Finding the perfect frames at the nation's largest frame sale

More than 16,000 frames are displayed at Family Eye Clinic’s biannual frame sale, which takes place at Veteran’s Memorial Community Center, 8055 Barbara Ave, Inver Grove Heights.

Family Eye Clinic carries products from all the top eyeware brands. From men's to women's styles, covering all ages, the clinic offers the best selection at the best price.


From its annual event to

everyday business, you can

trust Family Eye Clinic


Deciding on the right pair of glasses can be difficult, and when insurance is tossed into the mix it can be even more frustrating trying to find frames that are both covered and fashionable. Luckily, Family Eye Clinic's frame sale cuts through both issues.

Chris Gregg, owner of Family Eye Clinic, is excited for the upcoming frame sale his clinic holds twice a year. It's regarded as the largest frame sale in the nation. 

"I have people who fly in from around the country to come," Gregg says. "It's really quite an event."

With over 16,000 frames on sale, it's no wonder why people are so eager to shop it. 

"I buy them from clinics that are going out of business," he explains. "It's not that nobody wants these frames, it's stuff the clinic needs to get rid of because they can't return them."

From Prada to Coach, the sale includes frames from some of the most popular brands in the world. The most crucial part of the event, though, are the prices.

Regardless of brand, every single frame is priced at just $39. With such a low cost, there's no need for insurance, so customers are free to decide what they like solely on appearance.

It's not just frames that are bargain-priced. All  single-vision lenses cost just $57. Progressive and other lenses are great savings as well. From sunglasses to contacts, anything found at a normal optical store can be found at the sale. 

Along with the great prices and selection, Gregg's team of certified opticians is available to help customers make their decision. 

"My team isn't paid on commission," he explains. "Because of this, their help is a real opinion not based on their checkbook. It's the most honest way to buy a pair of glasses."

The sale also delivers a fun experience. With a pianist on-hand and available to take requests, folks are able to buy new glasses at a relaxed pace. 

"I have other friends who are opticians who come to the sale just to look," Gregg says. "They get to see frames that they might never get to see in their own office. It's really a fun atmosphere."

The sale is April 6 and 7, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. that Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, 

If you're unable to make the sale, Gregg can always be found at his own optical clinic.

Family Eye Clinic started in 1991, and having been in the area for almost 29  years, Gregg puts glasses on a lot of familiar faces.

"I'll have long-term customers who end up bringing in their grandchildren," he says. "It's really nice to see that they trust me."

Just like at the sale, Gregg and his team don't work on commission, and in turn focus on helping their customers find the best pair of glasses for them.

"In this office it's all about doing a good job," Gregg says. 

Gregg's mentality defines the experience found at Family Eye Clinic. With close to 80 percent of the country's population needing corrective lenses of some form, it's important to have trust in the clinic you go to for such an important need.

Family Eye Clinic has been voted by multiple surveys as having the best prices in Dakota County, and the friendliest staff with the best selection available. As at the frame sale, all the clinic's staff members are certified opticians able to help customers find the best eyewear for them.

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