Letters to the Editor 2 (6 Letters)

Candidates fail to understand financing
To the editor:
At the recent League of Women Voters’ Forum, three candidates for Roseville City Council showed blatant ignorance of the financing of the Twin Lakes proposal. Gale Pederson stated that “we will still receive the same taxes from the area,” but we will not. The hazardous subdistrict will remove approximately $120,000 annually from our tax revenues immediately. This amount pays the salaries of two police officers. Dan Roe stated that the taxpayer subsidy to the developers would be around $34 million. This is false. The citizens of Roseville are at risk for over $80 million (including interest on revenue bonds) according to the city’s own public documents. Finally, Tammy Pust, waving a contract and stating that Twin Lakes was a “done deal,” apparently failed to understand that the project is currently involved in two lawsuits, both of which are requesting the nullification of the contract as a remedy. As an attorney she should be fully aware that this situation hardly constitutes a “done deal.”
Perhaps the voters should consider candidates for City Council who actually understand finance and are willing to stand up to developers who would put our community in financial jeopardy.
Cordelia Davison

Dan Roe shows thoughtful, balanced analysis
To the editor:
After hearing Dan Roe, candidate for Roseville City Council, speak at several candidates meetings, reading his positions on city issues, listening to him speak at council meetings and becoming informed on his vision for the future of our city, I am supporting Dan Roe for Roseville City Council.
He has attended almost all City Council meetings in recent years. When he speaks during citizen comment period he shows thoughtful, balanced analysis of the issues and he always has the facts straight.
Please join me in supporting and voting for Dan Roe on Nov. 8 for a seat on the Roseville City Council
Ann Berry

Anderson brought parade to Roseville

To the editor:
Sixteen years ago Roseville was without a parade. Thanks to Joy Anderson today we have one of the finest in Minnesota. Joy spoke with other communities, taking notes, obtaining lists and created a proposal that was presented to the Roseville City Council. All she asked for was to be put under the umbrella of the city’s insurance and to have the support of the police and fire volunteers. Many said the undertaking was too big but she proved them wrong. Her enthusiasm was contagious and with a group of dedicated volunteers and supportive businesses she put together a $45,000 parade that included more than 190 units and was not just on cable but local television as well. The business community stepped forward and bought television ads, Channel 23 donated their cameras and television personnel, Gretchen Carlson, Miss America, was the television commentator. Restaurants donated food, Rosedale sponsored a post-parade party for the bands and Pavilion Place hosted the post-parade reception. Joy kept within a budget and only spent what money came in as donations. She has given the residents of Roseville one of the finest yearly events in our history. How do I know — I was on the City Council at that time. I supported her then and I support her now. Joy is what we need on the City Council. I urge you to vote for her.
Al Kehr
Former Roseville City Council member

Gale Pederson leads, helps others
To the editor:
Sometimes an issue is so important to us it propels us to get involved in our city, schools, or other organizations. Other times, we spend our entire life helping others and working to constantly make our communities a better place to live. Gale Pederson has devoted much of her life to helping others through her involvement in organizations that have made Roseville a great place to live, work and play. Gale is a past chair of the Roseville Parks and Recreation Commission, a commission on which she served for nine years. She has also been the recipient of the North Suburban Gavel Association Leadership Award, past president of the Roseville Gymnastics Association, served on the Central Park Foundation and the list goes on and on. These leadership roles are what make Gale Pederson qualified to be your new Roseville City Council member.
No matter who you are — young, old, active in sports, arts or social clubs, homeowner or renter — Gale has been a leader in an organization that has had  an impact on you. Gale will represent all of us, not just a specific neighborhood or special interest group. Lastly, Gale Pederson will make decisions today and throughout her term that will have a positive impact on Roseville’s future. Please join me in voting for Gale Pederson on Nov. 8.
Jerry Freeman

Harris will make excellent council member
To the editor:
The citizens of Falcon Heights have an opportunity to elect an outstanding community leader to the City Council Nov. 8. Write-in candidate Pam Harris will make an excellent council member. I have worked with Pam Harris on the Human Rights Commission and on the Planning Commission. Pam was very thoughtful and knowledgeable while serving on the Planning and Human Rights commissions, and she was instrumental in helping Falcon Heights comply with the federal and state laws regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Please write in Pam Harris for City Council. She will work hard to keep our city a sought out place to live. She is a skilled advocate for our city and neighborhoods.
Wayne Groff
Falcon Heights

Response to Kielsmeier and Nyberg letters
To the editor:
We are often reminded that we need to practice diversity in our society. I believe we should also do that when we cast our votes. We need diverse groups of citizens with different skills and backgrounds on our City Council. That means that attorneys do not have the exclusive franchise on qualifications for elected officials. Why does sending a child to school, some twenty years ago, make someone more qualified to be on the council than someone who might not have a child? Do you really think this has any relevance?
We need ordinary citizens with good sharp minds who possess strong, moral characteristics. My support goes to two men, Tom Lageson and Bryan Olson. They led the fight for free choice in choosing our garbage collectors. I have a major in history, and I know that the founding fathers, who wrote our Constitution, let it be clearly understood that it is the will of the people that decides the issues. Falcon Heights residents, take back your government. Participate on a grass roots level. Elect two citizens loyal to the village of Falcon Heights. Exercise your greatest American privilege, which is to participate in your community government.
Loretta (Lou) Stutsman
Falcon Heights

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