Little Canada woman charged with neglect after kids found in squalor

Stormie Marie Gysbers

After police said her three small children, including an infant, were found alone living in squalor, a Little Canada woman was allegedly at her boyfriend’s mother’s house checking online to see if there was a warrant out for her arrest.

Oakdale police arrested 26-year-old Stormie Marie Gysbers at the boyfriend’s mother’s house, and after she was handed over to Ramsey County law enforcement she was charged March 5 with gross misdemeanor neglect of a child and felony endangement of a child that could cause harm or death.

Gysbers allegedly left her children, ages 5, 2 and 6 months, alone in their filthy Little Canada apartment with no food the day of March 1. 

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office received a report of the childrens’ alleged neglect that day at 5:30 p.m.

The maximum penalty for the felony charge against Gysbers is five years, a $10,000 fine or both. Her first appearance in court was March 5, during which the judge issued to Gysbers no contact orders for her children.

She was released on $10,000 bail and her next court hearing is scheduled for May 16.

According to court documents, Gysbers’ mother had attempted to contact her throughout March 1, eventually sending Gysbers’ older sister over to the apartment to see what was going on.

The sister told police she knocked on the door and Gysbers’ 5-year-old son answered the door. He said his mother had left that morning and that there was no food in the apartment; he added that she’d done the same before. The boy’s 2-year-old sibling, partially clothed, said they were both hungry.

Court documents say the apartment was littered with debris, including dog feces, and that the stove was left on on the “simmer” setting, with a pan on it with something solidified inside it.

The sister allegedly found Gysbers’ 6-month-old child naked in his crib; he had no diaper on and had urinated on the crib’s mattress, court documents say.

The sister told police that at one point while she was in the apartment, Gysbers’ boyfriend showed up and allegedly said, “It looks like Stormie left the kids alone again all day!” The man took off, court documents say, when he realized the sister was calling the police.

Deputies met the sister at the apartment, court documents say, and noted the overwhelming smell of dog feces upon entering — they were unable to walk through the home without walking over garbage or feces.

The sister told deputies she’d used her own child’s baby formula to feed the 6-month-old and that he was so hungry he drank four bottles. The 5-year-old told deputies that even if there had been formula in the apartment he wouldn’t have known how to make it for his little brother.

Deputies spoke to other people in the apartment building and were told that the children are known to knock on neighbors’ doors to beg for food.

Deputies noted dog feces on the bare mattresses the children apparently slept on, noting the apartment was not fit for human habitation, court documents say.

Deputies interviewed Gysbers’ boyfriend over the phone, and he claimed that he takes care of the children fairly often. He noted he does not believe he’s their father and called the 5-year-old boy a “liar,” court documents say.

Police arrested Gysbers at her boyfriend’s mother’s Oakdale home, where she was using the computer. She declined an interview with police.


—Mike Munzenrider

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