Letter: 'Intelligent and focused'

To the editor:

Marylee Abrams is an outstanding candidate for the Maplewood City Council. She has been a resident of Maplewood for 15 years, and her sons are graduates of North High School. She is an attorney in private practice, and her experience has included many years of working with City and State government agencies, which provide her with the knowledge and background for serving the citizens of Maplewood in the most positive way.

My experience with Marylee has been with the 622 Education Foundation, where she is a member of the Board of Directors, focusing her energy and skills on enabling the Foundation to receive grants to help fund their educational programs for School District 622. Marylee is passionate about finding ways to enable students, whose families are in financial need, to receive food and clothing and educational supplies, thus giving them a chance to be on an equal field with other students.

My reason for supporting Marylee is not only her work as an attorney and her compassion for students in our area, but also because she is intelligent and focused as she participates in discussions and projects. I always know that her ability to listen is equal to her ability to sort out and act upon facts in a mature, responsible way.

Please vote for Marylee Abrams for Maplewood City Council.

Carole Anderson


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