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Police warn of phone scam targeting Spanish speakers - East Side

St. Paul Police Department’s Eastern District noticed a string of reports of a phone scammer on the prowl.
Police said Spanish-speaking adults have reported someone claiming to be from “Xcel Energy” had called them. The scammer would tell the victims they are past due on utility bills, and that their power will be shut off.


City has 2 proposals for Arlington Hills Library

The Arlington Hills Library could have a new owner come springtime. Located at 1105 Greenbrier St., it was constructed in 1916. The Beaux Arts style library is one of three Carnegie libraries in St. Paul, and is thought to be one of the oldest public buildings in the city. (submitted photo)

After a long deliberation process, residents of the Payne-Phalen neighborhood could be seeing a new neighbor in the charming Arlington Hills Library building.
Following a request for proposals to find a new private owner for the place, the city received two completed pitches from interested parties.


Gold store robbed, owner beat up and zip-tied

In the early morning hours of Sunday, Nov. 3, the owner of St. Paul Gold and Silver at 1197 Payne Ave. was working late when he walked into what appeared to be an organized burglary.
According to St. Paul police, the owner was hit and then had his hands zip-tied, having been held at gunpoint, and attacked by three men in their 20s.


Drunken man crashes car into apartment complex

Around 10:15 p.m. on Election Night, Tuesday, Nov. 5, a car got into a battle with an apartment building.
Police have identified Timothy Sanford, 35, as the driver of a car that collided with the apartment building at 2150 Wilson Ave., just north of the Sun Ray Shopping Center.


14-year-old girl shot in chest

A group of young people were dancing in a parking lot near the intersection of Minnehaha and White Bear avenues late Saturday night, Nov. 28, when a car pulled up and shot a girl in the chest, according to Paul Paulos, spokesperson for the St. Paul Police Department.
Paulos confirmed that the girl had survived the shooting, but he could not provide further information about her condition.


Early Childhood center moves out of John A Johnson

The Early Childhood Family Education center at John A. Johnson will be moved to Battle Creek Elementary.
Donald Sysyn, director of the early childhood program, said the move comes after the Strong Schools, Strong Communities initiative at St. Paul Public Schools drew more kids to John A. Johnson last year.


Police file search warrant for phone records in Steger murder case

On July 26, police filed a search warrant affidavit for the cell phone records of a man who sold Kira Steger’s iPhone to a local electronics resale company following her disappearance last winter.
Investigators discovered through records obtained from Apple Inc. that Steger’s phone had been reactivated in Indonesia after having been sold to EZ Traderz in St. Paul.
The store owner gave police the name of the man who sold the iPhone, and law enforcement officials were able to contact and get statements from the individual. Now they hope to acquire the man’s phone records to verify that the statements he made are correct.


After driving towards officer, fleeing suspect is shot

Reginald C Sutherlin

A St. Paul police officer shot and wounded a fleeing suspect who was allegedly driving at the officer. The incident occurred Sunday night near Earl Street North and Geranium Avenue East, police said.
Police had stopped St. Paul resident Reginald Craig Sutherlin, 53, in connection with a felony domestic assault case. There were active warrants out on Sutherlin, police said. As police were attempting to arrest him, Sutherlin fled in his car.


Jeffery Trevino trial moved to Sept. 16

Jeffery Trevino

On Monday, July 1, Ramsey County District Judge Leonardo Castro moved the murder trial of Jeffery Trevino, 39, to Sept. 16.
The trial was originally scheduled to begin July 22.
At an omnibus probable cause hearing in March, Trevino pleaded not guilty to killing his wife, Kira Steger, 30, in February. Steger reportedly had been planning on ending the marriage, and according to friends, Trevino was increasingly “suspicious” of what Steger was doing when they were apart. Her body was found in the Mississippi River May 8.


After the storm

The tree in East Sider Amy Dear's front yard got split in half by lighting in Thursday's storm.

Trees down on the East Side


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