Bandana Chiropractic celebrates 20 years of health through education

Trent Iverson, Dr. Hugh Wegwerth and Dr. Scott Halida at the start of their business in 1999.

Dr. Trent Iverson, Dr. Hugh Wegwerth, and Dr. Scott Halida pose for their 20th anniversary photo.

Late in the summer of 1998, three doctors fresh out of college came together with one vision: To create a chiropractic clinic focused on the education of patients and doctors alike. 

Bandana Chiropractic was founded in 1999 and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary. The clinic, located in the heart of Roseville, was founded by Drs. Trent Iverson, Scott Halida, and Hugh Wegwerth. 

The three doctors said that they wanted to contribute to the community in the best way they could, by staying in the Twin Cities and giving back through education.

"Before even having a clinic we started teaching workshops and seminars," Dr. Halida says. "We would rent out hotel ballrooms and talk to people there."

"Our vision and how we would get people to actually know about us was through education," he adds. "It was built on education, and it's still about education, really."

The seminars and workshops continue, and have expanded into corporate talks, where Dr. Iverson visits companies and talks about health and wellness over lunch. Bandana also throws frequent movie nights for more informal learning. 

It's not just clients who learn and grow through the clinic. Its doctors are determined to continue their own education.

"All three of us are always trying to learn and evolve. We are constantly looking for new techniques in order to help people more effectively," says Dr. Halida, noting the team also prides itself in staying on the cutting edge of technology. "None of us would ever just stop and think we know enough."

The three doctors have strived to live up to their shared vision, creating a practice that reaches beyond being just another chiropractic clinic.

"It's not just a patient's health, it's also about the principal of wellness," Dr. Iverson says. "Most clinics just treat the symptoms, but ultimately it comes down to treating a person's overall wellness, far beyond pain and symptoms."

The clinic believes that patients should be able to come in even when their problem ceases, in order to continue their journey of health — a majority come in on a weekly basis for check ups. Many have been coming since the clinic opened two decades ago to continually maintain their well-being.

"I think they appreciate the feeling of not being treated as just a number," says Dr. Wegwerth. "We treat our patients like family."

"We're all in different stages on our journey of health and healing," Dr. Halida adds. "Our clients know we live what we say, and that we won't tell them to do something we don't believe in."

Along with that truthful connection between patient and doctor, the clinic believes in giving back during its celebration. For the whole year, Bandana Chiropractic is offering a $20 consultation, exam and x-ray, as well as throwing a patient appreciation day on the 20th of each month.

"We all love what we do," Dr. Iverson says. "I have as much fun practicing today as I did when we started 20 years ago."

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