LETTER: Looking for leadership in District 42A

To the Editor:

Recently, I’ve seen ads touting Rep. Randy Jessup for “leadership.” The ad comes from the Coalition of Minnesota Businesses, an independent group trying to influence elections in District 42A. Rep. Jessup is, in fact, an assistant majority leader in the Minnesota House for Republicans.

The two biggest public safety issues in the state, in my view, are gun violence and opioid addiction.

Following recent school shootings across the nation, Minnesotans of all ages came out in droves asking for universal background checks for gun purchases. Most Minnesotans think this is a good idea. What did House Republican leadership do? Nothing. Where was Rep. Jessup’s leadership on this critical issue?

Opioids are highly addictive drugs that are responsible for the deaths of scores of Minnesotans. Gov. Dayton proposed a penny-per-pill fee on drug companies to pay for prevention and treatment. In a stellar example of bipartisan cooperation, the Minnesota Senate approved this idea overwhelmingly. What did House Republican leadership do? Nothing.

Well, almost nothing. They put some funding without the fee in the 989-page omnibus budget “garbage bill” that no one had time to read but that passed only hours before adjournment, earning a veto from Gov. Dayton. Again, Rep. Jessup showed no leadership on this issue.

I’m supporting Kelly Moller for State Representative in 42A this November. As a prosecutor, she fights on behalf of regular people to create safer communities. Kelly demonstrates the common sense leadership we need.

Cynthia Spellman, Shoreview

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