South-West Review police reports published October 1, 2018

South-West Review police reports published October 1, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights


On Sept. 19, a vehicle was pulled over in the area of Concord Boulevard and Interstate 494. A 33-year-old man was arrested for DWI.


Officers responded to the 6000 block of Concord Boulevard Sept. 22 for a car accident. Upon arrival, officers discovered a 24-year-old man was under the influence of alcohol – he was arrested for DWI.


Smashed windows

Officers were dispatched Sept. 20 to the 1800 block of 52nd Street for an intoxicated man and a damaged window.



A young man was arrested, cited and transported to Dakota County Juvenile Service Center after an assault was reported.


Please stop

A young woman did not stop for a stopped school bus Sept. 21 at the intersection of Babcock Trail and 68th Street. She was later cited.



On Sept. 22, officers were called to a possible weapons call. Upon investigation, there was no evidence of a crime, however, a 28-year-old man was taken to detox.


Lost property

A 91-year-old man told police Sept. 22 he lost his wallet with six credit cards and driver’s license in the 1400 block of Mendota Road.


Food fight

On Sept. 22, in the 5300 block of Audubon Avenue, a 19-year-old man and 24-year-old man were fighting over a plate of food. They were separated for the day.


Sort it out

Officers responded to a disturbance in the 7000 block of Concord Boulevard regarding a semitruck running its refrigeration unit and upsetting the neighbor. The truck owner said he was allowed to run the unit, while the neighbor said it was not allowed per the company’s agreement with the city. A message was left with the owner of the company to contact the police so the issue could be sorted out.



Mendota Heights

Something suspect

A Mendota Heights officer assisted Minnesota State Patrol Sept. 13 in the area of Highway 62 and Lexington Avenue with pulling a vehicle over after a 911 caller reported the driver to be impaired. The caller said the vehicle was driving down the shoulder at very slow speed. The Mendota Heights officer located the vehicle as it exited onto Highway 62 from Interstate 35 E. The officer initiated a traffic stop at Highway 62 at Lexington Avenue — the state patrol officer arrived and arrested the driver for DWI and felony possession of narcotics. 


Running away

An officer ran the license place of a vehicle in the area of Pilot Knob Road and Acacia Boulevard Sept. 14 that came back as stolen out of St. Paul. The officer followed the vehicle until more officers could assist with pulling it over. The driver of the stolen car sped up as the officer initiated a traffic stop. Once it became clear the driver was attempting to flee, the officer stopped following. Assisting agencies pursed the vehicle and later apprehended the driver in Richfield.


Warrant arrest

On Sept. 15, officers responded to the 2100 block of Aztec Lane on reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area. Officers checked the area and found the vehicle on another street. The occupants of the vehicle were soliciting tree services in the area. One occupant was cited and another was arrested on an outstanding warrant.


Car break-in

An officer was dispatched to the 1300 block of Sibley Memorial Highway Sept. 17 on the report of a theft from a vehicle. The caller reporter their car and their co-worker’s vehicle, was broken into and some electronics were stolen while they were inside a nearby restaurant. 


A brand new car

On Sept. 18, an officer took a fraud/identity theft report from someone who reported that an individual used his name and social security number to purchase a vehicle.



A crash took place Sept. 18 in the area of Pilot Knob Road and Highway 14. An officer arrived and discovered both vehicles were attempting to make a right turn onto Highway 13, and the rear vehicle failed to see that the front vehicle had stopped. Minimal damage occurred, and the driver who caused the crash was cited.



Officers took a report over the phone Sept. 20 of damage to property in the 700 block of Hokah Avenue. The caller reported that a political lawn sign was spray painted the night before.


South St. Paul

Don’t enter

A man called police Sept. 13 from the 100 block of Fifth Avenue after noticing items missing from the garage. He told police the garage is included in his rent, and the upstairs tenant has no access to it or property in the garage. He noticed items missing in the past and installed a camera. The footage showed the other tenant taking multiple items. 


Knock, knock

Officers were dispatched to the 300 block of 14th Avenue Sept. 16 after a man kept walking around knocking on people’s front doors. An officer found the man, who said he was knocking on doors because he believed his friend lived in the area. The officer noticed the man to be intoxicated and gave him a ride home.





A call came from the 500 block of 12th Avenue Sept. 16 from a man who said a small object marked “bomb” was on his front steps. The officer saw what appeared to be a soda or beer can encased in blue tape on the front step next to the public sidewalk. Written in marker was “bomb” and “1:00.” It was determined the item did not contain explosives. The tape was removed and the object was found to be an unopened Dr. Thunder can.


Not the donuts!

Officers were dispatched to the Kwik Trip on Concord Street Sept. 19 due to a man trashing the store. The man appeared disheveled and was stumbling around. The officer saw several large spills and several items strewn around the store. The man appeared to be under the influence, and officers found a small plastic bag with white residue rolled up behind his left ear. Officers also found “bath confetti” pills. Officers talked with the employee who said the man walked around the store and dropped several items on the ground. He repeatedly grabbed coffee cups full of creamer and would drop them. The employee said the man grabbed a box of glazed donuts and crumpled it, and spilled nacho cheese all over the floor and countertops. The man was issued a citation for property damage and disorderly conduct — he was transported to Dakota County Jail.



West St. Paul

Everyone is mean

A manager at the Goodwill on Robert Street called police after a woman began yelling and falling over on Sept. 19. The caller believed she was impaired. The manager said he didn’t want the woman on the premises. She agreed and walked off with her property after crying and being upset that “everyone in the world” was being mean to her.



A man was reported stumbling all over the road and carrying bottles of whiskey in the area of Robert Street and Wentworth Avenue Sept. 19. 


Nap time

On Sept. 19, a call came in from the 1200 block of Stryker Avenue about an occupied vehicle that had been parked in front of a house all day long. Police spoke with the man in the vehicle who said he was sleeping until one of his friends who lives in the area got off work. He said he would move to the old Kmart lot and apologized to the officer who had to come out.


Nice children

An anonymous complaint came in Sept. 21 from the 200 block of Bernard Street about a group of kids trying to climb on top of bathrooms nearby. An officer spoke with the group of kids who were playing volleyball in front of the building. The kids said the ball had bounced on top of the awnings in front of the bathroom area. They helped each other to get high enough to kick the ball back down and were playing when the officer arrived — the officer described the group as very nice children in their report.


Fix the locks

A woman reported Sept. 22 her car had been gone through as it was parked in the 1500 block of Charlton Street the night before. The woman told police her vehicle does not lock and had been gone through three times — she wanted to know what to do about it. The officer she spoke with advised her to not keep anything in the vehicle and to try to get the locks fixed.


Take the coupon 

A customer at a business in the 300 block of Bernard Street called police Sept. 22 because he was upset and didn’t want to pay his bill. He had a Groupon but the business refused to accept it. When an officer arrived, the man agreed to pay the bill.


Hungry thief

On Sept. 22, a known shoplifter entered a business in the 1000 block of Dodd Road and attempted to conceal items before leaving. An employee of the business called police because he wanted him banned from the business. The shoplifter was known to fill up a backpack with Doritos, soda and pizza before leaving while employees were busy.


I’ll take that

An officer saw a vehicle fail to make a complete stop Sept. 22 at the intersection of Marie and Oakdale avenues. While the officer was speaking with the driver, he reported being able to smell what he believed was marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver said they had a small amount and she handed the officer a small bag containing marijuana and a partially smoked joint. The officer took the items and issued a verbal warning to the driver.



A man called police Sept. 23 from the 300 block of Bernard Street after the neighbor kids took his daughter’s cat and wouldn’t give it back until she paid them a ransom.


Pretty crime

On Sept. 25, a call came in from a business in the 1000 block of Robert Street about two women who had stolen $200 with of makeup. 

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