NEWSBRIEF: Snowplow safety

The City of Roseville Public Works Department asks that motorists drive with extra care during and after a snowfall. Snowplow operators request assistance from drivers in the following ways:

• Yield to snowplows they often drive slower than posted speeds.

• Snowplows discharge heavy snow and ice; give them sufficient room.

• Do not drive into a cloud of snow or attempt to pass a snowplow.

• Do not park on the street when two or more inches of snow is forecast. If you have visitors, ask them to move their vehicles from the street.

• Do not walk, sled, play or ski near roadways. A snowplow driver may not see you in time to stop because they are performing multiple tasks, and it can be difficult to see objects or people.

• Give snowplows plenty of space, as they back up frequently. If you are too close, they may not see you.

Roseville does not declare snow emergencies. The city prohibits on-street parking when two or more inches of continuous snowfall has accumulated. Your vehicle could be tagged and towed. Snowfall may not have reached the two-inch threshold before snowplow drivers begin plowing streets, so the city urges drivers to move vehicles off the street if snow is predicted. Depending on the amount of snowfall, the city may complete more than one pass to clear streets curb to curb. Do not park on the street until it has been plowed completely.

Roseville’s Snow and Ice Control Policy sets plowing priorities and guidelines. It is available to review at

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