Twin City Underwriters: Making complicated Medicare decisions easy

The team at Twin City Underwriters will help you navigate the Medicare market, getting you set up with coverage that fits your needs, then stays with you as plans, and your needs, change.

Medicare is a gateway to dozens of private insurance carriers, each with a wealth of plan options. When costly medications and procedures are on the table, insurance should protect your savings and sanity. Focusing on Medicare allows the team at Twin City Underwriters (TCU) to be well informed and prepared for any changes in the market that will affect clients. 

Since Medicare does not always start automatically, getting the enrollment going is the first task at hand. TCU’s focus is twofold: onboarding people to a Medicare plan that best suits them, then maintaining the relationship with annual reviews of how a client’s plan is working for them. 

“We educate people about what Medicare is and how to get it started. Potential clients sit down for an informational interview,” says TCU President Tom Peterson. “There are so many plans it’s hard to know where to start. We’re there as a resource, to help distinguish between the plan types.”

This past fall changes were made that eliminated most Medicare Cost plans – many in the Twin Cities found themselves in need of guidance. 

“We helped our clients make decisions when their plans went away. There’s more to figuring out the right plan than just knowing what’s available. It’s about asking the right questions too, like clients’ travel plans, where they live and their preferred clinic location.” Peterson says “Advantage plans have tighter networks, so its important to go deeper to head off any potential problems down the line.”

Peterson has more than 20 years of experience leading the way at Twin City Underwriters – he bought the company in 1994 from his father, who formed it in 1968. He says clients require service everyday and his team is there to help.

Agents talk with customers in the office or by phone to go over changes to plans, or to answer any questions they may have about how their plans work.  

“It’s nice to pick up the phone when someone says, I thought this was covered, or they get an unexpected copay and be able to explain what happened,” Peterson says, noting TCU has a customer service team on hand to help. “We provide the peace of mind that they have someone to talk to when these issues come up.” 


When fall comes around and plans are updated, many folks see plans increasing in price without seeing their quality go up. An agent is the best person to talk to when a plan that fit last year has less value this year. 

Customer Service for TCU also means a constant communication with clients and finding new ways of getting information out to them.

Client newsletters are sent out, which highlight different important topics to those TCU is serving. Monthly workshop seminars specific to different carriers are held to help those who may be aging in, or looking for something new, to learn what options are out there. For a list of upcoming sessions, visit 


With a dedication to helping find the best fit, TCU is ready to help with the next stage of life and alleviate the potentially overwhelming task that is Medicare. Finding the right health insurance is not simple, TCU is here to help navigate your choices. “I never thought I’d end up in something so fun,” Peterson says with a smile. 


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