Audiology Ear Care: Looking past the ear for quality assurance

Kay Christopherson, office manager, and John Coverstone, audiologist.

When hearing loss enters one’s life, whether because of natural aging or because of an event, it can be frustrating trying to find the best fit for a hearing aid. 

It’s important to find an audiologist who not only knows what they’re talking about, but who can also look deeper into your hearing issue. Audiology Ear Care has the quality care needed to guide you toward help with hearing.

Audiology Ear Care in New Brighton puts quality care at the forefront of every treatment. From exams to fittings to consultations, Audiology Ear Care is determined to make sure each and every patient gets the right hearing aid.

“People often think that getting a hearing aid is a quick and easy process,” says Audiology founder John Coverstone. “There’s actually a lot to it.”

Coverstone, who started Audiology Ear Care in 2007, explains that his practice carries out a thorough diagnostic exam with each patient, checking the whole auditory system, as well as its functions. 

“We look at the whole auditory system, including neurological functions, just to make sure we know exactly what’s going on, and what treatment the patient needs,” he says.

Audiology Ear Care makes sure to focus on looking at what’s going on beyond just the ears to find the best treatment. 

“We don’t hear with our ears, we hear with our brain,” Coverstone says. “The nerves in the auditory system change when you have hearing loss, and they react to sound differently. We need to make sure our hearing aids are rehabilitating those functions and making the auditory nerves react as they should.”

Along with the physiological aspect, Coverstone explains that the shape, size and skin texture of the ear affects how hearing aids fit. With a recent study stating that 75 percent of hearing aid users aren’t properly fitted, Audiology Ear Care focuses on making sure everything is sized correctly. 

“How the aid fits affects the acoustics,” Coverstone says. “We need to make sure what they’re hearing fits with what’s being shown on screen.”

Along with hearing aid fittings, Coverstone has been treating patients with tinnitus, or the perception of hearing ringing or buzzing, for over 15 years. Tinnitus affects many people, including children. Studies show that up to 30 percent of kids experience tinnitus. 

“It’s a real special area, and not a lot of people like to deal with it because it’s a bit scary,” Coverstone says. “Not only does tinnitus deal with hearing issues, but it goes into the psychological aspect as well.”

Coverstone has written articles on the condition and co-hosts the official podcast of the American Tinnitus Association. While there currently isn’t a cure for tinnitus, Coverstone makes sure to help patients feel as comfortable as they can with it. 

With a clear focus on quality assurance and care for its patients, Audiology Ear Care provides the best solutions for hearing ailments. 

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