It changes nothing

Can God do anything? Can God make a rock so big that He cannot lift it? Most of us have been asked these kinds of questions over the years. Skeptics, agnostics, and atheists thrive on the these kinds of questions. The answer to both questions, of course, is, "No, He can't." Then comes the response like, "See, I thought so." We who study His Word and have a relationship with God know that He cannot do anything that would be sinful. He doesn't spend time in worthless efforts.

Some would say, if I can't see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it, I don't believe in it. Can you see, hear, touch, taste or smell atoms and molecules of H2 or O2 or CO2? Now you might say, "Well, now you are being technical" or "You are so right." Could it be that God is both the God of the technical and the mundane?

Why don't people want to believe in God or accept His Word? Perhaps they feel or believe that denying Him and his Word will eliminate their responsibility to Him. Maybe their lifestyle is too scary if they face the reality of God's judgment and the eternal consequences. They could feel that they have done something for which they could not be forgiven.

The truth is that nothing can be felt, believed or done that will change who God is or what His Word teaches. The good news is that forgiveness, freedom and real life from this time forth and forevermore is available to one and all. Not only has total redemption been paid for but freely offered by our Redeemer.

Skepticism, unbelief and denial changes nothing. Acceptance and application changes everything.

For the 2010 Club, May 9 takes us to I Kings 20 and John 2.

Have a great week as you remember that believing is better than doubting.

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