IGH ‘Iron Men of 11’ win District 8C Championship

In an effort to provide players an opportunity to better develop their skills by giving each of them extra ice time, the IGH PeeWee C team assembled just 11 teammates. They surprised and impressed everyone by not only bonding with great team chemistry, but they won their District as well. This sound team effort from the “Iron Men of 11” has skated to a combined record of 24-3-2.

The team is anchored by extraordinary goaltending from Dillon Koenker. Their two solid lines are each centered by leading team scorer’s Dalton Brown and Mick Grundtner. Mick scored the winning goal in overtime to win the District Championship. Mr. Hustle, Mark Hoaglund, led by example by being one of the first to an open puck. The toughness of this team is evident as Tyler Robinson came back out of the locker room to play great defense after suffering a serious injury because he didn’t want to leave his teammates shorthanded. Timely goal scoring by Colin Ivey and solid defense by Zach Robinette led the team this year.

Anthony Hicks scored the winning goals while Nate Howard played his typical reliable defense with big hits over the successful season. The team’s march to the Championship would not have been possible if not for the dependable defensive play of Ed Eichstadt and the offensive aggressiveness of Brandon Hagen to secure many wins.

The team has had an effective mix of coaches leading the team, with new coach Kerry Karin working together with an IGH veteran coach, Jeff Grundtner, who has worked with many of these the kids since they first learned to skate. They have emphasized team play in teaching how to effectively move the puck amongst teammates to keep the other teams off balance.

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