Lake Elmo playground set to open later this month

Later this month a new Lake Elmo playground between the Wildflower and Village Preserve neighborhoods will be ready for residents to enjoy. (Amy Felegy/Review)

Name submissions for the new park will be accepted on the city’s website until Friday, July 19. (Amy Felegy/Review)

Construction is wrapping up on a new Lake Elmo playground between the Wildflower and Village Preserve neighborhoods.

“We are definitely very, very excited about it,” said Jennifer Krueger, who lives next door to the nearly-finished park. She has three young children at home.

Take a quick drive or walk past Blazingstar Lane and Wildflower Drive, and you’ll see the playground is nearly ready for use. St. Croix Recreation began construction July 8 but the process kicked off months ago. 

In April, the Lake Elmo City Council approved the $94,700 park with a 3-2 vote. Site grading started weeks ago, and drain tile and a surrounding concrete curb were introduced the second week of July. Safety surfacing and rubber pads will also be added.

Chris Johnsen is the president of St. Croix Recreation, the company at the forefront of building the park. His company designs playgrounds, collaborates with cities and manages the construction process. 

Johnsen said he hopes the playground work will wrap up soon, “... In a perfect world.” Weather and scheduling challenges might delay work.

Recently hampered by rain, Johnsen said the construction crew let the site dry out before continuing work. Luckily, he said, concrete was poured before the rain came and the timeline is where it should be. 

“We’re right on schedule,” Johnsen said, noting construction should be complete between July 22 and July 26.

Neighbor Demetri Andrisani said he’s on board with the new neighborhood addition.

“We’re totally for it,” he said. “We have a 3-year-old, so having a park right there is awesome for us.”

Both Andrisani and Krueger said the neighborhood across the street is home to older adults who may not get much use out of the playground. But families immediately next to the park say there are plenty of kids in the area, from babies to toddlers to elementary-aged children. 

Johnsen pointed out the playground’s amenities, including a parent-child dual swing, roofs for shade and smaller transition slides for younger children. His company also recently worked with Lake Elmo Elementary School on its new playground. 

People can submit name suggestions for the new park to the City of Lake Elmo’s website on the main page. Submissions will be accepted until Friday, July 19, at 4:30 p.m.


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