South-West Review police reports published October 8, 2018

South-West Review police reports published October 8, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights

Snap don’t

On Sept. 17, a 23-year-old woman reported receiving threatening and harassing messages over Snap Chat.


Where’d they go?

Officers assisted South St. Paul police Sept. 27 on a call involving the city’s gun club and possible rounds leaving the range and ending up in Heritage Park.


Hit and run

A 15-year-old teen was cited for leaving the site of a collision Sept. 27 in the 6600 block of Cahill Avenue.


Warrant arrest

Officers were sent to the 6100 block of Carmen Avenue Sept. 29 and a 30-year-old woman was arrested for an outstanding warrant.



On Sept. 29, officers responded to the 7800 block of Cahill Avenue on the report of a theft in progress. An unknown amount of merchandise was stolen from a store.


Stolen wallet

A man reported Sept. 29 that he had been assaulted and had his wallet stolen near the intersection of 80th Street and Bowman Avenue.


Missing pills

Between Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, a number of narcotic pills were stolen from a vehicle in the 7400 block of Dickman Trail.


Mendota Heights

Just stop

An officer followed up about a school bus stop arm violation that occurred Sept. 21 in the 1000 block of Delaware Avenue. The bus driver reported a driver intentionally drove through the school bus stop arm while it was deployed and red lights were flashing. The complainant also stated there were children getting on the bus at the time. 


Keyed car

On Sept. 23, an officer was dispatched to the 1300 block of Sibley Memorial Highway on a report of damage to property. The officer spoke with a man who said his car was keyed earlier that day.


Past bedtime

An officer saw a vehicle parked at a closed school in the 700 block of Mendota Heights Road Sept. 24. The officer found than an Uber driver had just dropped off three juveniles who said they went to the school to meet up with another friend and go to their house. The officer contacted each kids’ parents, who came to pick up their kids – each juvenile was cited for curfew violation. 



On Sept. 25, an officer was flagged down while driving and told about an erratic driver near the intersection of Mendota Heights Road and Northland Drive. The vehicle was followed and stopped after the officer saw the vehicle driving in an unsafe manner. The driver admitted to drinking and was put through field sobriety testing before being arrested for DWI.


Stolen car

A report came in Sept. 25 from the 2300 block of Lexington Avenue regarding a vehicle stolen from a garage in the 2300 block of Lexington Avenue. The reporting party said his vehicle was stolen from the garage between the day before and when he reported it. The keys and garage door opener were stolen a few days prior.


Not cool

An officer took a theft report Sept. 26 from someone who said flower vases had been taken from his family’s monuments. The party said there may be more vases missing from other sites.


South St. Paul

Found my car

On Sept. 25, an officer arrived at the 100 block of 13th Avenue for a recovered stolen vehicle. The officer spoke with the registered owner whose vehicle, which had been stolen from his residence in St. Paul, had been damaged. The owner said some children’s clothing, a cashier’s check, cellphone and debit and credit cards were all missing. The owner said one of the stolen cards had been used at a South St. Paul convenience store, so the owner came to check the area and found the car. 


Warrant arrest

An officer pulled a vehicle over that was speeding in the area of Concord and Annapolis streets Sept. 25. The officer detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The passenger of the vehicle had multiple warrants and was placed under arrest. The driver was cited for speeding and driving after license revocation.



On Sept. 25, an officer pulled a vehicle over that was driving without a rear license plate. The officer asked the driver, who said she was on her way home from Bugg’s Bar, how many drinks she had and she said three beers. The driver failed a field breath test. She was arrested and transported to Dakota County Jail. 


Offer up

Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity Sept. 26 in the 100 block of Fifth Street. The caller said people were unloading electronics in the alley and the caller thought that the items could have been stolen. An officer stopped the vehicle, and the man admitted he bought a vacuum from that area. The vacuum was still in its original box and packaging. The man told police he found the vacuum on Offer Up and bought it from a man for $100. The shipping label on the vacuum showed it was shipped to Walmart — an inquiry was made to fine out if it had been stolen but there was no response by the time the report was written. Police took the vacuum and the man would be contacted once the status of it was determined.


Love in the air

A disturbance report was taken from the 200 block of Ash Street Sept. 30. A man told police he was sleeping when his girlfriend came in the room and woke him up. She grabbed his TV and spilled his tobacco. The man said the pair started to argue about her spilling his tobacco and other ongoing relationship issues. An officer advised the man to stay away from her the rest of the night and go to bed.


West St. Paul

Johnny Apple-thief

A call came in Sept. 26 from the 1600 block of Robert Street about a man at the customer service desk who was irate and using profanities. The man had been eating unpaid-for apples while in the store. An officer spoke with the man and he eventually did pay for the apples. 


Heated game

On Sept. 26, a call came in from a 15-year-old playing an online videogame and said another person threatened to come over to his house and kill him. The caller said he was playing a game online with a guy for about 30 minutes when the other party virtually stole some game items from him. The caller and other party argued and the other party said he’d kill him. The caller told police he had not idea who the other party was and the other party didn’t know where he lived or who he really was. The officer left a business card with the caller for his mom to call if she wanted to speak with him about the incident.


Warrant arrest

A man and woman were arguing over a cellphone Sept. 27 in the 100 block of Thompson Avenue. The woman said the phone was in her name, but the man paid the bill and wanted to take it from her. When an officer arrived, he discovered the man had an outstanding warrant, which he was arrested on.


I am the law!

The manager of a business in the 1200 block of Robert Street called police Sept. 27 after they denied the sale of cigarettes to a female who did not have her I.D. on her. She said they were for her dad in the car and the dad demanded to see the manager. The caller went out and the dad flashed a badge at the manager and made comments she felt threatened by. The manager told the driver she could not sell cigarettes to the female because she appeared to be a minor and did not have her I.D. The driver said she bought them from there all the time. The manager said she still couldn’t sell because it was the law. The driver flashed what the manager thought was a badge and said, “I am the law,” before driving off.


What’s in the jar?

Staff found a jar of marijuana Sept. 28 and there was a student that went into the bathroom looking for it. Staff also found rolling papers and lighters. Officers spoke with the reporting staff member who said the school would deal with it internally.


Just trying to help

A customer blocked the drive thru at the West St. Paul Dairy Queen Sept. 28 because they ran out of gas. People offered to help her and she threatened to “whoop their” …butt. Both parties were yelling at each other when the officer arrived. 


Swapping plates

An anonymous reporter called police Sept. 28 from the 1800 block of Robert Street after seeing people switching plates on a vehicle. The car had Wisconsin plates and the subjects put on a Minnesota plate before getting in the vehicle to leave. 


Garden bed

A man called police Sept. 30 from the area of Hall Avenue and Orme Street about a possible homeless person who had camped out in his gardens/hedges overnight. The possible camper was using his hydrangea leaves as toilet paper and the homeowner found feces as well. 


That’s my spot

On Oct. 1, a call came in from a woman who said another woman hit her friend in the face. There was an exercise group at the building and the caller’s friend took a spot prior to the class beginning. The other woman than punched her in the face.



An employee of a business in the 1600 block of Robert Street called police Oct. 10 after a man stole canned air and began huffing it in his vehicle. 

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