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Public Notices & Legals published Apr. 16, 2014 in the New Brighton - Mounds View, Shoreview - Arden Hills and St. Anthony Bulletin Area newspapers

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Legal announcements 

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING CONCERNING COMCAST’S FORMAL CABLE TELEVISION FRANCHISE RENEWAL PROPOSAL AND ITS PAST PERFORMANCE UNDER APPLICABLE LAWS AND THE EXISTING CABLE FRANCHISES GRANTED BY THE NORTH SUBURBAN COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION’S MEMBER CITIES The North Suburban Communications Commission (the “Commission”), on behalf of its member cities of Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville, St. Anthony, and Shoreview, Minnesota, (the “Member Cities”) is currently in the process of reviewing a formal cable television franchise renewal proposal submitted by Comcast of Minnesota, Inc., (“Comcast”) on December 20, 2013, to determine whether it meets community cable-related needs and interests, taking cost into consideration. The Commission is also assessing Comcast’s past performance under applicable laws and the current cable franchises awarded by the Member Cities to assess whether Comcast should be granted renewal franchises by the Member Cities. The Commission will ultimately make a recommendation to the Member Cities as to whether they should grant Comcast renewal franchises on the terms proposed in the company’s formal renewal proposal or preliminarily deny renewal, taking identified community cable-related needs and interests, associated costs and Comcast’s past performance into consideration. As part of its ongoing review, the Commission will open a public hearing on April 17, 2014. The public hearing will commence at 6:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as individuals and/or organizations, including Comcast, may be heard, at the Shoreview City Council Chambers, which are located at 4600 North Victoria Street, Shoreview Minnesota. The public hearing will remain open for the submission of written testimony and/or written comments until May 1, 2014, when the Commission will close the public hearing during its regularly scheduled meeting. For directions to the Shoreview City Council Chambers or any questions regarding the public hearing, the public may contact Coralie A. Wilson, the Commission’s Executive Director, at 651-792-7512 or The purpose of the Commission’s public hearing is to permit interested persons and organizations to express their views on Comcast’s past performance (e.g., customer service) and formal cable television franchise renewal proposal, which may be viewed and downloaded from the Commission’s website ( cnscc/nscc/franchise-renewal.html). All comments furnished at the hearing will be transcribed and may be considered by the Commission and the Member Cities in deciding whether Comcast’s formal renewal request should be approved or preliminarily denied. (Bulletin: Apr. 9, 16, 2014)

CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME STATE OF MINNESOTA Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333: ASSUMED NAME: all rocked out landscaping PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS: 1215 Poppyseed Dr, New Brighton, MN 55112 NAMEHOLDERS: Victoria Lee Porter, 1215 Poppyseed Dr, New Brighton, MN 55112 I, the undersigned, certify that I am signing this document as the person whose signature is required, or as agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required who has authorized me to sign this document on his/her behalf, or in both capacities. I further certify that I have completed all required fields, and that the information in this document is true and correct and in compliance with the applicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. I understand that by signing this document I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Section 609.48 as if I had signed this document under oath. Date: 03/08/2014 /s/ Victoria L Porter (Bulletin: Apr. 16, 23, 2014)

St. Anthony 

CITY OF ST. ANTHONY VILLAGE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, 3301 Silver Lake Road, to receive public input on the 2015 Budget. Anyone wishing to be heard with reference to the above matter will be heard at said time and place. Questions regarding this matter may be referred to the City Manager at 612-782-3311. Auxiliary aids are available upon request with at least 96 hours advanced notice. Please call the City Clerk at 612-782-3313 to make arrangements. Mark Casey City Manager (Bulletin: Apr. 9, 16, 2014)

NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that on April 28, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 3301 Silver Lake Road, the Saint Anthony Village Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to solicit public response to a request from John and Laura Frigstad for a variance from the required corner side yard setback to construct a partial second story addition with an open front stoop entry to the existing home located at 3111 Wilson Street. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation regarding the proposed request to the City Council for their meeting to be held on May 13, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. Those persons having an interest in said meetings are encouraged to attend. Oral testimony will be accepted on the above subject at this meeting. Written comments may be taken at the St. Anthony Village City Hall, 3301 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony Village, Minnesota 55418 until the date of the hearing. Questions may be directed to the City Planner at 763-287-8521. The application, related to this public hearing, can be viewed online at as part of the current Planning Commission agenda. Kelsey Johnson, AICP City Planner (Bulletin: Apr. 16, 2014)

CITY OF SAINT ANTHONY VILLAGE STATE OF MINNESOTA ORDINANCE NO. 2014-01 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTERS §152.008, §152.225- 152.227, §152.039, §152.054, §152.069, §152.089, §152.104, §152.124, AND §152.144 OF THE ST. ANTHONY VILLAGE CITY CODE RELATING TO NONCONFORMING LOTS The full version of Ordinance is available for review at or copies are available at City Hall. Effective Date: This ordinance amendment will be effective upon its publication as provided by law. Passed in regular session of the City Council on April 8, 2014. Jerome O. Faust Mayor Barb Suciu City Clerk (Bulletin: Apr. 16, 2014)


ORDINANCE NO. 920 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER 200 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE The Shoreview City Council ordains that Chapter 200, Development Code is hereby amended as follows: Section 202 Definitions and Section 211.070, Housing Code. The intent of the proposed amendment is to better define standards related to safety, storage, and room function. The amendment hereby follows: CHAPTER 200 - SHOREVIEW DEVELOPMENT CODE 202.010 Definitions Combustible Material. Materials made of or surfaced with wood, compressed paper, plant fibers, or other materials that are capable of being ignited and burned placed in dangerous proximity to or in contact with heat-producing appliances, vent connectors, gas vents, chimneys, steam and hot water pipes, and warm air ducts. 210.010 Nuisance A) Public Nuisance Prohibition. A person must not act, or fail to act, in a manner that is or causes a public nuisance. For purpose of this ordinance, a person that does any of the following is guilty of maintaining a public nuisance: (3) Maintains property conditions that constitute a fire hazard or a physical risk to the property or persons or otherwise dangerous to human life, public safety personnel or the public welfare. (34) Depreciates the value of the property of a considerable number of members of the public; or (45) Is declared to be a nuisance by any provision of this code, any statute, or regulation. (B) The following are hereby declared to be public nuisances affecting health and safety: (22) The overcrowding of a room or portion of a dwelling with long-term storage of items, goods, or any combustible materials so as to prevent upkeep, maintenance, or regular housekeeping. A room may be considered overcrowded when; interior storage covers an excessive amount of the floor area of a room, constitutes a potential excessive fire load, prevents access to windows or doors, prevents access to or obstructs mechanical systems or air movement, effectively eliminates use and access to required electrical devices, impedes access and movement of emergency personnel, blocks hallways, limits the operation of doors or provides pest harborage. (232) Any other health or safety nuisance as declared by the City Council. 211.070 Housing Code (A) Purpose. The purpose of the Housing Code is to establish a minimum level of maintenance standards for all housing and residential accessory structures in the City in order to: (1) Protect the character, value and stability of residential properties within the City. (5) Correct and prevent unsafe or deficient housing conditions which are a fire hazard or a physical risk to the property or persons or otherwise dangerous to human life, public safety personnel or the public welfare. (B) Applicability and Scope. This Housing Code shall apply to exterior and interior area of all residential properties in the City. The construction, repair, alteration and maintenance of residential property shall comply with the provisions of this Code and other applicable sections of the Shoreview Municipal Code including the Building Code, the Fire Code and the Development Ordinance. (D) Interior of Structures. The interior of residential structures, including common areas of multifamily dwellings in the City shall comply with the following standards: (2) Hallways. The width of hallways shall be not less than 36 inches. The height of hallways shall not be less than 7 feet nominal, with clearance below projections from the ceiling of not less than 6 feet and 8 inches nominal, except existing approved hallways shall be permitted to continue its use as a hallway. (3) Number of Means of Escape. In any dwelling or dwelling unit of two rooms or more, means of escape shall be provided in accordance with the following: a. Primary Means of Escape. Every sleeping room and living area shall have a primary means of escape. This escape shall be a door, stairway or ramp providing a means of unobstructed travel with a minimum of three feet (3’) unobstructed travel path from the egress and exit to the outside of the dwelling unit or street ground level. b. Secondary Means of Escape. Except as provided in (D)(3)(c), Eevery sleeping room shall have a secondary means of escape which shall be a door, stairway or ramp or window with a minimum of three feet (3’) unobstructed travel path from the egress and exit to the outside of the dwelling unit or street ground level, or an outside window conforming to the requirements of the Minnesota State Building Code. c. Except that a A secondary means of escape shall not be required when there is a door leading directly to the outside of the building at or to ground level; or when the dwelling unit is protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system; or when there is an existing approved means of escape. d. Doors and windows that provide the primary and/or secondary means of escape shall be immediately accessible and must be operable and able to open freely and completely. (4) Access. c. In every occupied building or structure, means of egress from all parts of the building shall be maintained free and unobstructed with a minimum of three feet (3’) unobstructed travel path. Means of egress shall be accessible to the extent necessary to ensure reasonable safety for occupants having impaired mobility. (5) Stairs and walking surfaces. Every stair, ramp, landing or other walking surface, including carpeting and other surfaces shall be maintained in sound condition and good repair and not be of a tripping hazard. (8) Heating Facilities. Single and multiple family dwellings shall have heating facilities which are safely maintained and in good working condition., and that sSaid facilities shall be capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms located therein. The heating facilities shall be capable of maintaining a minimum room temperature of seventy (70) degrees Fahrenheit (twenty-one (21) degrees Celsius) at three (3) feet above the floor in all habitable rooms including bathrooms and under all weather conditions. (12) Cleanliness. Residential structures, including common areas of multi-family dwellings, and dwelling interiors shall be maintained in clean and sanitary condition, free of accumulations of combustible materials, garbage and refuse so as not to breed insects and rodents, produce dangerous gases, odors and bacteria, mold or other unsanitary conditions, or create a fire hazard. (F) Interior Storage (1) Combustible materials shall not be stored within three feet (3’) of open flame heat sources such as furnaces, water heaters, woodstoves and fireplaces. (2) Clearance between other heat or flame sources and combustible materials shall be maintained in a manner that does not constitute a fire hazard. (3) Combustible materials shall not be stored in hallways, stairways, and landings unless a minimum of three feet (3’) unobstructed travel is provided. (4) Rooms within the dwelling unit, other than those identified in 211 (G) below may be used for storage purposes provided a minimum of three feet (3’) unobstructed travel is provided to doors and windows. (5) Storage shall be maintained 2- feet or more below the ceiling. (G) Room Function. Interior storage shall not interfere with the primary function of the following rooms: kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, hallways, bedrooms that are used for sleeping purposes. (1) Kitchen. The dwelling unit shall have permanently installed cooking (oven and stove) , and refrigerator, including freezer, that is in safe operating condition. (FH) Housing and Code Enforcement Officer. It shall be the duty of the City Manager to enforce the provisions of this code. (GI) Inspections. The Housing and Code Enforcement Officer shall be authorized to make or cause to be made inspections to determine the condition of dwellings and premises in the City under this code in order to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the public. The Housing and Code Enforcement Officer, or his designated representatives, shall be authorized to enter any dwelling or premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of performing his duties under this code. If the owner, operator or person in possession of the dwelling shall refuse to consent to the inspection and there is probable cause to believe that a violation exists within the particular structure, a search warrant may be obtained. (HJ) Access by owner or operator. Every occupant of a dwelling shall give the owner or operator thereof, or his agent or employee, access to any part of such dwelling unit, rooming unit or its premises, at reasonable times, for the purpose of affecting inspection and maintenance, making such repairs, or making such alterations as are necessary to comply with the provisions of this code. (IK) Compliance orders. (3) Misdemeanor. Any property owner who fails to satisfy the conditions of 211.070 may be charged with a misdemeanor. (L) Posted to Prevent Occupancy. Whenever any dwelling or dwelling unit does not comply with the minimum standards of Section 211.070 and is found to be unfit for human habitation and otherwise dangerous to life, health, safety and welfare of the occupants, public safety personnel or the public welfare, the dwelling or dwelling unit shall be posted with a placard by the City Manager to prevent occupancy. Any person who occupies a placarded premises, and the owner or any person responsible for the premises, who allows occupancy of the placarded premises shall be liable for the penalties provided by this code. Effective Date. This ordinance shall become effective the day following its publication in the City’s official newspaper. Publication Date. Published on or after April 16, 2014. Sandra C Martin, Mayor (Bulletin: Apr. 16, 2014)

SHOREVIEW’S SPRING WATER SYSTEM FLUSHING Spring Water System Flushing The Shoreview Water Department reminds residents that the maintenance crews will be flushing the City’s water mains beginning the week of April 21, 2014. The entire system will be flushed during this annual procedure. This usually takes three weeks to complete. Residents may notice discolored water for a short period, after nearby hydrants have been flushed. Although the water is safe for consumption, you may want to reschedule laundry or other work that may be affected by the discolored water. If the water is discolored, flush out your service pipes by running the laundry tub faucet or the outside faucets. If you have any questions, please call the Shoreview Water Department at 651-490-4661. (Bulletin: Apr. 9, 16, 2014) (DOWNLOAD PDF FOR MAP)

District 621


REGULAR MEETING Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 621, State of Minnesota, was called to order by Jon Tynjala, Chair, at 7:00 p.m., March 11, 2014. Meeting was duly held at the Snail Lake Education Center, 350 Highway 96 W, Shoreview, MN 55126. Present: Helgeson, Jones, Madsen, Sager, Sjobeck, Tynjala, Westerman Superintendent Dan Hoverman Mounds View student representative Irondale student representative Absent: None Motion by Westerman, seconded by Sjobeck, to adopt the agenda with the following addition: Add 5.05 – Calendar Amendment Voting aye: all; nay: none. Motion carried. The Board recognized athletes from Mounds View High School winter sports who qualified for post-season competition. Student representative reports: Irondale – Student Council service projects, Blood Drive, Physics Fair Mounds View – Student Council events, Physics Fair, Science Olympiad, DECA Announcements were made concerning gifts and meeting dates. Superintendent’s report: • Edgewood Middle School named 2014 Magnet School of Distinction • Marvin Sims, Dean at Irondale & Mounds View, Bush Fellowship recipient Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Sager, to take action on the consent agenda as follows: Approve minutes: Approve the minutes of February 11, 2014 as printed. Approve personnel changes as follows: new hire: effective Ballingrud, Cheryl, BA, 1-21-14 Carr, Laura, ID, 2-10-14 Hagen, Michael, MV, 2-17-14 Kluver, James, PLEC, 8-13-14 Kolar, Kamille, PLEC, 3-3-14 O’Shaughnessy, Katie, IL, 2-12-14 Pokaski, Julie, MV, 3-4-14 Rifai, Amany, EW, 8-13-14 Schlatter, Ron, MV, 2-19-14 Schmidt, Jill, PLEC, 3-3-14 Vukelich, Hanna, ECEC, 3-4-14 leave of absence: Benson, Peggy, HV, 2-21-14 thru 3- 3-14 Carew, Samuel, BA, 2-20-14 thru 3- 28-14 Hershey, Diane, CH, 3-4-14 thru 3- 28-14 approx. Nelson,-Kagol, Carla, HV, 1-22-14 Petersen, Allison, IL, 5-20-14 thru 2014-15 school year Salvevold, Timothy, On leave, 2014- 15 thru 2018-19 school years Sauve, Amy, PW, 3-10-14 thru 3-12- 14 approx. Tharaldson, Meredith, BA, 1-17-14 thru 2-21-14 approx. return from leave: Benson, Peggy, HV, 3-4-14 Cokley, Kim, TL, 2-17-14 Herrick, Linda, IL, 3-3-14 Kremer, Jody, ECEC, 2-3-14 Morrissette, Steve, MV, 2-12-14 Nelson-Kagol, Carla, HV, 3-3-14 Short, Sandy, ID, 2-10-14 Tharaldson, Meredith, BA, 2-24-14 Wohkittel, Janice, ID, 2-17-14 resignation: Bordewyk, Sarah, PLEC, 3-11-14 Drinane, Sara, IL, 6-9-14 Edwards, Catherine, PLEC, 2-27- 14 Luckhardt, Megan, PLEC, 2-10-14 (revised date) retirement: Employee “X”, 6-9-14 Salvato, Jacquelyn, SLEC, 6-9-14 transfer: Matoshi, Hysa, BA, 2-17-14 Vader, Gina, BA, 2-17-14 Approve expenditures as follows: General Fund $1,946,625.05 Nutrition Services 225,828.59 Community Service 62,466.04 Capital Outlay 247,082.92 Building Construction 101,598.40 Debt Redemption 2,000.00 Trust 0.00 Agency 0.00 OPEB Debt Service 0.00 Total $2,585,601.00 Bank Wire Transfers: $12,946,775.68 Accept the following gifts and extend thanks to the donors: Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign for use at Island Lake, Irondale, Mounds View and Island Lake ($499.22) Wells Fargo Foundation for use at Sunnyside, Irondale and Island Lake ($515.34) NovaCare Outpatient Rehabilitation, Summit Orthopedic, Jay Ellingboe, Devicix, Frattallone’s and the Irondale Basketball Association for the Irondale Girls Hoops Club ($10,100) Chippewa families for field trip scholarships ($710.50) Mounds View Basketball Club for the boys basketball program ($1,950) Mounds View Girls Track Boosters for girls track ($11,235) Alpha Delta Kappa, Pi Chapter for Tanya Blinova’s classroom at Island Lake ($200) Jeff & Mary Sanders for the Benevolence Fund at Island Lake ($100) Mounds View Boys Cross Country Boosters for the cross country program ($1,081.05) Hiskey family for field trip assistance at Chippewa ($130) Mounds View Soccer Boosters for the girls soccer program ($3,937.67) Just Give for Laurentian field trip at Bel Air ($790) Kristin Hanson for needy students at Turtle Lake ($100) ID/SLP 10.0 Club for the Irondale girls gymnastics team ($270) Medtronic YourCause for the Irondale baseball program ($500) Scholarship AMERICA for the Irondale PREP program ($700) Irondale Boys Lacrosse Boosters for the Lacrosse team ($1,400) Irondale Nordic Ski Foundation for the ski team ($275.50) Irondale Band Boosters for the Marching Band ($9,200) Allina Health for student activities at Edgewood ($100) Irondale Boys Hoops Club for the basketball team ($471.80) Allina Health Community Engagement for general use at Irondale ($100) Irondale Huddle Club for the football team ($497.69) 1998 Chrysler from Doug Vanderheiden for the auto shop program at Irondale Four glucose monitoring systems from Cody Kise for the Irondale health office Snacks from Darla Unger for needy students at Turtle Lake Trombone from Mark Oswood for the Turtle Lake band The following donations are from the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf from: Christ the King Lutheran Church (750 lbs. of food) Cub Foods Arden Hills (1,703 lbs. of food) Cub Foods New Brighton (1,760 lbs. of food) Emergency Food Shelf Network (565 lbs. of food) Mounds View High School & Student Council ($800) Turtle Lake Elementary ($25 & 596 lbs. of food) Donation of sick leave: Approve the requests to donate sick leave to the indicated employees to a maximum of 20 days for a 10- month employee and 24 days for a 12-month employee. Designate Board representatives at graduations: CLT Har Mar, May 21 – Lisa Sjobeck CLT Shoreview, May 22 – Bob Helgeson Area Learning Center, May 28 – Jon Tynjala Oak Grove, May 29 – Marre Jo Sager Mounds View, June 2 – Bob Helgeson, Greg Madsen, Lisa Sjobeck Irondale, June 3 – Amy Jones, Sandra Westerman Adult Basic Education, June 5 – Marre Jo Sager Voting aye: all; nay: none. Motion carried. Angie Peschel, Director of Curriculum & Instruction and middle school principals Sheila Eller, Mona Fadness and Penny Howard, presented a report on the middle school math program, including an overview of the work that teachers and students have been engaged in this year to address gaps in standards content knowledge. Superintendent Hoverman reported that due to the snow day cancellation on February 21, 2014, it is recommended that the 2013-14 calendar be amended to extend the school year to include an additional student contact day on Friday, June 6, 2014. Motion by Westerman, seconded by Sager, to approve the amendment to the 2013-14 calendar as presented. Voting aye: all; nay: none. Motion carried. Amy Jo Johnson, Human Relations Manager & Carole Nielsen, Director of Finance, presented the 2013-2015 tentative agreement with the Mounds View Paraprofessional Union. Discussion followed. Motion by Sjobeck, seconded by Helgeson, to approve the proposed contract between the School District and the Paraprofessional Union as ratified by the Paraprofessionals on February 27, 2014. Voting aye: all; nay: none. Motion carried. Carole Nielsen presented a resolution regarding the City of Shoreview’s Tax Increment Finance. Discussion followed. Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Sager, to approve the following resolution: RESOLUTION SCHOOL DISTRICT 621 SUPPORT OF SHOREVIEW SPECIAL LEGISLATION WHEREAS, the City of Shoreview (City) is seeking Mounds View School District 621 support of special legislation to extend the duration of existing Tax Increment Financing District No. 1 (TIF District 1) for a period of no more than 15 years; and, WHEREAS, TIF District 1 was originally established by the City to assist with the retention of Deluxe Corporation and development of their world headquarters campus in Shoreview and is set to expire at the end of 2014; and, WHEREAS, the flexibility of this pre-1990 Redevelopment TIF District 1 has been utilized by the City to support business retention and economic development which has created significant job growth, increased tax base, and services for the City and Ramsey County; and, WHEREAS, a strong local business community and economy is an essential component to maintaining a strong public school system and the positive economic impacts generated through the City’s effective use of resources derived from TIF District 1 have benefitted this School District; and, WHEREAS, the City of Shoreview considers this legislation extending TIF District 1 critical to providing financial resources for continuing efforts of growing the tax base, creating jobs, and undertaking redevelopment to sustain the high quality of life enjoyed in Shoreview, Ramsey County, and School District; and, WHEREAS, the City of Shoreview has identified a number of local potential business expansions and redevelopment projects that will require financial assistance to retain key businesses, grow jobs and increase tax base that will only be possible through this special legislation; and, WHEREAS, the City of Shoreview cites they receive no local government aid and that there are no other feasible financial tools available to assist and support economic development and that projected tax revenues generated through new development will more than off-set the impact from the proposed extension of TIF District 1; and, WHEREAS, the City of Shoreview and Mounds View School District have a long history of cooperation and collaboration on numerous projects, initiatives, and improvements that have benefitted our residents and businesses in our service area; and, WHEREAS, the City’s business retention and economic development goals for job creation and economic growth support the School District’s goals of providing high quality schools and educational opportunities. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mounds View School District 621 Board hereby endorses the continuation of the City of Shoreview’s economic development, business retention, and redevelopment goals to grow jobs and tax base, and support their request for special legislation to extend TIF District 1. Voting aye: all; nay: none. Motion carried. Superintendent Hoverman reported that the City of Arden Hills, in its collaborative work with Ramsey County to develop the TCAAP site, has asked for Board support of infrastructure development at that site. Motion by Helgeson, seconded by Sjobeck, to approve the following resolution: RESOLUTION OF SUPPORT FOR RAMSEY COUNTY’S REQUEST FOR TCAAP ROAD IMPROVEMENTS AT 35W/HIGHWAY 96 AND 35W/COUNTY ROAD H WHEREAS, 430 acres of the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) site have been purchased by Ramsey County from the United States Government for pollution remediation and redevelopment, and WHEREAS, the City of Arden Hills has partnered with Ramsey County to best determine future land uses that will serve residents of the city and region well into the future, and WHEREAS, redevelopment of this site will build new tax base, create living wage jobs, and meet regional housing goals, and WHEREAS, to assure the development of this site in a timely manner, $35 million is needed from State funds for improvements to the interchanges at I-35W/CSAH 96, I- 35/County Road H and a new intersection at Highway 96 and interior spine road on the TCAAP site, and WHEREAS, the bridge at 35W/Hwy. 96, and the Interchange/Bridge at 35W and County Road H are slated for maintenance in the 2015 and 2016 MnDOT capital improvement plan, and WHEREAS, these improvements will benefit the cities of Arden Hills, Mounds View, Shoreview, New Brighton as well as large and small employers in the burgeoning “medical alley” corridor in the vicinity of 35W and 694, and WHEREAS, the 694/35W Corridor already supports more than 37,000 jobs, making it a major economic engine for the east metro, and WHEREAS, these improvements will benefit commuters throughout the region, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Mounds View Public Schools supports these important roadway improvements and urges our legislative and state leaders to support Ramsey County’s request for $35 million for the important capacity and safety improvements to these two interchanges. Voting aye: all; nay; none. Motion carried. Carol Nielsen and Angie Peschel reviewed the four-year integration plan that began in 2012-13 and presented projected details of the integration budget for the 2014-15 school year. Motion by Sjobeck, seconded by Helgeson, to approve the 2014-15 integration revenue budget application as presented. Voting aye: all; nay: none. Motion carried. Board member Sager reported on 916 and Westerman reported on AMSD. As liaisons to schools and on committees, Board members reported on upcoming events. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Greg Madsen, Clerk


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