LETTER: Let’s not become another Alabama or Mississippi

To the Editor:


Ever wonder who your representative works for at the Legislature? 

Check your mailbox. You may have received an avalanche of mail from “Pro Jobs Majority,” the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) that’s endorsed Republican Randy Jessup for House District 42A. PACs are not motivated by kindness — they buy influence and expect payback in the next legislative session.

The “Pro Jobs Majority” super PAC opposes a penny-per-pill tax on opioids to fund state prevention/treatment programs, wants health care insurance without coverage of pre-existing conditions, wants repeal of Minnesota environmental laws that protect what Trump and federal laws no longer safeguard, opposes broad pre-kindergarten public education, and wants more corporate tax reductions that would gut our state budget and the programs that contribute to Minnesota’s high livability rankings. 

In the past session, Republicans and Jessup failed to act on other important issues — common-sense gun legislation (Jessup has a 86 percent positive rating from the National Rifle Association); stand-alone legislation on senior abuse and care facility licensing; and an end to use of hand-held devices while driving, a cause of many road deaths in Minnesota. School funding also was a big loser last year due to their end-of session brinksmanship.

Do we want to be just another Alabama or Mississippi? Next time campaign literature asserts that Randy Jessup works for you, look behind the curtain. Just like the Wizard of Oz, things aren’t quite as they appear.


Rob Carlson

Arden Hills

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