Hints for hiring an arborist

Tree Trust and the Home Depot Foundation

Thinking about trimming your trees? Well, if you need a ladder or a chainsaw, you need an arborist. If trees are pruned regularly and properly, not only will the tree maintain better health, but also pose less risk if it were to suffer severe storm damage.
With the myriad of tree care companies, how are you going to pick the best one? Here are hints to help you find an appropriate arborist for your needs.
Years of experience are not directly related to an arborist’s competence. Would you pay a surgeon to operate on you using a 40-year-old method? Ask for references and talk to former clients about the company’s work.
The International Society of Arboriculture certifies arborists who have passed an examination and completed 30 hours of continuing education every three years. If an individual is a certified arborist, it is likely that they are knowledgeable about tree care. To find a local certified arborist or to verify an individual’s certification, click on “Finding a Certified Arborist” at www.isa-arbor.com.
When shopping for an arborist, ask if they provide free written estimates. The company should also have liability insurance, workers’ compensation and be licensed in your city.
For more information on arborists and other tree care topics, call Tree Trust at 644-5800.

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