LETTER: Let’s trash ‘garbage’ bills

To the Editor:

It seems that for the last few years, the State Legislature barely finishes its work on time. After a couple of months of discussion and debate, legislative leaders load up all their work into one big “garbage” bill with some necessary stuff in it and a lot of controversial stuff that sometimes gets very little public input. Both parties have done this over the years, but this year’s almost 1,000-page budget bill was probably a record-breaker. 

Legislators had a few hours to read it before the legislative deadline. Have you read a 1,000-page book that fast? Gov. Dayton decided to put a stop to this practice and vetoed the whole thing. Yes, some important stuff was in this bill, including some money to help secure our elections from foreign hacking. In fact, we are the only state that doesn’t have access to some federal money because of it. But if we don’t stop these garbage bills, where does this practice end?

Did Rep. Randy Jessup read this 1,000-page bill that he voted for? He’d have to be a fast reader! Kelly Moller is running for the House of Representatives in District 42A in Shoreview, Arden Hills and Mounds View. She supports a requirement that the legislature put these huge bills on legislators’ desks and online one week before the end of thesession. Legislators — not to mention the public — would then get a chance to read the bills and give input without the huge rush. No more garbage bills, please!

Frankie Dolinar, Arden Hills

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