South-West Review police reports published September 2, 2018

South-West Review police reports published September 2, 2018 for Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul


Inver Grove Heights

Police reports were unavailable this week.


Mendota Heights

Thanks for the gift card

An officer was dispatched Aug. 16 to a home on a report of fraud. It was determined someone called the victim by phone claiming to be the government. The suspect was able to get the victim to put $1,000 on a gift card and then take the gift card’s digital information from the victim.

On Aug. 18, another caller reported being swindled, this time involving the purchase of iTunes gift cards. Remember: if anyone insists on payment via gift card, it’s almost undoubtedly a scam.


PayPal fraud

Someone reported Aug. 17 that their PayPal account was hacked. There was no financial loss.


What’s that smell?

While on foot patrol in the 1200 block of Delaware Avenue Aug. 19, officers could smell burnt marijuana that continued to get stronger as they approached a group of people in a vehicle. The group was cited for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Wrong way

A vehicle was pulled over in the 800 block of Sibley Memorial Highway for impeding traffic and driving the wrong way Aug. 21. The officer spoke with the driver who was confused and unsure why they were driving. The driver was escorted back to a senior living home and the officer flagged the person for a driver’s evaluation.


Give it back

A woman reported her iPad stolen from her vehicle Aug. 22 as it was parked in the 2000 block of Bridgeview Court. The victim gave an acquaintance a ride to the 2400 block of block of Bridgeview Court. When the suspect exited the vehicle, he reached into the backseat area, into her bag and removed the iPad. The victim told police she told him to give it back but the suspect walked off into the woods. The victim later spoke with the suspect who claimed he no longer had the iPad.


Warrant arrest

On Aug. 23, officers were dispatched to the 2200 block of Dodd Road on a report of a suspicious man. The man was at the end of a driveway stopping vehicles as they left a residence. Officers found the man and found he had an active Dakota County warrant. He was arrested and transported to jail. The knife the man was carrying was placed in property for safekeeping.


West St. Paul

Hit by a car

A woman was hit by a car at the intersection of Robert Street South and Lothenbach Avenue on Aug. 24. She was crossing the intersection on a red light and was hit by a vehicle turning to go northbound on Robert Street. The vehicle — a silver Volkswagen — took off and police were unable to find it. The woman hit was able to get up and had a slight limp. She was transported to the hospital.


Rummaged-through vehicle

A caller from the 1500 block of Bellows Street called Aug. 24 to report that someone had rummaged through their vehicle overnight. The caller said they noticed the glove box and center console had been dug through. There was no sign of forced entry or damage to the vehicle and the caller believed the vehicle was locked. The caller said the only thing they noticed missing was a few dollars and loose change. They said a similar incident had happened in 2015.


Loud fight

Two women with kids were yelling and swearing at each other in a parking lot on the 1600 block of Robert Street South on Aug. 25 One woman got in her car and left upon seeing the police show up. The other woman said they had a verbal argument and said she had a ride coming. 


Lost bird

A cockatiel pet bird was found near the 200 block of Kathleen Drive Aug. 25. The pet was taken to the South St. Paul Animal Hospital. 


Where’d it go?

A woman called police to report that her driver’s license was missing on Aug. 25 from the 1600 block of Humboldt Avenue. She said she lost it somewhere between the Old National Bank in West St. Paul and the airport. The woman said she believed someone went into her car and took her driver’s license and bank receipt. The woman checked with the teller at Old National Bank, who said she did give the driver’s license back. The woman checked her wallet, bank envelope and her car, but could not find it. An officer helped the woman check her car, but was unable to find it. The woman was given an incident number. 


Shots or fireworks?

Someone in the 100 block of Annapolis Street East called police Aug. 25 to report that they thought they’d heard about six or seven gunshots from about a block away. Another caller said they thought they heard about three shots. St. Paul Police said they had a nearby citizen report of possible fireworks. Officers were sent to check the area but didn’t see or hear anything suspicious.


Child walking

A caller reported seeing a child — they guessed about 5 years old — near the intersection of Thompson Avenue East and Robert Street South on Aug. 25 walking with a bag full of money. Police found the child — who turned out to be 8 — who said they were walking to Target to get some food. Police gave the kid a ride to Target. 



On Aug. 25, a caller from the 1100 block of Robert Street South said they saw two women in a vehicle try to run someone over. The caller said the women and the other person had gone into a nearby pharmacy. When officers arrived, everyone said it was a verbal argument and there was no need to press any charges. The manager of the business wanted them to leave, which they all did without incident. 


Just taking a break

A call came in Aug. 25 from near the intersection of Lothenbach Avenue and Robert Street South about a semi-truck driver parked on the side of Lothenbach for 30 minutes. The caller said the driver was slumped over the wheel. When officers arrived, the driver said he was taking his DOT-mandated 30-minute break and said he was fine. The driver said he would be on his way in just a few minutes. Officers said next time he should pick a parking lot or less busy area.


Stolen wallet

A wallet was reported stolen Aug. 25 out of a car parked in a lot in the 1000 block of Oakdale Avenue. The mother of the victim said there was $100, as well as an ID and insurance card, plus some possible gift cards, in the wallet. 


Riffled through storage

A storage locker in the 400 block of Marie Avenue East was broken into as reported Aug. 25. The caller said things had been thrown around but couldn’t tell if anything was missing. 


Suspicious man

A resident who lives near the 1300 block of Alien Avenue called police Aug. 25 to report a suspicious man stopping and looking at houses in the area and walking in neighbors’ yards. The caller said he looked “roughed up,” and had a large backpack and was wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans. An officer was sent to check things out but never found anyone matching the description. 


Going through cars

A caller reported Aug. 25 that they saw someone possibly going through cars near the 200 block of Bernard Street East. The caller said they could hear the person trying to open car doors and that they were on some kind of a dirt bike or moped. Police checked the area and spoke with neighbors, but didn’t find anything. 


Stolen bikes

Two bikes — a red and a yellow mountain bike — were reported stolen Aug. 26 from the 1800 block of Carol Lane.


Stolen subwoofer

A caller reported Aug. 26 that their grey Outlander was broken into and a subwoofer speaker was taken as the vehicle was parked in the 1500 block of Allen Avenue. 


South St. Paul

Lock the doors

Sometime overnight between Aug. 21 and 22, a set of keys left in the center console of an unlocked vehicle on the 1300 block of Eighth Avenue South were stolen. The person reporting the theft said the set of keys included those for his home and three apartment buildings that he owns.


Vehicle found

A vehicle that was reported stolen out of South St. Paul sometime overnight between Aug. 22 and 23 was found Aug. 24 in Newport. The vehicle was found unoccupied with no keys in it, but in good condition. Police notified the owner.


Foul ball

During an Aug. 20 softball game at Kaposia Landing, a foul ball smashed through a window of a van parked near the field. The estimated cost to fix the window was $140. 

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