Maplewood HHW collection site closes for winter

Ramsey County’s seasonal household hazardous waste collection site in Maplewood is now closed for the season.

Residents can take their HHW to the year-round collection site at Bay West, 5 Empire Drive, St. Paul, which is open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through March. It is located between Rice and Jackson Streets, just north of Pennsylvania Avenue, near the state Capitol.

There is no fee to dispose of HHW at the collection sites, but you must be a resident of Ramsey, Washington or Dakota counties to use the site. Bring a picture I.D. that shows your address. Residents can get a free digital thermometer when they bring in their old mercury thermometer.

The following household materials are accepted at collection sites:

Antifreeze, mercury (thermostats, etc.), spray cans (not if empty), Bug spray, old gasoline, kerosene and used motor oil, filters, fluorescent lamps, paint (not if dried out), weed killer, weed and feed, insect repellent, paint stripper or thinner, wood preservatives, propane tanks and other products that are labeled as or which may be poisonous, flammable, or corrosive.

Before taking HHW to a collection site, be sure that: waste is in its original containers, if possible, with the original label; the label matches the contents; the containers do not leak (if they do, call 651-633-3279 for helpful advice); the containers are packed so they won’t tip, break, or spill during travel.

The HHW collection site does not accept the following materials. Call 651-633-EASY (651-633-3279; TTY: 651-221-9832) for information on how to safely recycle or properly dispose of these materials: ammunition or explosives, empty containers (including empty aerosol cans), appliances, smoke detectors, asbestos, used tires, batteries (any kind). non-hazardous waste, dried paint (in the can), non-household (business) waste

To dispose of ammunition and explosives, residents should contact their local police department. Explosives and ammunition must not be taken to the HHW collection site.

For more information, check or call 773-4488. Recorded messages are also available in Spanish (Español) at 773-4493, and in Hmong (Hmoob) at 773-4491.

Waste from business, including home-based businesses, is not accepted. Call 773-4466 for more information on that.

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