health care profession, presented by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living. Sister community St. Anthony Health Center offers skilled nursing services and a full array of in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services. This Platinum Service® campus is managed by The Goodman Group.

Chandler Place
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