LETTER: Feeling bamboozled in Shoreview

To the Editor:


I found the notice in the week of Dec. 9 edition announcing the grand opening of the new attraction at the Shoreview Community Center, Bamboo Bay, odd. In the announcement, participation in the grand opening events required a daily admission pass. For this, apparently an individual could witness the city council ceremony, get free cookies, food specials and prize drawings. If I wanted to participate I had to buy a pass?  

So it would appear that us taxpayers, we who funded the construction, not to mention ongoing operational costs — could only participate in the event if we bought a daily admission ticket. This is a prime example of government not for the people, but government for profit. Unless this published information was incorrect (Editor’s note: It was not), it would appear to me that the City of Shoreview was not at all interested in sharing the excitement of the day with city taxpayers unless they had a clear profit margin tied to each and every participant. The name bamboo is appropriate here. Bamboo, like government taxation and fees, continues to grow overnight.


Hans Molenaar


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