Yes, IGH has a lot of deer. No, you can't set up a tree stand

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-- A stiff drink can help you shake a chill -- especially when the cops get involved. Police were called to Cub Foods the night of Sept. 13 on a report of an intoxicated man. When they arrived, the suspect told them he’d been homeless for the past three years. He said that day he’d consumed an entire bottle of vodka and he was looking to spend in the night in detox. After confirming his story with a breath-test result of .29 percent blood alcohol content, officers obliged his request.
-- Officers responded to Eagle Circle on reports of a fight and reckless driving in the small hours of Sept. 8. When they arrived, the officers encountered a heavily intoxicated man with disheveled clothes and a bloody lip who said that he’d been beat up by an unknown group of people. Witnesses told officers that the man and been roaring up and down the block in his pickup, and the fight broke out when a group of people gathered and began yelling at him. At one point during the questioning, the suspect took off after a perceived enemy and had to be tackled by the officers. On the way to detox, the man pondered whether or not he should file a complaint against his unknown assailants.

-- The popular “local food” movement seems to have found a particularly eager participant in Inver Grove Heights. An employee from Xcel Energy called police Sept. 10 to report that someone was attempting to hunt deer on land belonging to Xcel on the 9700 block of Robert Trail. The employee showed an officer where the suspect had cut the lock on a gate and set up a tree stand, complete with wildlife cameras and bait for deer. The officer told the employee to add more visible “no trespassing” signs and call police rather than confront the suspect, since he would presumably be armed. The employee told the officer in the meantime, he was going to dismantle the equipment and take it inside to ensure the only thing the suspect came hunting for was his gear.

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-- An off-duty Hennepin County Sheriff’s deputy called police Sept. 24 to report that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle on the 100 block of Eighth Avenue and stolen two loaded ammo clips and a holster overnight.

Auto theft
-- A green 1997 Honda Accord was reported stolen from the parking lot of an apartment complex on the 2200 block of Southview Blvd. Sept. 24.
-- A 16-foot enclosed trailer valued at $2,000 was reported stolen from a business on the 1200 block of Concord St. Sept. 24.
-- A blue 1997 Acura Integra was reported stolen from the 300 block of 14th Ave. Sept. 9.

-- Valleyfair may be closed for the season, but two men who climbed into a friend’s white Chevy Impala still had a brief but thrilling ride the night of Sept. 21. When one of the men looked out the car window and remarked that police officers seemed to be approaching the house, the driver jammed the gas pedal down and took off. (The officers were responding to a disturbance call on one of the passengers, not the driver.) He blew through a stop at Southview Boulevard and swerved left, heading east. He swerved again onto 13th Avenue, where he noticed flashing lights in his rearview mirror. He swerved once more on to Marie Avenue, then slammed the brakes, turned to his stunned passengers and declared, “I’m running!” The driver jumped out of the car and dashed between a couple of houses, with an officer giving chase on foot. Upon coming to a fence, the driver surrendered. The suspect said he wasn’t trying to evade officers when he was driving; he was simply trying to do a burnout to impress his friends and was caught off-guard by the lights and sirens. When officers asked if he ran because he’d been drinking, the man replied, “I had a couple of beers but I wasn’t at all juiced.” He explained he panicked and took off because he has a daughter now, and he wanted to stay out of trouble. After a moment of reflection, the man said, “Officer, I made a stupid decision.”

-- A beginner’s guide to staying classy while under arrest for DUI: A woman who sped through a stop sign and caused a two-vehicle collision at Concord Street and Camber Avenue Sept. 13 made it clear to officers that regardless of her impairment, she wasn’t going to take any guff. While performing a field sobriety test, one of the officers reminded her to keep her arms by her side instead of raising them for balance. “What is it you want me to do?” the woman snapped. The officer explained the test again, and when he finished he asked her if she understood what to do now. “Yes!” she shot back. “I watch ‘Cops’ and see them do these tests all the time.” Apparently watching the show hadn’t taught her what happens when you drink and drive: she registered a .17 blood alcohol content on a breathalyzer test and was taken to jail.

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Harassing communications
-- You’ve heard of buyer’s remorse, but are you familiar with seller’s remorse? That’s what a resident on Kruse Street experienced after listing a turntable for sale on Craigslist and then inviting a prospective buyer over to his house to look at it. The seller told the story to police Sept. 24, saying the would-be buyer was drunk when he arrived at the home, and since then he has continued to call the seller’s house. Officers advised the seller to call 911 if the man shows up at the house again and next time pick a public place to meet Craigslist shoppers.
-- It’s not a bad idea for a person who owns rental property to check in on the tenants every now and again, but this might be a bit much: a woman renting a house told police Sept. 20 that she suspected her landlord of spying on her. The woman said she’s seen her landlord’s car parked in front of the house, but when she tried to take a photo the car sped off. The tenant also said she can hear her landlord walking around the yard because of the crunching leaves. Police told the woman that would need proof of her landlord’s excessive interest before they could take action.

-- A man and a woman stole two electric clippers from a salon on the 1800 block of Robert St. Sept. 18. Not surprisingly, the manager described the female suspect by her hair -- blond with pink tips -- although that’s probably subject to change if the suspects put the clippers to use.
-- A considerate thief waited for the weather to cool down before stealing an air conditioning unit from a home on the 1300 block of Felix St. Sept. 18.
-- What is the world coming to when you can’t even trust the people you shoplift with? Two women fled Wal-Mart Sept. 21 after stealing between $50 and $100 worth of makeup. One of the thieves turned out to be quick on her feet and quick-tempered: she took off in a silver 1998 Dodge Neon, leaving the her partner to the police.

Suspicious activity
-- Conventional wisdom says when you start drinking by yourself, it’s a sign you have a problem. Lesser known, however, is the fact that drinking alone can also lead to signs of problems that aren’t really there. A dispatcher answered a call Sept. 18 from a woman who sounded heavily intoxicated. The caller said there was a suspicious character at her front door; however, she couldn’t remember her address for the dispatcher. Fortunately, the stranger at the door turned out to be a friend.

Auto theft
-- A 1994 Honda Accord was reported stolen on the 1800 block of Scott Lane Sept. 22.
-- A Honda Accord was reported stolen from the parking lot of an apartment complex on the 100 block of Thompson Ave. Sept. 22

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