LETTER: Vote McGehee for fiscal responsibility

To the Editor:


Since 2012, the Roseville City Council has increased Roseville’s debt to $30 million, with no referendum of the voters. Previous city policy required approval by referendum for capital expenditures in excess of $3 million. State law generally requires cities to hold a referendum before issuing debt to build new park assets. 

Mayor Dan Roe and council member Bob Willmus voted to deny a public referendum on the parks plan by voting to act as the Roseville Port Authority. In this way they avoided a public referendum on the proposed debt. While city residents are rightly proud of their parks buildings and fire station, they also deserved the opportunity to decide if the price was right.

Tammy McGehee supports returning to the policy of a public referendum for capital projects over $3 million and for issuance of general obligation bonds. Roseville’s budget for 2018 includes $681,000 from reserves. Raiding the savings account for current operations is the opposite of fiscal responsibility. One wonders if this raiding would have been necessary if residents had had the opportunity to weigh in on Roseville’s municipal debt load.

I urge Roseville residents to vote for fiscal responsibility and Tammy McGehee for mayor on or before Nov. 6.


Karen A. Schaffer


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