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Any changes for 2015?

Last week, we discussed some possibilities for making 2015 a better year. The areas of finances, physical health and well-being, of emotional and psychological improvements as well as spirituality were included.


Past and future Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day just passed. Now for Christmas and New Years. Certainly most of us had a lot to be thankful for last week. One of the things that gets our attention is to remember that every day can and probably should be Thanksgiving day. We could make a long list and then prioritize them.


Reading the mail carefully

Some people don't have a home. Other people don't have warm clothes to wear. Still others are hungry. We happen to listen to WCCO Radio quite often. Lately they have mentioned about hungry people on a regular basis. They give a pitch for feeding the hungry through donating to the Union Gospel Mission. Exact costs per meal are given.


How the food shelf was born

The year of 1980 was a big year. The North St. Paul Area Ministerial Association began discussing the need for a community food shelf. The North St. Paul Community Christian Youth Center building had been in use since 1973.


This one was written in 1985.

During September of 1985, my schedule was too full. Teaching a full load of science at North High School, managing Polar Arena plus jail ministry were all in my schedule.
Where has the summer gone? Can you ever remember a summer going this fast? The week has already gone by and I was planning to get so many things done.


Day by day, year by year

When we are young, we plan for days, weeks, months and years in the future. These plans and our related anticipation keeps changing. The process keeps shifting. Each year or decade we tend to do more looking back. It would be great if we look back at the end of each day or year with a feeling of total satisfaction.


Looking backward and forward

People sometimes ask us how long we have been doing something. They also may ask how long we plan to keep on doing something. The answer certainly changes with time and age. Two elderly men who walk at the Maplewood Mall some mornings are 90 and 96 years old. I wonder sometimes how they viewed the future when they retired.


Practicing for the future

We go to school for a purpose. From kindergarten to high school to college or trade school to graduate school, all are preparation for the future. Life is really one continuous school of learning and practice. We have all heard stories about turning a new page. This can be in any area of life. They can be like a new or different person after that.


Everyday is a new opportunity

On Saturday, Aug. 2, we started the second warmest month of the year on average. The warmest and third warmest are behind us. Weather conditions have an affect on our activities and behavior. Sunshine and rain certainly have a significant affect on baseball players. Farmers and lawn service workers are in a different situation than office or factory workers.


God’s instructions for daily living

When we make something, we should know how to use it. If we believe that God created heaven and earth, we should accept His instructions for living on earth. Fortunately, He gave us a detailed guidebook on how to live. This includes lists of both dos and don’ts.


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