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Feeling especially sandwiched during holiday season?

Caregiving services who can step in for a few hours or a longer stay can ease your mind and help older loved ones feel secure over the holidays. (submitted photo)

The holidays may be filled with joy, but for the ever-growing number of aging Americans and those who care for them this otherwise celebratory season can become mired in challenges.
The stress of visitors, eventful meals, gift giving and social obligations can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for those juggling busy schedules with caring for an elderly family member.


For her 85th birthday, June’s throwing an art show

Cliff Gebhard, 72, sits in one of two barber chairs in his shop at the corner of Minnehaha Avenue and Stillwater Road. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

For all the 84-plus years she can remember, June McAuliffe has been driven to reach people through art.
So, for her 85th birthday, she’ll unveil a show of her recent projects at Gallery 96, located in the Shoreview Community Center.
It made perfect sense to June; after all, she’d marked her 80th birthday with a show at Gallery 96.


Long-time East Side barber closes up

Cliff Gebhard, 72, sits in one of two barber chairs in his shop at the corner of Minnehaha Avenue and Stillwater Road. (Patrick Larkin/Review)

Cliff’s Barber Shop is one of those places that was always full of regulars, quirk and charm, and where the haircut service provided wasn’t necessarily the only reason you’d swing by.
Rather, you’d also be there to catch a story, and to chat with your neighbors.
It’s been a community of sorts for the owner, Cliff Gebhard, and his customers.


Talk to a pharmacist about ways to save on Part D

Seniors are concerned about prescription costs -- and one in five may be going without their prescribed doses to save money. Comparing pharmacies and consulting the experts for help may help stretch co-pays. (submitted photo)

The complexities of health care reform, an aging population and a higher incidence of chronic disease have created a growing need to help seniors enrolled in Medicare understand their benefits while managing health care expenditures.


Senior living facility uses art to build confidence, memories

Artist Anne Krocak and resident Agnes Swiger unveil the Oak Meadows mosaic to be placed at their memory garden gate. (photos by Linda Baumeister/Review)

Creativity isn’t something that’s lost with age, as residents of a local senior living facility can attest to.  
Residents of Oak Meadows Senior Living in Oakdale recently participated in a community mosaic project that will be displayed in the facility’s memory garden. The project was led by local artist Anne Krocak through COMPAS, a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul that fosters art participation in schools, healthcare settings and senior living facilities throughout Minnesota.


Four tips to help maximize Social Security

Incorporating Social Security into a retirement strategy is a smart move. The money taken out of your paycheck every month may be unwelcome now, but it can give you monthly income later in life.
However, some question if Social Security will last long enough for those in the work force now to be able to receive these benefits. According to Social Security trustees, enough reserves exist for the system to pay 100 percent of promised benefits until 2033, without further reform. Full benefits are available at age 65 for those born before 1938, gradually increasing to age 67 for those born in 1960 or later. There is more to Social Security than just applying for retirement benefits when you are eligible at age 62 or over. By waiting, you can maximize your benefits, which will increase every year you choose to wait to file for Social Security retirement benefits.


Should you rent a vacation home or stay in a hotel?

re you planning a trip in the coming months? If so, you’re among the 59 percent of Americans who expect to go on a summer vacation, according to an American Express survey.
But your time away won’t come cheap: The survey found people expect to spend just less than $1,200 per person for their holidays.
One of the highest costs you’ll pay will likely be for your hotel room. There are other options available, according to the Minnesota Society of CPAs, but be aware of the pitfalls associated with some of them.


Cataracts: a sign of long life but decreased sight

submitted photo

Almost everyone who lives a long life will develop cataracts at some point. August is Cataract Awareness Month, and the Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology is encouraging seniors and their caregivers to understand cataract risks, symptoms, and prevention tips, as well as how to decide when it is time for cataract surgery so good vision can be restored.


Spouses have a significant benefit with Social Security

Social Security can be an important financial asset for married couples when the time comes to apply for retirement benefits. In many cases, one spouse may have earned significantly more than the other,or have worked for a longer span of years. Or it could be that one spouse stayed home to do the work of raising the children or caring for elderly family members while the other focused on a career.


Reflecting on 78 years of Social Security

There are special moments when people look back and evaluate a life or an era: birthdays, class reunions, holidays, anniversaries. Time is, after all, simply the stringing together of a number of events, some small, others significant. These events can speed by quickly, but each one can have an effect on the greater whole. A lifetime of seemingly mundane events can pass in what seems like the blink of an eye … until one looks back to examine them and realizes just how much has filled the space.


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