Letter: 'Maplewood's loss'

To the editor:

I just want to say thank you to John Nephew for the four years he has dedicated to Maplewood.

I have never weighed in on the trash hauling issue which cost John this election. I recall it had been approached in the '90s; it was dropped then. I have lived here 67 years and I recall a lot of years when our method was to just burn everything you could and haul the rest to the landfill on County road C and Gem Street.

The change to competition and multiple haulers meant a lot more heavy hauling on our roads and more pollution. Other cities have chosen to contract hauling to one or two companies and people seem very pleased with their services.

I found mailings I got from Marv Koppen and Bob Cardinal disturbing. I recall when Marv asked for and got the endorsement of the DFL and has been on mailings with John Nephew. Doesn't surprise me since he has a difficult time deciding which direction he is going. I was shocked to see him vote with Ramsey County Commissioners against a measure that would force a citizen vote on whether we are willing to pay a tax to build the Vikings a Stadium. That burned me!

I was one of those who urged John Nephew to campaign for City Council, and I am very disappointed this one issue caused him to lose.

It is Maplewood's loss and his family and business are the winners.

Christeen M Stone

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