LETTER: What’s the score in 41B?

To the Editor:

The Minnesota Legislative Evaluation Assembly is a self-described non-partisan organization formed in 1972, bringing accountability to legislators by annually reviewing legislation passed during the previous legislative session, and providing a report to the public on the voting performance of each senator and representative in the Legislature on key policy issues.

The LEA executive board researched, discussed and chose 16 bills from the 2017 legislative session. After thorough review and consensus, the LEA votes are then compared to the actual legislators’ recorded votes.

Our community in House District 41B is represented in St. Paul by Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein, who scored only 33 out of a possible 100 on the 2017 LEA scorecard.  Kunesh-Podein scored in the bottom 20 percent of House members. Kunesh-Podein voted to oppose strengthening private property rights (HF330), opposed improving transparency of city government (HF1242), opposed licensing and inspections of abortion clinics (HF812) and supported federal infringement of states’ and citizens’ rights through Real ID compliance (SSHF3).  

These four bills are just a sampling of the contrast between Kunesh-Podein and myself on issues of government. I will vote to strengthen your private property rights, improve the transparency of government, increase the safety of medical facilities and limit federal infringement of the rights of states and the citizen. The full report is available at www.mnlea.org.

The Minnesota Legislative Evaluation Assembly bases its evaluation on the principles of constitutionalism, limited government, free enterprise, legal and moral order with justice and individual liberty and dignity for all.

Tim Utz, House District 41B candidate

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