Friends of Twin Lakes protect Langton Lakes

To the editor:

As a Roseville resident, who would you prefer to acknowledge: two people who spent an hour or so this year picking up trash around Langton Lakes or a group of citizens who have spent the last two years trying to keep this same park intact ad rein in city officials that are only listening to a developer and not Roseville residents?

Instead of ridiculing members of the Friends of Twin Lakes group, Pay Nygaard should be commending their efforts to protect the park. As Roseville residents, they understand the huge negative impact the current development plan will have on the area and their effort to preserve the area are important. My neighbor, who is a member of the Friends of Twin Lakes group frequently walks the lakes and to her picking up trash in the park is a year round commitment, not an hour or two once a year. She also gave up many hours of her time last ear to sit on the panel overseeing the Twin Lakes development plan, yet we are told her contributions have no merit because she was not at the clean-up April 30.

How ironic that several organizers of the clean-up while calling themselves caretakers of the lakes, support the current development plan that well remove a significant number of trees from the south e of the park, add 15,000 to 20,000 cars per day to the area and increase runoff carrying oil, antifreeze and salt from he parking lots into the lakes. At least it is comforting to know that after the trees are removed and runoff from the new development is draining into the lakes that there won’t be trash from what is left of Langton Lakes Park blowing into the Costco parking lot.

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