LETTER: Vote Moller to stop the borrow-and-spend approach at the Legislature

To the Editor:

Did you notice that the big tax cut passed by the Republican Congress and signed by the president has made our federal deficit a lot worse? Our country will now borrow $1 trillion a year indefinitely, even in a good economy. Here in Minnesota, the Republican Legislature is following the same playbook when it comes to infrastructure. 

In the latest bonding bill, the legislature is borrowing $400 million in trunk highway bonds. This allows our State Rep. Randy Jessup to say he offered money for roads “without raising taxes.” Of course, borrowing for our trunk highways — the ones with the heaviest traffic — is nothing new. But this is a historically large amount of borrowing. 

The revenue source to pay back the bonds is the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund, which is funded by the gas tax, license tab fees and sales taxes on cars. This means we are taking money from future projects to pay for things today. Our Legislature needs to be honest when it comes to finances and not play these games so Republicans can say they haven’t raised taxes. 

Randy Jessup and his fellow Republicans keep mortgaging our future with this borrow-and-spend approach. Kelly Moller is running for the Minnesota House in District 42A, and she is going to be honest about what it takes to maintain our infrastructure. I urge everyone to vote for Kelly Moller.

Randy Edinger, Shoreview

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