South-West Review police reports published November 25, 2018

Mendota Heights

Uh oh

On Nov. 9, an officer was dispatched to the intersection of Ashley Lane and Dodd Road on the report of a motorist stuck in the roadway. The officer arrived and was speaking to the party when another vehicle stuck the legally parked patrol car. The accident was investigated by the Minnesota State Patrol.


Lock the car

Someone entered an unlocked vehicle on Nov. 9 in the 1000 block of Twin Circle Drive and stole old CD’s.


A pet what?

An officer was dispatched to the 700 block of Third Avenue Nov. 9 to investigate a possible animal attack between a pet fox and a dog. All pets were up to date on shots, and there was no injury to the dog.


Smoking thief

On Nov. 10, officers were called to the 1200 block of Mendota Heights Road for a reported theft. They were told upon arrival a man had run in to the store and stole a display case full of electronic cigarettes before fleeing the scene. The store manager had video of the incident. 


Sneaky entry

A report of burglary came in from the 1300 block of Northland Drive Nov. 12. The thief entered an office through an air conditioning panel and stole power tools from a tool box.


A string of burglaries 

On Nov. 14, a series of burglary reports came in from the 700 block of South Plaza Way in the early morning hours. One regarded a theft from an unlocked vehicle overnight and it was later determined a burglary had taken place — the suspects were seen on video surveillance.

Another report involved suspects breaking into a building through the main entry door and gaining access to a storage locker in the underground garage. One victim reported having golf clubs and a bike stolen. 


West St. Paul

Pokémon raid

A call came in Nov. 14 from the 1000 block of Gorman Avenue about three juveniles in the park who had been a problem in the past. There was a group of eight kids there and according the report, some were goofing around but most were there for a Pokémon raid, which is part of a virtual reality video game. 


Hitman scam

A woman called police Nov. 14 after getting a scam email stating someone hired a hitman to kill her and that if she paid more money than the contract, the hit would be called off. Police advised her to delete the email and block the sender.




Where’d it go?

On Nov. 15, a call came in about a white sedan that had been parked in a lot on Signal Hills Drive all day with no plates. The caller thought it was odd the vehicle had been parked there all day in the back of the lot. When police when to check it out, there was no vehicle matching the description parked in the area. 


Now that’s rude

A report was made Nov. 15 that a man came in the day before to the Taco Bell on Robert Street and stole the Taco Bell foundation donation box.


A valid reason

On Nov. 16, a complaint of loud music was made in the 1900 block of Oakdale Avenue. When an officer arrived on scene, he could hear the music down the hall from the apartment. The officer knocked on the door, and when the tenant answered, he told the officer the music was off and shut the door on him. As the officer was walking down the stairs, the man came out of the third floor and yelled at him to come back for a valid reason next time. 


Check the doors

A man was reported to be trying doors on vehicles in a lot in the 1600 block of Robert Street Nov. 16. The caller said the man was walking toward another business and carrying a plastic bag. Contact was made, and it was determined the man was the owner of the two vehicles he had been in.




Dealer slip

On Nov. 16, a man came into the police department lobby after being given a phone number on a receipt the day before. He had been told the person whose number was on it deals drugs. The receipt had a phone number and “Crack Coke Meth” written on it. The person who gave it to him had been acting weird the man just wanted police to be aware.


Can’t go to jail

A call came from the 2000 block of Oakdale Avenue Nov. 16 after a woman threatened the caller over a dispute of a laundry card. The woman told the caller she was going to get someone to beat her up and she couldn’t do it because she was pregnant and couldn’t go to jail. The woman who called was concerned because she had 15 minutes left for her wash and didn’t want to be confronted by the other woman. No one was located in the hallways or laundry room.


Can’t we all just get along?

An officer was driving northbound in the 1000 block of Oakdale Avenue Nov. 17 when he saw a vehicle veer left suddenly onto Lothenbach Avenue then stop. The vehicle then suddenly backed up as another vehicle pulled out of Lothenbach towards it. The officer stopped both vehicles and discovered it was a couple having relationship issues. The officer spoke to both parties who agreed to go inside their apartment and get along.


I know that car

On Nov. 17, an officer in the 1100 block of Robert Street was checking license plates in a lot when he found a vehicle associated with a theft at a local grocery store from about a month ago. The officer saw a woman approach the vehicle and get in the driver seat who matched the description of the theft suspect. The officer spoke with the woman and explained why he was checking her ID. As the officer spoke with her, he could smell marijuana from the vehicle. A search revealed a small amount of marijuana, which was disposed of.



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