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Public Notices, Foreclosure Notices & Legal Notices published July 17th, 2019 in the Roseville - Little Canada Review

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Public Notices






Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333:

1. List the exact assumed name

under which the business is or will be

conducted: CPR Roseville

2. Principal Place of Business: 2395

Fairview Ave. N., Roseville, MN

55113, USA

3. List the name and complete street

address of all persons conducting

business under the above Assumed

Name: Rhema Systems, Inc.; 767

103rd Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55434,


4. I, the undersigned, certify that I

am signing this document as the

person whose signature is required,

or as agent of the person(s) whose

signature would be required who has

authorized me to sign this document

on his/her behalf, or in both

capacities. I further certify that I have

completed all required fields, and

that the information in this document

is true and correct and in compliance

with the applicable chapter of

Minnesota Statutes. I understand

that by signing this document I am

subject to the penalties of perjury as

set forth in Section 609.48 as if I had

signed this document under oath.

Date: 7-02-2019

/s/ Felix Anohene

(Roseville Review: July 16, 23, 2019)



Notice is hereby given that the

property will be sold on August 21,

2019. The property will be offered

online at www.StorageTreasures.

com and more information about

the sale can be found at that

website. The undersigned Acorn

Mini Storage will sell at Public Sale

by competitive bidding the personal

property heretofore stored with the

undersigned by:

Unit # 1615

Nathan Carlson/Duchateau

flooring & wall covering samples,

luggage, boxes of unknown content

Unit # 2101

Lakeshia Nelson

stereo equip., boxes of unknown


Unit # 3714

Soua Vue

luggage, boxes of unknown content

(Roseville Review: July 16, 23, 2019)











Notice is hereby given that a filing

period will be held for candidates

seeking election to Saint Anthony

city offices and the Saint Anthony-

New Brighton school board at the

general election to be conducted on

November 5, 2019. The filing period

will open Tuesday, July 30 at 8 a.m.

and close Tuesday, August 13 at 5

p.m. Candidates may file an affidavit

of withdrawal no later than 5 p.m. on

Thursday, August 15.

Affidavits of candidacy for the

following offices must be filed at

either office below:

Saint Anthony Village City Hall:

3301 Silver Lake Rd

Ramsey County Elections office: 90

Plato Blvd W, Suite 160

Ramsey County Elections will be

open for filings from 8 a.m. to 4:30

p.m. on each weekday of the filing

period except Tuesday, August 13

and Thursday, August 15 when

office hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saint Anthony Village City Hall will

be open Monday to Thursday from

7 a.m. 4:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m.

to 12 p.m. during this period, except

Tuesday, August 13 and Thursday,

August 15 when office hours will be

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

City of Saint Anthony


Council Member – Two at-large


Saint Anthony-New Brighton

School District

School Board Member – Three

at-large seats

A filing fee or petition in place of

the filing fee must be filed with the

affidavit of candidacy. The filing fee

for this office is as follows.

Mayor - $2

Council Member - $2

School Board Member - $2

For more information about the filing

process, contact Ramsey County

Elections at elections@co.ramsey. or 651-266-2171.

(Bulletin: July 17, 2019)


Arden Hills

ORDINANCE NO. 2019-005















SECTION 1. Chapter 3, Licenses

and Regulations, Section 350,

Tobacco Productions, Subsection

350.06, Subd. 2, Prohibited Sales, is

hereby amended as follows:

350.06 Prohibited Sales.

It shall be a violation of this section

for any person to sell or offer to sell

any licensed products as follows:

Subd. 1 No person shall sell any

licensed product to any person under

the age of 21.

A. Age Verification. Licensees

must verify by means of governmentissued

photographic identification

that the purchaser is at least 21

years of age. Verification is not

required for a person over the age

of 30. That the person appeared to

be 30 years of age or older does not

constitute a defense to a violation of

this subsection.

B. Signage. Notice of the

legal sales age and age verification

requirement must be posted at each

location where licensed products

are offered for sale. The required

signage, which will be provided to the

licensee by the city, must be posted

in a manner that is clearly visible

to anyone who is or is considering

making a purchase.

Subd. 2 After December 31, 2019,

no person shall sell or offer for sale

any flavored products.

Subd. 3 By means of any type of

vending machine.

Subd. 4 By means of self-service

methods whereby the customer

does not need to make a verbal or

written request to an employee of the

licensed premises in order to receive

the licensed product and whereby

there is not a physical exchange of

the licensed product between the

licensee, or the licensee’s employee,

and the customer.

Subd. 5 By means of “loosies” as

defined in 350.02 Definitions.

Subd. 6 Containing opium,

morphine, jimson weed, bella donna,

strychnos, cocaine, marijuana, or

other deleterious, hallucinogenic,

toxic or controlled substances except

nicotine and other substances found

naturally in tobacco or added as part

of an otherwise lawful manufacturing

process. It is not the intention of this

provision to ban the sale of lawfully

manufactured cigarettes or other

tobacco products.

Subd. 7 No person shall sell or offer

for sale any liquid, whether or not

such liquid contains nicotine, which

is intended for human consumption

and use in an electronic delivery

device, in packaging that is not childresistant.

Upon request, a licensee

must provide a copy of the certificate

of compliance or full laboratory

testing report for the packaging use.

Subd. 8 By any means, to any

other person, or in any other manner

or form prohibited by federal, state or

other local law, ordinance provision,

or other regulation.

SECTION 2. This Ordinance

shall become effective immediately

upon its passage and publication

according to law.

PASSED and ADOPTED this 8th

day of July, 2019, by the City Council

of the City of Arden Hills, Minnesota.



David Grant, Mayor


Julie Hanson, City Clerk

(Bulletin: July 17, 2019)


Mounds View













On July 8, 2019, the City Council

adopted Ordinance 958, amending

the Official Zoning Map, from B-3

Highway Business to PUD Planned

Unit Development, for properties

located at 2390 Mounds View

Boulevard, 2394 Mounds View

Boulevard, and 2400 County Road

H2. This project is commonly known

as Crossroad Pointe.

A printed copy of the ordinance

is available for inspection during

regular business hours at Mounds

View City Hall and is available on line

at the City’s web site located at www.

Nyle Zikmund

City Administrator

(Bulletin: July 17, 2019)












On July 8, 2019, the City Council

adopted Ordinance 959 that amends

Title 1100, Chapter 1104, of the

Mounds View City Code, relating to

the minimum floor area per dwelling


A printed copy of the ordinance

is available for inspection during

regular business hours at Mounds

View City Hall and is available on line

at the City’s web site located at www.

Nyle Zikmund

City Administrator

(Bulletin: July 17, 2019)





Notice is given that the City Council

will hold a meeting at City Hall, 2660

Civic Center Dr., at 6:00 p.m. on July

22, 2019, to consider:

A Noise Variance request to City

Code Section 405 (Noise Control) by

Ryan Companies at 2820 Cleveland

Ave N to allow work between 6:00am

and 9:00pm Monday through

Saturday, for approximately one year

related to Permit Number B19-0683.

(Roseville Review: July 16, 2019)


District 623’

SECTION 00 1110




A. From: Kraus-Anderson

Construction Company acting on

behalf of Roseville Area Schools


B. Project: Parkview Center

School Addition and Remodeling –

Flooring Rebid

C. Key Dates:

1. Cut off Date for Questions: July

22, 2019

2. Bid Due Date: July 25, 2019 at

2:00 PM, at DC Board Room – 1251

County Road B2 W, Roseville, MN


D. Method of Delivery: Kraus-

Anderson Construction Company

has been selected as an Agency

Construction Manager by Roseville

Area Schools to administer the

construction of Parkview Center

School Addition and Remodeling

1. Overall projects consists of

New Additions, Site Utilities &

Improvements, Selective Demolition,

Remodeling of Interior Spaces &

finishes along with Mechanical,

Electrical, Plumbing equipment &


2. The work will be constructed

in accordance with the Project


E. Work Included in this

Offering: We are presently soliciting

competitive “Prime Contract Bids”

for the following portions of work as

defined herein.

1. Work Scope 09-D - Flooring as

defined in Section 01 12 10.

F. Bid Date and Location: Sealed

bids will be received at DC Board

Room, 1251 County Road B2 W,

Roseville, MN 55113, then publicly

opened and read aloud. Bids will be

received until 2:00 PM, on July 25,


G. Bid Security: Each bid shall be

accompanied by Bid Security in form

of certified check, cashier’s check

or bid bond in amount of five (5)

percent of Base Bid submitted, made

payable to Owner, as guarantee that

Bidder will, if awarded, enter into

Contract in accordance with Contract

Documents and submitted Bid.



A. Questions shall be submitted

to Kraus-Anderson Construction

Company at the address below on or

before the Date indicated above.

Marcelo Lamoza

Kraus-Anderson Construction


501 South Eighth Street

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Phone: 612-255-2320





A. Location for Review and

Examination: Bidding Documents

(Project Manual, Drawings, and

other Contract Documents) are

available at the locations indicated

below for review and examination:

1. Builder’s Exchanges and



250 Second Avenue South, #106

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Phone: 612-259-6561

Albert Lea Area Builders Exchange

2580 Bridge Avenue

Albert Lea, MN 56007

Phone: 507-373-3938

ISQFT & AGC Of MN Planroom

525 Park Street, #110

St. Paul, MN 55103

Phone: 800-364-2059

Builders Exchange of St. Cloud

110 – 6th Avenue South

St.Cloud, MN 56301

Phone: 320-252-5832

a d m i n i s t r a t i o n @

Mid-Minnesota Builders Exchange

2104 Highway 12 East

Willmar, MN 56201

Phone: 320-235-0279



Builders Exchange of Rochester

108 Elton Hills Lane NW

Rochester, MN 55901

Phone: 507-282-6531

Austin Builders Exchange

329 N Main Street, Suite 102

Austin, MN 55912

Phone: 507-437-4561

Mankato Builders Exchange

75 Navaho Avenue, Suite 2

Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: 507-387-2002

Minnesota Builders Exchange


1123 Glenwood Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: 612-381-2620

South Central Builders Exchange

1240 Lake Avenue

Fairmont, MN 56031

Phone: 507-235-6619

Southwest Builders Exchange

425 W Main Street

Marshall, MN 56258

Phone: 507-537-1489

B. Procurement of Documents

for Bidders on Prime Contracts:

1. Prime Bidders may obtain

electronic Bidding Documents at no

charge from: Isqft

2. Please contact Tamara Kurak at

or 612-336-6497 to receive an invite

from Isqft.

C. Examination of Documents:

Bidder shall carefully examine entire

content of Bidding Documents to

become thoroughly familiar with the

documents and project requirements.

Refer to Instructions to Bidders for

additional requirements.

D. Examination of the Site:

Bidders shall make arrangements

with the Construction Manager

to visit the project site to obtain

first-hand knowledge of existing

conditions, including existing utilities

and services, obstacles which

may be encountered and all other

conditions relative to the Work to be



A. Time of Completion: Refer to

Section 01 32 10 - Bids shall reflect

all costs necessary to meet this

schedule requirement.

B. Owner’s Right to Reject Bids:

Owner reserves the right to reject a

Bid which is in any way incomplete

or irregular or to waive informalities

or irregularities in a Bid received, and

accept a Bid, which in the Owner’s

judgment is in the Owner’s best


C. Additional Compensation:

Contractors shall not receive extra

payments for conditions which can

be determined by examining the site

and the Contract Documents.

(Roseville Review: July 16, 23, 2019)


Arden Hills

1 Presbyterian Church of the Way 3382 Lexington Ave N 55126

2 Valentine Hills Elementary School 1770 County Rd E2 W 55112

3 Ramsey County Public Works Facility 1425 Paul Kirkwold Dr 55112


1-9 Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Dr 55112

Mounds View

1 Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Dr 55112

2 Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Dr 55112

3 Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Dr 55112

4 Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Dr 55112

New Brighton

1 New Brighton Community Center 400 10th St NW 55112

3 St John the Baptist Catholic Church 835 2nd Ave NW 55112

4 Salem Covenant Church 2655 5th St NW 55112

5 Christ the King Lutheran Church 1900 7th St NW 55112

6 New Brighton Christian Church 1500 29th Ave NW 55112

7 Gracepoint Church 2351 Rice Creek Rd 55112

8 Sunny Square Neighborhood Center 2200 Sunnyside Ter 55112

North Oaks

1 North Oaks City Hall 100 Village Center Dr 55127

2 Presbyterian Homes / Waverly Gardens 5919 Centerville Rd 55127


1 Centennial United Methodist Church 1524 County Rd C2 W 55113

2 Roseville Covenant Church 2865 Hamline Ave N 55113


1 St Odilia Catholic Church 3495 Victoria St N 55126

2 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 3920 Victoria St N 55126

3 Shoreview City Hall 4600 Victoria St N 55126

4 Shoreview Community Center 4580 Victoria St N 55126

5 Incarnation Lutheran Church 4880 Hodgson Rd 55126

6 Turtle Lake Elementary School 1141 Lepak Ct 55126

Spring Lake Park

1R Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Dr 55112

Vadnais Heights

1 Vadnais Heights Commons 665 County Rd F E 55127

White Bear Township

1 Otter Lake Elementary School 1401 County Road H2 E 55110





Notice is hereby given that a general election will be conducted on

November 5, 2019 in the City of Falcon Heights and for the Roseville Area

Schools. The hours of voting in all polling places will be from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The following offices will be on the ballot.

City of Falcon Heights


Council Member – Two at-large seats

Roseville Area Schools

School Board Member – Three at-large seats

Voting will take place at the following polling places.

You may locate your polling place at

A public test of the voting systems to be used in the general election will

be conducted on August 2, 2019 at 1 p.m., at the Ramsey County Elections

office in Saint Paul.

Complete information on voter registration and absentee voting for the

primary is available at; you may also email elections@ or call 651-266-2171.

(Roseville Review: July 16, 2019)


Falcon Heights




Tax Increment District 17 18 19 20 Total


Tax Increments Received 548,952 100,064 273,039 - 9 22,055

Market Value Homested Credit - - - - -

Interest on invested funds 12,306 268 2,042 - 1 4,616

TIF Bonds issued - - - - -

Other - - - - -

Transfer In - - - - -

Total revenues 561,258 100,332 275,081 - 9 36,671


Land/Building acquistion - - - - -

Site improvements/preparation costs - - - - -

Installation of public utilities 7,893 - - - 7 ,893

Other public improvements 165 - - - 1 65

Loan/note interest payments 186,231 79,857 205,841 - 4 71,929

Authority administrative costs - 200 200 - 4 00

County administrative costs 2,409 931 1,914 - 5 ,254

Transfer Out - - - - -

Decertification to Ramsey County - - - - -

Total expenditures 196,698 80,988 207,955 - 4 85,641

Net increase (decrease) 364,560 19,344 67,126 - 4 51,030

Principal and interest payments due in 2019 252,331 97,274 113,746 - 4 63,351

Net Tax Capacity Statement

Current net tax capacity 1 ,051,756 144,261 246,286 3 9,572 1 ,481,875

Original net tax capacity 3 84,378 43,196 16,242 3 9,572 4 83,388

Captured net tax capacity 6 67,378 101,065 230,044 - 9 98,487

First tax increment received 07/2006 06/2013 07/2014 -

Date of required decertification 12/31/31 12/31/2038 12/31/2020 12/31/45

City of Roseville, Minnesota

Annual Statement of Tax Increment

For Year Ending December 31, 2018

(Roseville Review: July 16, 2019)



Public Notices

Continued on Page 13

Category Procedures










Saturated Fat:

Less than or equal to 10% of calories.

Nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters,

popcorn and cheese exempt.

Trans Fat:

No trans fat.

Foods that are high

in saturated fat

increase the risk of

coronary artery


Products consisting of

only dried fruit with

nuts and/or seeds with

no added nutritive

sweeteners or fats are

exempt from the total

fat standard.

Reduced fat cheese is

exempt from the

saturated fat standard.

Combination products

are not exempt and must

meet all the nutrient



Less than 200 mg sodium per snack

item served.

Entrée items sold a la carte must be ≤ 480

mg sodium per item as served, including

any added accompaniments.

Acceptable: Lower

sodium soups

Not acceptable:

Ramen noodles

Added Sugar:

Less than 35% of calories per serving,

excluding naturally occurring sugars from

fruits, vegetables and dairy ingredients.

Foods that are high in

sugar add unnecessary

calories to the diet

and promote

development of dental

caries and displace

key nutrients.

Acceptable: Some

granola bars, animal

crackers, graham

crackers, some

gelatin desserts, some

frozen fruit bars

Not acceptable:

Some cookies, candies,

and granola bars

Dried whole or pieces of

fruits or vegetables with

no added nutritive

sweeteners are exempt

from the sugar

standard. Dried whole

or pieces of fruit with

nutritive sweeteners

that are required for

processing and/or


(cranberries, tart

cherries, blueberries)

are exempt from the

sugar standard.

Beverages 100% juice

Carbonation acceptable.

Fruits & vegetables

provide important

nutrients, but

intake should be

limited because

fruit juice is high

in sugar

Acceptable: 100%

vegetable juice,

100% fruit juice,

Carbonated juice, no

added sweeteners

Not acceptable: Punch

or other beverages (not

100% fruit juice),

Juice cocktails or


Elementary size limits:

-Water – no limit

-Milk ≤ 8 oz

-Juice ≤ 8 oz


school size limits:

-Water – no limit

-Milk ≤ 12 oz

-Juice ≤ 12 oz

High school size


-Water – no limit

-Milk ≤ 12 oz

-Juice ≤ 12 oz


*Container size is unlimited

Water is important

for proper hydration.

Acceptable: Bottled

water, carbonated water,

unsweetened water


Limited to fat free or 1% milk.

Fat free flavored milk acceptable.

Milk provides

important nutrients

such as protein,

calcium and Vitamin


Acceptable: Fat free

milk (flavored and

unflavored), 1%

unflavored (12 oz)

Not acceptable: Whole

and 2% milk, 16

oz bottles.

Electrolyte and Sport Drinks Container

size limited to 12 oz. Must be ≤ 40 calories.

Bottled Sport

drinks may be

needed for athletes

but can also be

high in sugar

Acceptable: Low

calorie Gatorade or

Powerade up to 12 oz or

sugar free beverages up

to 20 oz. Not


Regular sports drinks








Release Date: July 11th, 2019

PROPOSAL DUE DATE August 2nd, 2019

This district and the USDA are both equal opportunity providers and employers.












The St. Anthony - New Brighton School District is seeking Proposals from qualified vendors to provide, install and

support a comprehensive and complete full-service beverage and snack vending solution for the sale of beverages

and snacks in St. Anthony - New Brighton School District No. 282.

This RFP contains instructions for submitting a bid, the procedures and criteria by which a contractor will be selected

and the contractual terms by which the District proposes to govern the relationship between it and the selected


The District intends to augment its existing cafeteria food service and snack and beverage sales. Weeknight and

weekend food needs at the schools are entirely supplied by these machines. However, vending hours may differ for

each vending location.

The District appreciates your consideration of this RFP and looks forward to receiving your proposal.

St. Anthony - New Brighton School District provides equal access to its programs and services for all people without

regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. If you

require special assistance for this information in an alternative format, please contact Angela Richey at 651-635-

1619 or

The quality and variety of the food and beverages served will be important considerations in the award of this RFP

as well as the cost to the District schools.

In evaluating RFP responses, the District will award points to each Proposer response up to the maximum points

that are listed for each of the four following criteria:

Revenue (fees paid to District) 20 Points

Pricing 20 Points

Variety of beverage, food and snack items 25 Points

Service equipment and references 35 Points

100 Points


The St. Anthony - New Brighton School District is comprised of one (1) High school/Middle school combination, and

one (1) Elementary School. The district intends to install vending machines in the High school/Middle School, to start.

The schools included in this proposal and the approximate number of students currently enrolled is as follows:

Wilshire Park Elementary Enrollment : 714

SANB Middle/High School Enrollment: 1123

Student enrollment numbers are approximated for the month of May 2019 and are subject either to increase and

decrease during the year. Enrollment numbers are stated only for the purpose of estimating usage.

The aggregate gross vending sale for the District locations was roughly $10,000 for the 2018-19 school year. This

information is strictly to be used as a guideline in your response, it is NOT intended as a guarantee of sales and the

Proposer must participate in this RFP based upon their own projection of the value of the account.

It is the District’s vision to partner with the successful Proposer to not only provide the products, but also incorporate

a marketing program that will appeal to the demographics of our schools and increase vending sales and revenue,

while also abiding by advertising requirements set by the Smart Snack Guidelines and the District: any food or

beverage marketing within the District must meet the Smart Snack standards. Marketing and advertising of foods and

beverages that do not meet the requirements as outlined in the Smart Snack Guidelines, through signage, vending

machine fronts, logos, scoreboards, school supplies, advertisements in school publications, incentive programs, or

other means will be prohibited during the regular school day.

Information about the St. Anthony - New Brighton School District can be obtained on the web at

Not acceptable:

Grande mocha with 3

pumps of chocolate

flavoring, bottled,

commercial iced tea

Beverages Soft drinks Eliminates beverages with Not acceptable: Soda

Eliminated Regular and caffeine-containing soft drinks little nutritional value that (regular)

are not allowed. replace more healthful


Bottled Energy drinks and other Not acceptable:

caffeinated beverages Frappucinos, energy


Food in the Occasional class parties and celebrations Food in the classroom adds to Encourage: Parents

Classroom are encouraged to follow the competitive the daily calorie intake for bring birthday snacks

food and beverage guidelines. children, and displace or prizes on the same

healthier foods. day once/month or use

non-food rewards.

Discourage: Food and

snacks are provided

whenever a birthday

occurs. Classroom

celebrations that

involve food happen

more than once per


Category Procedures










General guidelines for

competitive food &

beverage sales

All food that is sold, provided and consumed

during the school day (defined as midnight to

30 minutes after the end of the official school

day) must meet the nutrition standards.

Students should have the

opportunity to make

healthy food choices at

school. The school

environment should

model healthy food


Acceptable: All

food sold during the

school day on

school campus

meets the

competitive food &

beverage standards.

This includes

student stores,

vending machines,

the classroom and


Not acceptable:

Selling food &

beverages that


not meet



See the General

Standard for

Competitive Food re:

specific guidelines on


Competitive foods

covers all foods and


Competitive foods are

defined by USDA as any

food in competition with

school meals.

All competitive food items must: Meet the

nutrient standards

Be a grain product containing 50% or

more whole grains by weight or have

whole grains as the first ingredient

Have as the 1st ingredient one of the nongrain

main food groups (fruit, vegetables,

dairy or protein foods)

Be a combination food that contains at

least ¼ cup fruit and/or vegetable

Students should have the

opportunity to make

healthy food choices at

school. The school

environment should

model healthy food


Acceptable: Whole

grain pretzels,

whole grain

crackers or cookies

Not acceptable:

Regular cookies

Grain items must be

50% or more whole

grains by weight or have

whole grains as the first


Sugar-free gum

is exempt.


Snack items and side dishes sold a la carte

must be ≤ 200 calories per item as served,

including any added accompaniments

Entrée items served a la carte must be ≤ 350

calories per item served including any

added accompaniments.

Students should have the

opportunity to understand

right-sized portions for

snacks and entrees.


Snacks ≤ 200

calories, entrees ≤

350 calories

Not acceptable:

Snacks or entrees

over the posted


Entrée items served as

an NSLP or SBP entrée

are exempt on the day or

day after service in the

program meal.


include salad dressings

and condiments.

Total Fat:

Less than or equal to 35% of calories from

total fat. Nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters,

popcorn and cheese exempt.

High-fat foods add

unnecessary calories to the


Acceptable: Baked

potato chips,

pretzels, some

popcorn, reducedfat/

whole grain

commercial cookies

Not acceptable:

Regular potato

chips, chocolate bars

Products consisting of

only dried fruit with

nuts and/or seeds with

no added nutritive

sweeteners or fats are

exempt from the total

fat standard.

Regular carbonated beverages may be vended in faculty lounge.

Proposers’ product list must be in compliance with the St. Anthony – New Brighton Nutrition policy and Smart Snack


Prior approval must be obtained from the Nutrition Services Department before machines and/or product are added

or deleted. The District has the right to reject any product.

If there are changes in the product guidelines, the Proposer agrees to comply with changes in all appropriate

machines in a time frame not to exceed two weeks after notification by the District.


Proposers are cautioned to provide in their proposals as much detail as possible pertaining to their capabilities and

experience to the services requested in the proposal. The specifications, characteristics and requirements listed

in the RFP are in no way to be considered exhaustive. However, vendors should limit the promotional materials

submitted to a reasonable level no more than 25 pages total, including the bid response.

Proposals will be accepted up to, and no proposals may be withdrawn after, the required date and time for

submission. Time is local time at the school. Proposals that arrive after the required time will not be considered. It

is the responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that the proposal arrives at the required location by the required time.

The School shall not waive or extend this requirement for any reason. A submitted proposal shall remain valid for

sixty (60) days from the proposal submission date.

Preparation of Proposal Documents:

At a minimum, each proposal must contain the following items:

1. Cover letter and company profile, including full legal name, federal tax I.D. number, address, phone, fax number,

email address, and a description of your company’s background.

2. Current contact and background information about representatives to be assigned to the District.

3. A management plan to collaborate with the St. Anthony - New Brighton staff for the planning, scheduling and

successful installation and implementation of a full-service vending contract. Your plan should address, at a minimum,

terms and conditions.

It is essential that the District be able to easily match a vendor’s response with the requirements for proposal. This

RFP and its format should be incorporated into the actual response, using an electronic form of this RFP to organize

the proposal. Where asked, indicate compliance and/or note any exceptions to the requirements and provide

responses to any questions that follow:

a) Bid Submission – One signed original proposal, three (3) printed copies, and an electronic version of the

proposal. The electronic proposal can be in the form of an attachment or on a zip drive.

b) Pre-printed materials - Foldouts for charts, tables, spreadsheets, and single-line diagrams are acceptable.

Pre-printed materials, such as brochures or technical documents, may be included, but whenever possible should

be placed within the proposal.

c) Identification –The proposal must be completely sealed, marked on the outside as “Vending Machines” and

must include the signed original and three (3) copies, as well as the electronic version of your proposal. Proposals

must also clearly indicate the District’s name, proposal due date and time, as well as, the Proposer’s name, address,

and email address.

d) Return sealed proposals to:

Roseville/St. Anthony Nutrition Services

Proposal: Vending Machines

Attention: Angela Richey

1251 West County Road B2 West

Roseville, MN 55113

e) Proposal Due Date

On or before August 2, 2019, 10:00 AM Central Time. Proposals received after this time and date will not be

considered and will be returned unopened.

f) Proposer’s responsibilities:

Contractor shall examine and understand this entire document and seek clarification from Angela Richey. Negligence

in preparing a Proposal does not give a right of withdrawal after Proposal opening.

Become familiar with and abide by current federal laws, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances that

could impact pricing or performance.

Visit service location to become familiar with and verify any environmental factors, which may impact current or

future pricing for this requirement.


All questions related to this RFP shall be directed to:

Angela Richey

Roseville/St. Anthony Nutrition Services

1251 West County Road B2 West

Roseville, MN 55113

Phone: 651-635-1619

Fax: 651-635-1659

Specific questions concerning the RFP must be submitted in writing via email to the Angela Richey on or before July

22nd, 2019, 3:00 pm Central Time. All relevant questions and answers will be distributed to all participating vendors

in an addendum form by July 26th, 2019.

Vendors who seek information, clarification or interpretations from anyone other than the above- mentioned contact

are advised that such material is used at the Proposer’s own risk and the District shall not be bound by any such



A Proposal once delivered to the formal custody of the District may not be withdrawn for a period of 60 days from the

opening thereof. Once the District has received a proposal, the document becomes the property of Saint Anthony-

New Brighton Schools. When the proposal is opened, it becomes public information and any restrictions put upon the

District regarding the sharing of information or duplicating copies after opening will be grounds to reject the Proposal.

a. Prior to submittal, Proposal changes from an authorized company representative shall initial modifications in ink.

b. After submittal, at any time prior to the specified Proposal due date and time, contractor may withdraw the

Proposal if such a request is submitted in writing (email is acceptable). Proposal modifications must be made in

writing prior to Proposal opening date and time.

c. After Proposal opening Proposal shall not be altered, amended or withdrawn.


Collusion of Vendors is cause for rejection of Vendors involved. The Distributor agrees to abide by all conditions of

this Proposal. Vendors must submit a completed Affidavit of Non-Collusion in Attachment C.


Your response to this RFP is an offer to contract with the District. An RFP response becomes a contract when

officially accepted by the District as evidenced by School Board approval.


The estimated schedule of events through initial implementation is outlined below:


July 11th, 2019 RFP Released

Week of July 15th, 2019 Published in The Lillie Newspaper

July 22nd, 2019 by 3 PM Deadline for submission of any communications from


July 26th, 2019 Deadline for School to issue addenda (response) to RFP

August 2nd, 2019 by 10


Proposal due date before

August 5th - 9th Proposal reviewed, evaluated, scored.

August 9th, 2019 Apparent successful prosper(s) identified and proposal awarded

pending Board Approval (*The District reserves the right to

extend the award date, if required.)

August 20th, 2019 Board approval and contract award

Category Procedures










Specialty Drinks (i.e. Italian soda, Hot Espresso stands can provide Acceptable: Sugar- Elementary and Middle

chocolate, Chai tea, Smoothie, Packet students with marketing


free flavor & fat-free Schools: Food and

tea, Iced tea, Coffee, Mocha, Latte, but too much sugar, fat, and half-and-half, beverages must be

Americano) caffeine is not recommended unsweetened iced tea, caffeine-free with the

Container & cup size limited to 12 oz. Add- for good health. smoothies that meet exception of trace amounts

ins must meet sugar and milk standards. sugar & juice of naturally occurring

guidelines. caffeine substances.

Not acceptable:

Grande mocha with 3

pumps of chocolate

flavoring, bottled,

commercial iced tea

Beverages Soft drinks Eliminates beverages with Not acceptable: Soda


The RFP response must be received in the Nutrition Services no later than August 2nd, 2019, 10:00 AM, Central

Time. The RFP response may be delivered in person, by the U.S. Postal Service, Courier or other means of

transportation to the mailing address. Clearly marked on the outside “BID DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED” and the

bid reference (Healthy Snack Vending Services). The District is not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected mail,

nor the method or timeliness of delivery. Postmarks do not meet the requirement for an RFP response to be in the

Business Services by the specified date.


1. Contract Period

Any contract(s) awarded as a result of this RFP is for a one year term with the option of three (3) renewals each for

a one (1) year term subject to mutual acceptance.

2. Limited Exclusive Right

The District will grant the Contractor the limited exclusive right and privilege, subject to applicable laws and

regulations, to install and operate vending machines for the sale of beverage and food/snacks on District-owned or

managed facilities. In the case of multiple contracts being awarded, the contract will be for specific products and/

or locations. If the Contractor does not want or cannot service the designated area, the District reserves the right

to cancel the contract or allow a third party to service that area. Additional locations or changes in existing service

beyond those initially listed herein may be negotiated as required.

3. Multiple Awards

The District reserves the right to award multiple contracts if a single vendor cannot meet the District’s needs or if the

District’s interests would be better served by the awarding of multiple contracts.

4. Vending Machine Specifications

Minimum specifications for vending equipment:

a) All vending equipment shall be UL listed, designated, constructed, installed and operated in accordance with

the standard of the National Sanitation Foundation, the National Automatic Merchandising Association, U.S. Public

Health Service Vending of Food and Beverage Code and WAC 296.24.

b) All vending machines shall meet Section 504 of Federal Handicapped requirements in that all controls are

located between two feet and four feet from ground level. Equipment must have signage installed on or near the

equipment to meet the needs of our students, i.e. Braille markings.

c) The electrically operated machines shall be double insulated or grounded. All machines must be properly

secured to the facility in a manner to avoid injury and damage. District facility staff must be consulted prior to affixing

anything to District property to assure compliance with District safety requirements.

d) All vending machines must have the ability to accept both coins and bills (no foreign currency). Vending machines

which have a credit/debit card reader must also have the ability to vend with both coins and bills.

e) The District prefers newer technology that monitors sales and commissions through a hand-held computer or

some other type of electronic mechanism for monetary accounting; thus eliminating the need for “hands-on” money

accounting and the potential misappropriation of funds.

The District prefers an internet desktop monitoring and maintenance software system to manage our accounts. If

internet access is required for the electronic transmission of data, the vendor will be responsible for the placement of

data cables at each machine, under the direction of the District’s Technology Director and facilities manager.

The District prefers the software solution to be able to monitor usage, content, fill rate, etc. in “real-time” through

some form of technology to eliminate the need to physically inspect machines for this information.

Proposer must be able to provide “line item” reporting of sales. The District prefers the ability to connect to the

internet to view consolidated reports per machine, per site, per stocked items in real time.

f) Vending machine revenue generated through card reader sales will be totaled by the Vendor and be remitted

to the District via check payable to the District with a report detailing sales by machine. All sales are to be reported

on a “gross sales” basis. Vending contractor shall be responsible for all debit/credit card fees; these fees shall be

considered a cost of doing business and not an adjustment to the revenue for reporting commissions and rebates.

g) Replacement of existing machines or additional machines may be required as facilities are expanded or volume

of sales increase or decrease. The replacement machines must meet the same specifications as the machines

installed at the commencement of the contract or the then current regulations.

h) The final decision on where vending machines will be located rests with the District in consultation with the


i) Proposer’s machines must all have non-resettable cash meters for reporting sales.

j) Machines must have twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) day scheduling capability. Some vending machines will

offer products that do not meet Smart Snack guidelines. Machines must have the ability to schedule times of service

Public Notices

Continued on Page 14

Public Notices

Continued from Page 12

so that products may not be purchased during school hours. The machine must also maintain the ability to keep

these scheduled times regardless if the machine was unplug in attempt to reset these times by staff, visitors, or


5. Contractor Responsibilities

Machine Installation Contractor shall provide and install all vending machines and ancillary equipment at its

expense, including any necessary hookups. Any work involving drilling, wiring or other direct interface with District

facilities must be coordinated and approved in advance by the District’s Facilities Manager and Technology Manager.

Machine Ownership Contractor shall retain title to all machines installed on District property.

Machine Support Contractor shall furnish all machines and ancillary equipment specified and provide all labor,

supplies, materials, supervision, change funds and products to fill and maintain all vending machines provided

under this agreement for vending sales to students, faculty, staff and visitors. All repairs to machines and vandalism

are the responsibility of the vending company and are to be completed within 48-hours of notification of equipment

malfunction. Same-day service is to be the norm. Machines that cannot be repaired on site within three business

days are to be replaced with a fully functional machine, similar to the unit being replaced.

Machine Changes Any proposed addition, removal or location change of vending machines shall require the prior

approval of the District.

Machine features Machines shall be presentable in appearance with a minimum fill of 75% of slots and of sufficient

capacity to provide continuous service.

Machine Power Efficiency To minimize power usage, all lights shall be removed from conventional machines upon

installation. Glass-front machines must have LED lighting and lighting low-power modes.

Product Mix/Quality Initial determination of any subsequent change of products to be offered for sale shall be

subject to advance approval by the District. In addition, the District may require product change at any time based on

quality, sales, customer request, or related customer service issues, which may arise.

Product Selling Prices the District must approve initial selling prices and subsequent proposed changes in prices set

for existing or new products in advance.

Separate Entity Contractor shall make all purchases in its own name and shall not attempt to bind the District in its

contractual agreements in any way.

Liability for Contractor Equipment the District shall not be held liable for loss, theft or damage to machines,

equipment, tools, materials, supplies, merchandise or personal property of Contractor or its employees located on

District property.

Machine Removal Cleanup In the event any or all machines are removed from the District for any reason, or

relocated to another area of the District, the Contractor shall restore the vacated machine location(s) to the state and

condition in which they existed at the time of original installation.

6. Service (35 Points)

a) Vending machines will be maintained with fresh products, particularly those with cold food items that could spoil

or become stale.

b) All products will be pulled on or before the expiration date to maintain high quality and freshness.

c) Vending machines will have a “full” appearance (75% of slots containing products at a minimum); large gaps in

the product supply are not acceptable. This may mean that some products will need to be replaced daily, depending

on demand.

d) Vending machines will provide a variety of options for the purchasers. The limiting of selection to a single type of

product is not acceptable.

e) Refrigerated machines must have thermometers to guarantee that proper temperatures are maintained for food


f) Beverage Vending Machines must provide and support a variety of products. Products offered in vending

machines accessible to students during the day must comply with the nutrition standards established by the St.

Anthony/New Brighton School District Wellness Policy Nutritional Standards and Guidelines.

g) Vendor must supply, at the minimum a machine with the following features and capabilities for a beverage


● Able to dispense and support a diverse product selection.

● Provide coin and dollar bill changer (additional capability to handle dollar coins preferred)

● Responsibility for passing health inspection for refrigerated machines holding and dispensing products is the

total responsibility of the vendor.

● Products must have pull dates clearly indicated on the products. The pull dates should coincide with the route

service dates to ensure the freshest products.

● See general vending requirements above.

● (Preferred) Provide a software solution to allow real-time monitoring of use, content, fill rate, revenue, etc. per

machine and location.

h) Snack Food Vending must provide and support a mix of prepackaged non-refrigerated snack food products.

Products accessible to students during the day must comply with the nutritional standards established by St. Anthony

- New Brighton Nutritional Standards and Guidelines. Furthermore, the vendor should be prepared to share its

HACCP procedures at any time for products it prepares.

i) Vendor must supply, at the minimum a machine with the following features and capabilities:

● Able to dispense and support a variety of snack products as described above.

● Provide flexibility to accommodate a variety of package sizes.

● Provide coin and dollar bill changer (additional capability to handle dollar coins preferred).

● Responsibility for passing health inspection for refrigerated machines holding and dispensing products is the

total responsibility of the vendor.

● Products must have pull dates clearly indicated on the products. The pull dates should coincide with the route

service dates to ensure the freshest products.

● See general vending requirements above.

● (Preferred) Provide a software solution to allow real-time monitoring of use, content, fill rate, revenue, etc. per

machine and location

j) Contractor is to work with the District designated administrator(s) to establish a schedule for deliveries

The District wants to have service available Monday through Friday throughout the year; times to be

determined at each site.

k) Contractor will empty each machine of money at least once monthly.

l) The bill changers will have the capacity to accommodate users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contractor

will supply and maintain an adequate petty cash fund for on-site refunds to be made for problems with the machines.

This fund will be replenished on a schedule to guarantee that it is sufficient for needs. A petty cash fund will be

needed at each unique address of vending service. In addition to petty cash, the Contractor must post on every

machine a method for refunds after the District’s regular business hours.

m) It is of paramount importance to the St. Anthony - New Brighton School District that our students and staff are

protected on school property. Personnel assigned to the schools for service or repair of vending machines must

report to school personnel upon arriving at the site for clearance and obtain a visitors pass. Personnel shall be

uniformed and carry identification when servicing machines under this contract. Personnel assigned to schools must

not be previously convicted of crimes against children and are subject to a Minnesota State Patrol Background check

at the District’s discretion. The costs of any requested background checks shall be borne by the Contractor.

n) Representative: A representative must be assigned to the St. Anthony - New Brighton account. This representative

will collaborate with the District to schedule implementation of equipment, coordinate approval of any new products

that become available during the life of the contract, and troubleshoot any service or quality issues that arise during

the life of the contract.

7. Recycling

The District is very interested in environmental issues. Products are encouraged to be packaged using recyclable


8. Variety of Beverage, Food and Snack Products (25 Points)

The product mix will be coordinated with each school. Products accessible to students during the day must be fully

compliant with St. Anthony - New Brighton Nutritional Policy, as it stands at the inception of the contract and as it is

modified in the future. In order to verify a product is acceptable, vendors are encouraged to have products evaluated

by the Director of Nutrition Services. Placement of products outside the District’s nutrition policy will be immediately

removed. Multiple violations of our nutrition policy will result in a termination of this contract.

9. Pricing (20 Points)

It is the District’s intent that the pricing of menu items will be appropriate to the market and competitive with offcampus

vendors within the local area.

Changes to a contractor’s menu pricing structure, after the award of this RFP, may be negotiated at the renewal

points of the contract. The vending contractor can modify and change pricing with a written notification to the District

for those items the vendor wishes to adjust. Price adjustments due to sudden, or significant, market change must be

submitted in writing with supporting documentation to the Contract Administrator for approval. This notification must

be received at least 45 days prior to implementation if the requested change is approved, the Director of Nutrition

Services will issue a change order or amendment.

Vendors offering a fixed yearly commission rate would pay the fee at the beginning of the contract period; quarterly

and monthly rates would be paid at the beginning of each quarter or month.

10. Compensation (20 Points)

Compensation may be based on a commission guarantee, yearly or monthly (vendors offering a fixed yearly fee

would pay the fee at the beginning of the contract period), or a percentage of the gross sales (less sales tax),

or other forms of compensation. Methods involving a percentage of the net sales after expenses as the primary

compensation are not acceptable. The District will review all offers for projected revenue and benefit to the District

for the duration of the contract.

11. Commission Statement and Payment

The commission statement will be reconciled to the registered readings of the cash accountability meters every

month by machine and location. Any malfunction of the non-reset cash accountability meters must be reported

immediately to the District. Proposers shall detail their proposed collection and remittance schedule. Specific format

of the commission’s statement along with computational details is subject to District approval.

a) Collection intervals may not exceed thirty (30) days. If monthly commission payments are not received by the

District on the due date in the remittance schedule prescribed above, the unpaid commission shall accrue daily

interest at the lesser of (a) one and 1/2 percent (1.5) per month or (b) the highest contractual interest rate allowed at

the time by the State of Minnesota. All such amounts shall be calculated monthly and shall be due and owing in the

same timed as payments hereunder.

b) Two failures to remit commission payments to the District on the date prescribed above or failure to remit the late

commission by the fifteen-calendar day of the month will be considered justification for contract termination.

c) A copy of the commission statement, detailing line item reporting, corresponding to the amount on the commission

check must be attached to the commission check and sent to the contract administrator.

12. Meetings

The District will schedule a minimum of one (1) meeting per calendar year with the Contractor(s) to ensure that this

contract complies with all terms and conditions of the contract by both parties. Either party may schedule additional

meetings as the need arises. The meetings will be scheduled with a letter or email to the affected parties, to include

required participants and agenda.

13. Utilities

The District will provide electrical service to designated locations without cost to the Contractor. However, the

District will not be liable for equipment or product damage due to an interruption of service beyond its control. Any

other utility requirements will be subject to negotiations between the Contractor and the District

14. Maintenance

The District will keep the area around the vending machines in a clean and neat order. The Contractor is required

to move equipment a minimum of once every six months to insure cleanliness and sanitation of the area. This will

occur during winter, spring or summer breaks in coordination with the District’s building administrative and custodial


15. Licenses and Permits

The contractor is required to comply with all provisions of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances governing

these operations. The contractor will procure and provide the District with copies of all licenses and permits required

to operate the vending machines in the designated locations. The necessary licenses and permits procured by the

contractor are at the contractor’s expense.

16. Taxes

The contractor is responsible for the payment and/or collection of taxes or fees applicable to the operation of the

vending equipment such as, but not limited to, personal property (the vending and related equipment) and the sales

tax on sales through the vending machines.

17. Purchased Service

This will be a purchased service type contract. At no time will the contractor’s employees represent themselves as

an employee of the District.

18. Insurance

The Contractor will secure and maintain through the duration of this agreement, insurance naming the St. Anthony -

New Brighton District as an additional insured at the level described below. The contractor will provide the District

with copies of certificates of coverage from the insurance provider each year upon the renewal of this

contract. This will be required once the proposal is awarded. Vendor must notify District of any changes in insurance

coverage of carrier by Vendor or any subcontractor.

Workers Compensation insurance as required by the laws of the State of Minnesota and applicable federal laws.

Comprehensive General Bodily Injury Liability Insurance, with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 for each person

and $1,000,000 for each accident or occurrence.

Comprehensive Property Damage Liability Insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence

and not less than $1,000,000 in the aggregate.

Comprehensive Auto Bodily Insurance and Property Damage Insurance on an occurrence basis, with limits of

liability of not less than $1,000,000.

19. Accidents and Risk of Loss

Contractor will be solely responsible for accidents and injuries to all persons or property caused by the acts or

omissions of its officers, supervisors, agents, or employees. Contractor will assume the entire risk of loss for damage

to the vending machines or other property provided by Contractor covered under the terms of this contract. Contractor

also assumes the risk of loss to all fixtures, supplies, and the inventory of merchandise for sale, owned or leased by

or consigned to the Contractor.

20. Fidelity Bond

The Contractor will procure from a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Minnesota a sufficient

fidelity bond covering all of its officers and employees. Said bond shall indemnify the District in the amount of $40,000

of any losses sustained by failure of the Contractor, its agents or employees to faithfully and honestly deposit and

account for all funds which are owed the District. A copy of this bond will be provided to the District at the time

of award.

21. Termination

Contractual performance will be reviewed with the Contractor in person for compliance with the terms of this

contract. The District reserves the right to terminate the contract in whole or in part if the Contractor fails to meet

the contract specifications or comply with written instructions given by the District. The District will give Contractor a

minimum of 30 days’ notice before termination.

Specific areas of contractual concern would include, but not be limited to, the following:

● Failure to install District approved equipment

● Failure to follow the commission remittance schedule

● Failure to maintain financial/product accountability/inventory control

● Failure to follow product pricing guidelines

Specific areas of operational concern would include, but not be limited to, the following:

● Maintaining product quality

● Maintaining product selection/menu and product rotation

● Maintaining product labeling/dating and sanitation

● Machine maintenance

● Display organizational identification, i.e. vehicle, employee uniform, etc.

● Service response time



The District cannot guarantee past performance of sales or customer participation.


Reference Attachment A for current locations and types of vending machines within the District. (Vendor may

suggest other locations and machine types in their proposal for consideration. However, if the vendor wants the

District to consider other sites where there is no existing power, water, etc., the vendor will bear the costs of installing

the necessary utilities to sustain the vending machine.)


The Contractor who is awarded this RFP or any part thereof will be the only Contractor on the District schools to sell

their product/brand EXCEPT for items offered by the District Nutrition Services. Efforts will be made by the District

to coordinate pricing and product availability between nutrition services and the vending contractor. RFP responses,

which seek to restrict the brands of products sold on the District campuses, other than from vending machines, may

not be considered.


This Proposal could be awarded all or partial, i.e. one contractor gets the beverage contract and one other gets the

food/snack contract. However, the District’s preference is to award the contract to one supplier who can provide all

of the products and requirements at the most competitive pricing, while ensuring optimum service and quality.


Contact to begin with equipment installed on or before August 30th, 2019.


Vendor shall provide a statement showing a record of all sales by machine, product, and quantity monthly or more

frequently, if the District requests. Vendors will maintain records for a minimum of two years after completion of the

contract for review by the District. The District may audit these records with a one (1) day notice to the vendor.


In the event of an inconsistency in this contract, unless otherwise provided herein, the inconsistency shall be

resolved by giving precedence in the following order:

● Applicable Federal and State of Minnesota statutes and regulations District’s Request for Proposal

● Vendor’s response to the RFP

● Any other provision, term or material incorporated herein by reference or otherwise incorporated in this contract

8. EVALUATION Maximum 100 points

Evaluation of the proposals received in compliance with the RFP instructions will be performed for the purpose of

selecting a Contractor who best meets the needs of the District’s students. The District will be awarding this proposal

on service, cost to the student, as well as compensation to the District and variety of food and beverage selections.

The District may award this RFP to other than the high-Proposer. The District will evaluate the three Proposers

with the highest score. Proposers may be called for an interview and presentation based on the initial evaluation

of proposals submitted. District representatives will conduct this interview. Before and/or after the interview a visit

may be made to sites where the Proposers are currently providing vending service. Additional Proposers may be

evaluated if they are within 5 points of the high score. The District will award the points as follows.

Compensation (Revenue paid to District): 20 Points

The Proposer with the highest commission guarantee paid to the District will receive the maximum score of 20

points with the other Proposers receiving a proportionate score based on their proposal divided by the highest


Pricing 20 Points (Cost to students)

The Proposer with the lowest cost to the students will receive the maximum score of 20 points with the other

Proposers receiving a proportionate score based on the low proposal divided by the higher proposal.

Service 35 Points

The District wants a full range of culturally appropriate products available on a daily basis. Proposers with plans that

provide this service will receive a higher score. The District may visit Proposer operations at other sites to observe

service levels before issuing a final score.

Variety of Beverage, Food and Snack Products 25 Points

The District campuses have a large and diverse population that has requested a variety of options for beverages

and food/snack items to be available. Proposers with a larger selection of product will receive a higher score than

Proposers with a limited selection of product.

9. QUESTIONS (all questions must be answered to be considered responsive)

As a reminder, each proposal must contain the following items at a minimum:

● Cover letter and company profile, including full legal name, federal tax I.D. number, address, phone, fax number,

email address, and a description of your company’s background.

● Current contact and background information about representatives to be assigned to the District.

● A management plan to collaborate with the St. Anthony - New Brighton staff for the planning, scheduling and

successful installation and implementation of a full-service vending contract. Your plan should address, at a minimum,

terms and conditions.


Company Description: The Proposer must provide a history of the company emphasizing the activities that are

relevant to this RFP.

References - The Proposer must provide contact information for references from three clients concerning Proposer’s

development, implementation, and management of beverage and food/snack vending operations, relative to quality

and dependability of work performed . We reserve the right to interview these references regarding any part of this

proposal request. Of the three references, the District also requests one contact / referral for a previous client that

is no longer using your services because they switched to a competitive supplier, or for a competitive process you

participated in but did not receive the award.


Proposals must identify a contract manager who shall be responsible for and shall be the contact person for all

communications and billings regarding the performance of the contract. Contract manager information shall include:

contract manager’s name, phone, fax number, and email address.


What steps have you taken to minimize failure of your products? Describe how you address potential problems and

their ultimate resolution.

What is your plan to ensure that all products are in compliance with the St. Anthony - New Brighton Nutrition policy

and Smart Snack Guidelines? How will you communicate to the District which products are not compliant but could

be offered in vending machines that are not accessible to students during the day.

Food/Snacks: Please attach additional page(s) with your listing of all products, serving sizes, nutritional analysis,

and selling prices available in this vending category.

Beverages: Please attach additional page(s) with your listing of all products, serving sizes and selling prices

available in this vending category.

*See Sections IV-6 and IV-9 for expectations and additional information.


What is your plan to ensure that the vending machines minimum requirements will be met? See Section IV-4 for

expectations and additional information.

Please describe your software program in detail. Any RFP response which proposes to use a debit card system

must present evidence of how debit card sales will be tracked and reported as cash sales to the District’s satisfaction.

See Section IV-4e for additional information.


Please indicate your plan or schedule for fulfilling this requirement. You may submit an alternate schedule as part

of your response. Please see Section IV-6 for expectations and additional information


Proposers will respond to this section by indicating the method and amount of compensation that the District will

receive. Compensation may be based on a commission guarantee, yearly or monthly (vendors offering a fixed yearly

fee would pay the fee at the beginning of the contract period), or a percentage of the gross sales (less sales tax),

or other forms of compensation. Methods involving a percentage of the net sales after expenses as the primary

compensation are not acceptable. See Section IV-10 for additional information.


Please describe your mechanism for monetary accounting. Since commission rates can be skewed (i.e. a

commission rate could be 40%; but if everything is not clocked and accounted for, the commission rate is a moot

point), what ability does your company have in place to accurately track commission rates? Example: DEX protocol.

How does your organization monitor sales, volumes and tracking methods?


Please outline the process that will be used to audit the sales and collection of revenue from the machines.

Please provide an example of a statement showing record of all sales by machine, product, and quantity.

*See Section V-6 for expectations and additional information.


Please provide detail on your proposed collection and remittance schedule. Specific format of the commission’s

statement along with computational details is subject to District approval. Please submit a sample of your collection

and remittance schedule as an attachment. See Section IV, 11- for more information. .

Revenue Reporting:

For the purposes of this contract, “Gross Sales” is defined as total sales dollar receipts before any and all deductions

for applicable taxes, fees, and all associated costs.

Please provide a sample of your revenue reporting.

Please provide this breakdown for each vending machine. Also delineate how machines are configured; i.e., taxable

machines, non- taxable machines, or a combination of both. If a combination method is used, please delineate items

as taxable or not taxable in your product listings.


Gross $_______ (from item counts)

Adjustments: Sales tax* ( _______) for taxable items only

Returns ( _______)

Refunds ( _______)

Net Sales $ _______

a. Snack and Beverage Machine – Staff Lounge:

Gross Sales minus _________% taxes/fees=Net Sales

b. Beverage Machine - Cafeteria:

Gross Sales minus _________% taxes/fees=Net Sales

c. Snack Food Machine - Cafeteria:

Gross Sales minus _________% taxes/fees = Net Sales

d. Beverage Machine – Lower Level:

Gross Sales minus _________% taxes/fees=Net Sales

e. Snack Food Machine – Lower Level:

Gross Sales minus _________% taxes/fees = Net Sales

Percentage Quotation: Based on the percentage calculation identified in the above section,

Contractor will pay the District firm commission remuneration rate percentages as follows:

a. Beverage Machines: _________%

b. Snack Food Machine: _________%


All machines must be properly secured to the facility in a manner to avoid injury and damage. Please explain how

your vending machines are secured to assure student safety.

Do you conduct criminal background checks and drug testing on the staff who will be

working on our campuses?


At the discretion of the District, advertising by way of company color and logo is currently allowable on vending

machines, coolers and other devices used to store beverages at events, as long as it is appropriate for school

use. Vendors understand, by submission of this proposal, that if a competitors advertising is currently displayed

on a scoreboard or other type of device that the replacement of that advertising shall be negotiated between the

District and the awarded vendor. The District does not assume responsibility or expense for the removal of existing

advertising. Removal of any advertising will be done immediately upon District’s request. All advertising is subject to

District policy and approval.

Please define any proposed changes or requirements in conjunction with offer.


Please describe below any applicable rebates, credits or other incentives to be offered under this contract.

Include complete details of the increments in which incentives are earned, which products qualify, the manner of

disbursement/release and restrictions on use, if any (attach additional pages if necessary).

Rebates and/or credits provided will only be factored into RFP evaluation if:

1. Sufficient detail is provided to measure them incrementally relative to anticipated sales, volumes, and

2. They are provided as cash, or as an equivalent monetary credit, which may be used at any time for any reason

the District requires.

Public Notices

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Public Notices

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Does vendor wish to propose additional cash incentives to the District? Such incentives will be divided between

schools at the discretion of the District and shall be used to enhance the education program, including, but not limited

to: athletics, activities, program enhancements, and/or other educational needs.

If yes, please indicate amount of supplemental incentive. Is this an annual amount?

How/when will this be issued to the District?

What is your installation plan? Please list number of machines, locations, timeframe for installation and the name

and contact information for the installation coordinator.



This document, including all addenda and subsequently issued change orders and amendments, comprises the

entire agreement between St. Anthony - New Brighton and the Contractor and shall be governed by the laws of

the State of Minnesota incorporated herein by reference. The District reserves the right to reject Proposals, which

propose additional terms and conditions.


Conflict - In the event of conflict between contract documents and applicable laws, codes, ordinances, regulations,

or orders of any competent authority having jurisdiction or in the event of any conflict between such applicable laws,

ordinances, regulations, or orders, the most stringent or legally binding requirement shall govern and be considered

as a part of this contract in order to afford the District the maximum benefits thereof.

Severability - Any provision of this document found to be prohibited by law shall be ineffective to the extent of such

prohibition without invalidating the remainder of the document.


It is unlawful for any person to directly or indirectly offer, give or accept gifts, gratuities, loans, trips, favors, special

discounts, services, or anything of economic value in conjunction with District business practices.


In the event of any claim for default or breach of contract, no provision in this document or in the Contractor’s offer

shall be construed, expressly or by implication, as a waiver by the District of any existing or future right and/or remedy

available by law. Failure of the District to insist upon the strict performance of any term or condition of the contract

or to exercise or delay the exercise of any right or remedy provided in the contract or by law, or the acceptance

of (or payment for) materials, equipment or services, shall not release the Contractor from any responsibilities or

obligations imposed by this contract or by law, and shall not be deemed a waiver of any right of the District to insist

upon the strict performance of the contract.


Contractor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless to the District from any and all claims, demands, suits,

actions, proceedings, losses, costs and damages of every kind and description, including any attorneys’ fees and/

or litigation expenses, which may be brought or made against or incurred by the District on account of losses of

or damage to any property or for injuries to or death of any person, caused by, arising out of, or contributed to, in

whole or in part, by reasons of any act, omission, professional error, fault, mistake or negligence of Contractor,

Contractor’s employees, agents, representatives or sub-contractors, their employees, agents or representatives

in connection with or incidental to the performance of this agreement, or arising out of Worker’s Compensation

claims, Unemployment Compensation claims or Unemployment Disability Compensation claims of employees of

the Contractor and/or sub-contractors or claim under similar such laws or obligations. Contractor also agrees to

protect and save harmless the purchaser against all claims, suits or proceeding for patent, trademark, copyright, or

franchise infringement arising from the purchase, installation, or use of goods and services ordered, and to assume

all expenses and damages arising from such claims, suits or proceedings. Contractor’s obligation under this Section

shall not extend to any liability caused by the sole negligence of the District or its employees.

Contractor shall pay all attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by the District in establishing and enforcing the

District’s rights under this paragraph, whether or not suit was instituted.


It is agreed by and between the parties hereto that in no event shall any official, officer, employee or agent of District

or State of Minnesota be in any way personally liable or responsible for any covenant or agreement herein contained

whether expressed or implied, nor for any statement or representation made herein or in any connection with this



Contractor shall:

1) Completely and efficiently, supervise and direct the implementation and completion of all contract requirements

specified herein.

2) Designate in its Proposal to the District, a representative(s) with the authority to legally commit Contractor’s firm.

All communications given or received from the Contractor’s representative shall be binding on the Contractor.

3) Promote and offer to the District only those materials, equipment and/or services as stated herein and allowed

for by contractual requirements. Violation of this condition will be grounds for terminating the contract(s).


The selection of the Contractor to supply services to the District is neither an endorsement nor a suggestion that that

Contractor is the best or only solution. The Contractor agrees to make no reference to the District in any literature,

promotional material, brochures, sales presentation or the like without express written consent of the District.


Contractor shall not subcontract or assign neither in whole nor in part its obligations under this contract without

the prior written consent of the District and if such subcontracting/assignment is approved all requirements of the

contract shall be required of the sub-contractor(s).


Contractor shall pay for and maintain in current status any and all taxes, which are necessary for contract

performance. Unless otherwise indicated, the purchaser agrees to pay all State of Minnesota sales or use taxes.

No charge by Contractor shall be made for federal excise taxes and the purchaser agrees to furnish Contractor

with an exemption certificate, where appropriate. Sales tax shall not be included in proposal pricing submitted. The

Contractor shall pay for and maintain in a current status, any license fees, assessments, permit charges, etc., which

are necessary for contract performance.


Product: Contractor warrants that all materials, equipment and/or services provided under this contract shall be fit

for the purpose(s) for which intended, for merchantability, and shall conform to the requirements and specifications

herein. Acceptance of any service and inspection incidental thereto by the District, shall not alter or affect the

obligations of the Contractor or the rights of the District

Price: Contractor warrants that prices of materials, equipment and services set forth herein do not exceed those

charged by the Contractor to any other customer purchasing the same goods or services under similar conditions

and in like or similar quantities.


All materials, equipment or services shall be free of all liens, claims, or encumbrances of any kind and if the District

requests a formal release of it shall be delivered to the District.


Acceptance by the purchaser of unsatisfactory performance with or without objection or reservation shall not waive

the right to claim damage(s) for breach nor constitute a waiver of requirements for satisfactory performance of any

obligation remaining to be performed by Contractor.


The District reserves the right to make reasonable inquiry to determine the responsibility of any Contractor. Requests

may include, but not be limited to, financial statements, credit ratings, references, record of past performance, on-site

inspection of Contractor’s or Contractor’s subcontractor’s facilities. Failure to comply with said request(s) would be

sufficient reason to consider the proposal in noncompliance.


The District reserves the right to:

1) Waive any immaterial defect(s) or informalities

2) Reject any or all Proposals, or accept any portion of the items Proposed unless the Contractor stipulates all or

nothing on the Proposal.

3) Reissue an RFP or negotiate as the best interest of the District may require whenever there is reason to believe

that prices or terms are not the best obtainable.


No alteration in any of the terms, conditions, or contractual requirements herein shall be effective without the

written consent of the District. The written documentation shall be approved and finalized by the Director of Nutrition



The District reserves the right to add or delete items as determined to be in the best interest of the District. Added

items will be related to those on contract and will not represent a significant increase or decrease in size or scope of

the contract. Such additions or deletions will be documented via mutual agreement, and will be at prices consistent

with the original proposal price margins, and will be evidenced by issuance of a written contract change notice from

the District’s Director of Nutrition Services.


The District may terminate this contract, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason by giving a thirty

(30)-calendar day’s written termination notice to the Contractor. Termination charges, when applicable, shall be

computed in the following manner: (1) a sum computed and substantiated in accordance with standard accounting

practices for those reasonable costs incurred by the Contractor prior to the date of termination, for orderly phase out

of performance as requested by the District in order to minimize the cost of termination; and (2) a reasonable profit

for such work performed; however, the District shall not be liable to the Contractor for any anticipated profits on the

terminated portion of the contract, or claims of unabsorbed overhead or other fixed costs. In no event shall the District

become liable to pay any sum in excess of the price of this contract for the terminated services.

Termination for Breach Except in the case of delay or failure resulting from circumstances beyond the control and

without the fault or negligence of the Contractor or of the Contractor’s suppliers or subcontractors, the District shall

be entitled, by written or oral notice, to cancel this contract in its entirety or in part, for breach of any of the terms

herein, and to have all other rights against Contractor by reason of Contractor’s breach as provided by law. A breach

shall mean any one or more of the following events:

1. Contractor fails to perform the services by the date required or by such later date as may be agreed to in a written

amendment to the contract signed by the District;

2. Contractor breaches any warranty or fails to perform or comply with any term or agreement in the contract;

3. Contractor makes any general assignment for the benefit of creditors;

4. In the District’s sole opinion, Contractor becomes insolvent or in an unsound financial condition so as to endanger

performance hereunder;

5. Contractor becomes the subject of any proceeding under any law relating to bankruptcy, insolvency or

reorganization or relief from debtors; or

6. Any receiver , trustee or similar official is appointed for the Contractor or any of the Contractor’s property.

Termination by Mutual Agreement the District or the Contractor may terminate this contract in whole or in part, at

any time, by mutual agreement with a thirty (30)-calendar day’s written notice from one party to the other


Events: Any of the following events shall constitute cause for the District to declare Contractor in default of the


Nonperformance of contractual requirements.

A material breach of any term or condition of this contract.

The District shall issue a written notice of default providing a period in which Contractor shall have an opportunity to

cure. Time allowed for cure shall not diminish or eliminate Contractor’s liability for liquidated damages.

Remedies If the default remains, after Contractor has been provided the opportunity to cure, the District may do one

or more of the following:

1) Exercise any remedy provided by law.

2) Terminate this contract and any related contracts or portions thereof.


The Contractor covenants and agrees that in the event suit is instituted by the purchaser for any default on the part

of the Contractor, and the Contractor is adjudged by a court of competent jurisdiction to be in default, he shall pay to

the purchaser all costs, expenses expended or incurred by the purchaser in connection therewith, and reasonable

attorney’s fees.


Except for payment of sums due, neither party shall be liable to the other or deemed in default under this contract

if and to the extent that such party’s performance of this contract is prevented by reason of force majeure. The

term “force majeure” means an occurrence that is beyond the control of the party affected and could not have been

avoided by exercising reasonable diligence. Force majeure shall include acts of nature, war, riots, strikes, fire, floods,

epidemics, or other similar occurrences.

Notification if either party is delayed by force majeure, said party should provide written notification within forty-eight

(48) hours. The notification shall provide evidence of the force majeure to the satisfaction of the other party. Such

delay shall cease as soon as practicable and written notification of it shall be provided. The time of completion shall

be extended by contract modification for a period of time equal to the time that the results or effects of such delay

prevented the delayed party from performing in accordance with this contract.

Rights reserved: The District reserves the right to cancel the contract and/or purchase materials, equipment or

services from the best available source during the time of force majeure, and Contractor shall have no recourse

against the District.


To be considered responsive, Contractors must, at the time of proposal opening, or prior to that time if required by

law, be an established business firm with all required licenses, bonding, facilities, equipment and trained personnel

necessary to perform the work as specified in the proposal solicitation. The District reserves the right to require proof

of said requirements within 10 calendar days from the date of request.


The Proposer agrees not to discriminate against any client, employee, or applicant for employment or for services

because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age or disability with regard to, but not limited to, the following:

employment upgrading, demotion or transfer, recruitment or recruitment advertising, layoffs or termination rates of

pay or other forms of compensation, selection for training, rendition of services.

In the event of non-compliance by the Proposer with any of the nondiscrimination provisions of the contract, the

District shall have the right, at its option, to cancel the contract in whole or in part. If the contract is canceled after part

of performance, the St. Anthony - New Brighton shall be obligated to pay the fair market value or the contract price,

whichever is lower, for goods or services which have been received and accepted.

The Proposer assures the District that its agency/labor union will comply with all state and federal guidelines and/or

regulations. Therefore, all applicants seeking employment opportunities and all contracts for goods and services will

be considered and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender or disability.

This is in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, 1973, as

amended, Americans with Disabilities Act, July 26, 1990. P.L. 101-336; and Title IX/Chapter 28A.640 RCW of the

Education Amendments of 1972, as amended.

Non-Discrimination Statement

In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and

policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA

programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or reprisal or

retaliation for prior civil rights activity in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA.

Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g. Braille, large

print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.), should contact the Agency (State or local) where they applied for

benefits. Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal

Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. Additionally, program information may be made available in languages other than


To file a program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, (AD-

3027) found online at:, and at any USDA office, or write a letter

addressed to USDA and provide in the letter all of the information requested in the form. To request a copy of the

complaint form, call (866) 632-9992. Submit your completed form or letter to USDA by:

(1) mail: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights

1400 Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, D.C. 20250-9410;

(2) fax: (202) 690-7442; or (3) email:


Neither the Contractor nor any employee or agent of the Contractor shall participate in the performance of any duty

in whole nor in part pursuant to this agreement to the extent is participation prohibited by proper business ethics in

public service.


The contractor shall prohibit any employee of the contractor, including subcontractors, from working at a public

school who has contact with children at said school during the course of his or her employment and who has plead

guilty to or been convicted of any felony crime involving the physical neglect of a child, the physical injury or death of

a child, sexual exploitation or a minor, several offenses where a minor is the victim, promotion prostitution or a minor,

the sale or purchase of a minor child, or violation of similar laws of another jurisdiction. Any failure to comply with this

section shall be grounds for the School District to immediately terminate the contract.


Proposer certifies by submission of a proposal that to the best of their knowledge/belief its principals are not

presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded for the award of

contracts by any Federal governmental agency or department. Further, Proposer certifies that they are not presently

indicted for or have not within a three-year period preceding this proposal been convicted of or had a civil judgment

rendered against them for commission of fraud or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining, attempting to

obtain, or performing a public transaction or contract.

If a Proposer is unable to certify such information, the Proposer shall submit an explanation of why it cannot provide

certification. Such information will be used to determine whether the bid shall be deemed responsive.

If it is later determined that the Proposer knowingly rendered an erroneous certification, in addition to any other

remedies available to the District, the District may terminate the contract for default.

Attachment A: Vending Locations

Location Machine





• 1 Machine (refrigerated with beverage and snack capacity)

• Does not need to be Smart Snack compliant

• On 30 minutes after school day end to midnight the day

before school starts



• 1 Beverage Machine

• 1 Snack Machine

• Must be Smart Snack compliant

• On 24/7


Level by

Gym &


• 1 Beverage Machine

• 1 Snack Machine

• Does not need to be Smart Snack compliant

• On 30 minutes after school day end to midnight the day

before school starts

• Off during concession sales

Attachment B

St. Anthony/New Brighton Schools



I hereby certify that I have read and understood this Request for Proposal, General

Information, Evaluation of Proposals, Terms and Conditions and all other documents

pertaining to this proposal submittal.

The undersigned agrees to furnish the enclosed services at the price stated, subject to the

conditions and requirements of this proposal. The proposal must be signed by a person

with authority to legally bind the Proposer.

I certify that I am an authorizing agent of the firm referenced below and have legal

authority to bind said company to the terms and conditions of this contract:

Legal Firm Name:


Print Name/Title

Authorized Signature


City State Zip Code_________

Telephone Fax ________________________



Please indicate the person to be contacted by the District concerning any part of this RFP or

the proposal:

Name: Title

Telephone: Fax


Attachment C

Affidavit of Non-Collusion

I hereby swear (or affirm) under the penalty of perjury:

1. That I am the responder (if the responder is an individual), a partner in the company (if the responder is

a partnership) or an officer or employee of the responding corporation having authority to sign on its

behalf (if the responder is a corporation);

2. That the information provided in this proposal is true, accurate and complete, and I have the authority

to submit this proposal, which will become a binding contract if accepted by St. Anthony/New Brighton


3. That the attached proposal has been arrived at by the responder, independently, and has been submitted

without collusion with, and without any agreement, understanding, or planned common course of action

with, any other vendor of materials, supplies, equipment or services described in the Request for

Proposal, designed to limit independent pricing or competition;

4. That the contents of the proposal has not been communicated by the responder or its employees or

agents to any person not an employee or agent of the responder or its surety on any bond furnished with

the proposal and will not be communicated to any such person prior to the official opening of the

proposal or to any official opening of the proposal.

5. That I have not made any agreement with nor offered/accepted anything of value to/from an official or

employee of St. Anthony/New Brighton Schools that would tend to destroy or hinder free competition;


6. That I have fully informed myself regarding the accuracy of the statements made in this affidavit.

Name (print) ____________________________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________________________________________

Firm Name ____________________________________________________________________

Firm Address ____________________________________________________________________

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _____ day of __________, 2019.


Notary Public Signature

My Commission expires ____________________


(Bulletin: July 17, 2019)


Public Notices

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