LETTER: Support Roe in the Roseville primary

To the Editor:

The Roseville mayoral race has a primary this year and I am writing to state my support for Dan Roe’s re-election as mayor.

As a co-founder of the Roseville Alzheimer’s and Dementia Community Action Team (Rsvl A/D) and the Community Health Awareness Team (CHAT), I have opportunities to appear before the city council and interact with council members. I also appear before the council to testify on numerous topics.  

I appreciate Dan’s skill at conducting consistently civil, productive city council meetings involving contentious issues. He displays this skill in managing discussions between council members and taking testimony/comments from residents. As our national and state politics grow more contentious, I particularly value civil, focused efforts on the municipal level.

Dan is invested in Roseville. He has been mayor since 2011, was a city council member 2007-2010, and a member of several planning and study groups. I don’t always agree with the outcome/votes of some of these groups, but I respect the time and attention it requires to participate in these efforts.  

I also appreciate the fact that Dan does not overstate his knowledge or involvement in an issue, because he has attended several meetings. I think that our incumbent should be permitted to serve another term.

Sara Barsel, Roseville

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