The reason for the season

Sheryl, my oldest daughter, has heard the Christmas story 56 times on Christmas Eve. That assumes that she was listening. The last 47 years have been in the same room. All except once or twice it was read from Luke 2:8-20. This year will be different because we no longer live in our old house of 51 years.

For Christians, pro-Christians and anti-Christians, Christ is the reason for the Christmas Holy Days. I am assuming that most who read are aware that holiday originated by consolidating the words "holy day" into one word. Although this is not an American invention, holy days have historically been celebrated in this country since the pilgrims came.

Sometimes the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke does not include all of the verses from 8 to 20. Personally, I think verse 20 is very important because it sets the Christmas pattern for all of us who have the Lord living in us. Luke 2:20 states that, "The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told them."

This can be the joyous message for all of us this Christmas season. Let us not forget that this 2000 year old truth has never lost its power. Also, let us not forget that truthful and accurate American history clearly shows that our great nation of freedoms has much of its roots founded on the Bible and Christianity.

It all started when God's plan of love sent His Son to become a human being. He came to be that perfect sacrifice and purchase our redemption. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday tell the rest of the story.

For the 2010 Club, Dec. 19 takes us to Micah 3 and Revelation 11.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season with the Friend and family and friends.

Crist Langelett, known to North St. Paul and Maplewood readers as a longtime Review columnist, is a chaplain for the North St. Paul city, police and fire departments, a chaplain at Washington County Jail, a past president of the North St. Paul Area Emergency Food Shelf and one of the founders of North St. Paul's Polar Arena. He is active in his local church and in civic groups.

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