LETTER: ‘Send a message that this community values honesty’

To the Editor:

The upcoming election is an important one, and we deserve to know where our candidates stand. I’m disappointed by the lack of honesty and transparency by one of the candidates in the race for the Minnesota House in District 42B. 

The Republican-endorsed candidate, Yele-mis Yang, does not have the words “Republican” or “GOP” on his website, the flyer he left at my door or anywhere on his social media postings. The GOP has a platform, and a candidate that is endorsed by a party should be clear about what he stands for so that those of us who are voting know the choice we are making. 

Yang was photographed next to the stage at a recent Trump rally. I wonder why he won’t be honest about his party endorsement or his beliefs. Perhaps it’s because the reckless rhetoric and harmful policies coming out of the GOP do not align with the values of our community. 

Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, on the other hand, has held town halls, communicated regularly with our community and does not hide her views or values on the campaign trail. Jamie’s honesty is something I value. Please consider a vote for Jamie Becker-Finn in November, and send a message that this community values honesty.

Katy Kozhimannil, Vadnais Heights

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