Teen sentenced for January road rage incident

Dillon Selbitschka, 19, of Maplewood was recently sentenced in Washington County Court for terroristic threat felony charges in a road rage incident that took place last winter in Oakdale.


Plaza Maplewood Theatre to change management

On Nov. 1, Woodland Hills Church will take over management of the Plaza Maplewood Theatre. The church has owned the building since 2001 and will continue to run it as a theater, while also adding church programming. (Patrick Larkin/Review)
Will go from the hands of a movie nerd to the hands of a church

When 25-year-old movie nerd Nathan Block was offered the chance to buy the Plaza Maplewood Theatre 15 years ago, he tried to play it cool.
He says he told the owners that he’d have to think about it, and that he’d need to see the numbers.
“But inside, I was like ‘Where do I sign?’” he said. “It was all I had ever dreamed of doing since my college days.”


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