LETTER: Jessup: Consistent since before the seat was open

To the Editor:


Last April, county commissioner candidate Randy Jessup wrote a letter to the editor in support of the City of Arden Hills in its conflict with Ramsey County. 

He noted that the county had entered into an agreement with the city in 2016 on the terms of the Rice Creek Commons development. Last fall, the county came back with new demands for increased housing density and is now suing the city to get their way.

I find this behavior absurd — one public entity suing another public entity. Taxpayers and residents lose and lawyers win. Jessup took a strong stance on this matter before there was any indication of Blake Huffman resigning. Now, a special election is being held to replace him, representing District 1 on the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. 

I appreciate individuals that are willing to back local residents and our city officials. Now that Jessup is a candidate for commissioner, I will support him with my vote in the primary on Tuesday, Aug. 13. Please join me; our community needs a commissioner with conviction.


Elizabeth Ann Zukowski

Arden Hills

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