Invitation from a dragon

Is your life too full? Too full of stuff and obligations with no room for the things that really nourish you? There is a place you might want to visit: a garden of stone and plants that looks like a dragon.

Leaping in and out of the earth, it is a living sculpture where poems are read and born, where people are married, and those gone remembered.

It is located at the East Side Arts Council's Phalen Poetry Park (at Ivy and Earl) near the Minnesota Commission parking lot.

The Poetry Park dragon is calling all neighbors who want to be a part of this oasis for the soul. That's why the East Side Arts Council is hosting its first annual Summer Poetry reading at the Phalen Poetry Park Friday night, July 21 from 6 p.m. to dark. Everyone's invited to read a poem (your own or another's) or come to listen.

If you'd like, you can submit original poems to appear on a newly designed Poets Post in late July. Call 774-5422 for more information, or just show up with your family and friends and a picnic dinner and watch the magic.

The dragon would especially welcome:

• Closet poets, quiet poets, DIVA poets, young and old poets

• Wanna-be landscape architects

• People from all over the world, new neighbors and old neighbors

• People who'd like to plant and weed and water the world's only living Dragon

• Musicians to play for planters, weeders, waterers and for their own good

• (Fairy) dancers to bring good spirits

• Rock sculptors and etchers; any kind of sculptor

• Poetry website designer and manager

• Photographers and painters looking for inspiring scenery

• Philanthropists with an eye for the beauty of the community soul

• MBA's, CPA's and Fundraisers to raise and manage our huge budget

Your friendly Poetry Park dragon looks forward to your help, as do members of the East Side Arts Council. Considering the dragon's body of plants, rocks, and shrubs needs weekly preening and pruning, everyone's invited to join others every Thursday at 6 p.m. to garden and meet new friends or just read poems while we work. Tools provided.

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