SNAPSHOTS: Behemoth plant, a cut above the rest

Aundrea Kinney photos/Review • Oakdale resident Mark Stember has grown a stunning sunflower, which is now over 12 feet tall with a head the size of a dinner plate and a stalk the width of a wrist. Stember grew the giant sunflower from a single seed started in May and fed the plant a steady diet of water and a secret natural fertilizer. Stember said he was inspired by fond childhood memories of growing sunflowers. “I just wanted to be among the first at Aspen Cottages in Oakdale to see what a green thumb can do,” Stember said. “It’s the talk of the seniors around here. I’m just thrilled to have inspired others to grow giant sunflowers here in the future. Next year my goal is to grow a true beanstalk to be over 22 feet tall.”

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