LETTER: On a happy hardware experience

To the Editor:

On a recent Sunday I was at Beisswenger’s Hardware in New Brighton trying to locate a specific item. While not finding exactly what I wanted there, I talked to a salesperson, who suggested I ask the manager. I left a message that Sunday and on Monday Mark Beisswenger returned my call. He said he was busy and would look into my request. On Tuesday morning Mark left a message saying he had what I wanted!   

When you have a full-service hardware store with knowledgeable staff and an owner who goes out of his way to please a customer with a far-out request, you need to let others know. If the owner is passionate about pleasing his customers, his staff will be also passionate. We need to support local businesses like Beisswenger’s so they will be here for us in the future.

Tom Kramer, Shoreview

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