INQUIRING MINDS: Dogs and zucchini

Each week the staff at the Roseville Library answers more than 2,500 questions on every subject under the sun. Here’s one of the most interesting ones they’ve gotten lately.

Q. Is zucchini poisonous for dogs?

A. It’s now the height of summer garden season and, unless harvested regularly, the zucchini will soon resemble dark green baseball bats. But what to do with the overflow crop? You’re probably not the first gardener who has considered feeding it to Fido.

Your dog may not find zucchini as appetizing as hamburger, but, according to the Pet Poison Helpline, there is no danger in feeding him the squash. Dogs can also handle carrots, peas and plain, unsalted, unbuttered popcorn. But don’t get carried away, in case you’re thinking of feeding him this month’s other bumper crop. Tomatoes are definitely not recommended for dogs. They belong to the nightshade family, and while it’s unlikely that your dog would eat enough green tomatoes to seriously injure him, eating tomato stems, leaves or unripe fruit can cause to him suffer the dreaded “gastrointestinal irritation.” And guess who will be cleaning that mess up?

You can visit for more tips on good and bad food choices for your pets.

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